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  1. HEy Guys , I'll be leaving china by next week, ive got a lot medical books (1year to the 5th year ) amd Chinese books , dictionaries on sale throw away prices , the boklsare in very good condition if interested for details , messaged me / add my wechat :[please send me private message for my contact information] cheera Tanya
  2. seagull

    Leaving Hangzhou Sale

    Hey guys I'm leaving china next week , I've got tons of things for sale , all items for sale are in good condition : 1) Microwave Midea ( 1 year old ) 200 rmb 2) kettle Midea ( 6 months old ) 100 rmb 3) 2 Stand blower heater + cooler ( 1 year old ) :150 rmb each 4) Oven ( 1.5 years old ) 300 rmb 5) white sports bicycle (2 years old ) 300 rmb 6) oven toaster ( 2years old ): 60 rmb 7) steamer for dumplings, fish , rice (1 year old , barely used ) 100 rmb 8) sports hanging bar (1 year old ) 50 rmb 9) leg weights ,15 kg each , 35 yuans 10) assorted buckets , kitchen colimg vessels , pans ( throw Away price ,10-40 rmb ) 11) flexible lamp (black ,1 year old ) 20 rmb 12) ironing board :20 rmb ive attached pictures below , of you're interested in purchasing any of the above mentioned items , please contact me on 13175061069 (Tanya - message or wechat ) cheers Tanya
  3. seagull

    2 White iPhone 4s for Sale

    I purchased these 2 phones in American 1.5 years ago, barely used. Very Good condition, fully functional 2 i phone 4s Model A1387, GSM. Storage capacity: 16GB Color: White Screen size: 3.5in Battery Life :6 -7hours No accessories, cables, chargers, or manuals included, just the phone with the original Box. Price :800 RMB ,each If interested, please leave a message here or send me private message for contact information
  4. seagull

    Gyms and fitness centers

    also interested in Wing Chun classes , if any .
  5. seagull

    Gyms and fitness centers

    HEY guys , I am looking for gyms or fitness centers near zhe yi hospital or mixci mall . not too expensive.
  6. seagull

    looking for a NON-traditional chinese girl

    watching foreign me ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/ do what?haha lol
  7. seagull

    Anyone interested in salsa?

    how much do you pay per hour ?
  8. where is your institute located at ?
  9. seagull

    Puppy for adoption

    is it a pitbull? and does have all immunity shots yet ?
  10. seagull

    Medical School Textbooks for Sale

    hey , do you still have, Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine and English/Chinese medical terms conversion guide on sale ? can you inbox me your contact no please?
  11. seagull

    Casual girlfeind...

    so basically you are looking for a girl who is a Chinese, guide,translator and a sex buddy with no demands! Way to goo!
  12. seagull

    looking for a workout partner

    can you inbox me your cell no please ?
  13. seagull

    looking for a workout partner

    Ok . great . what martial arts do you exactly practice? and do you have any place in mind for working out, probably somewhere convenient for the both of us.
  14. seagull

    looking for a workout partner

    I took up taekwondo . you live around huajiachi ?
  15. seagull

    looking for a workout partner

    I took up taekwondo . you live around huajiachi ?