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  1. turbo

    Looking for gf - serious relationship

    Haha Dan ...Thanks for advice but not my style thanks
  2. turbo

    Looking for gf - serious relationship

    Cheers for the kind words! Much appreciated :)
  3. turbo

    Is a diploma sufficient for a Z visa?

    Hmmmm..must be from Tasmania. Its ok I forgive you.
  4. turbo

    Looking for gf - serious relationship

    Cheers Sam..Hiking club sounds good
  5. turbo

    Is a diploma sufficient for a Z visa?

    Ok go 'right' your novel mr. english teacher
  6. turbo

    Is a diploma sufficient for a Z visa?

    I define uneducated as people that are wasting time ripping on others on this forum.
  7. Mike mike mike...Clearly picasso and davinci have inspirsed you I saw the private lego artwork and feel this is an extremely unique offering with high sales potential. Think about all the people that grew up with lego and children that play with it! Lets talk
  8. I am interested in this, have you found a partner yet? We have a strong network within Chinese market many HNW clients and connections with big brand developers in Asia Pacific region and beyond. Send me a PM
  9. Any other videos an expat not in manufacturing?
  10. I am keen to join up! Currently I am a partner in a boutique investment management fund. Our private fund is not open to the public access via invitation only, dynamic, safe and focus heavily on diversification. We have investments/yields in everything from lending/finance, real estate, developments, start up companies (mainly tech/web based), domestic/O.S. stocks/futures/forex (have our own trading floor) and more. Personally I have been involved in many businesses, small-big and based all over the globe. Some highly successful and others complete failures lol (learnt most in the failures and have much to share). My biggest achievement to date, is building a BRW TOP 100 company three years running (Australia's version of Fortune 500). Feel free to send me a PM
  11. turbo

    Looking for gf - serious relationship

    Any social meet up or group you can recommend? Thanks
  12. Very kind of you Vio :)