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  1. Awesome, thanks for the map
  2. That's for sure! Ive seen a few but still a but worried if they would even be accepted lol I am guessing they mail in the certificate
  3. What about the 10 Digit finger print you must do when entering the country for the first time? (its a requirement now) What if you have been to court? Wont that kinda speed up the process a bit??? The FBI wont have records of that? it must be a fresh print? lol Do you mean its a whole other process JUST for the criminal report???? Man that is tough lol I had to get a criminal certificate from Colombian to open up a company ( and that's a whole other level of headache) but I didn't think Id need to do somewhat of the same process IF I'd wanna do my masters I was never asked for this when applying to Zhejiang University (I will note that it was the language program ) but they did ask for a school diploma I showed them the original this was during the 2014 semester, I had no problems what so ever
  4. Do you have any experience with "online" notary's? I am seeing more and more ads about them after a couple google searches
  5. Yea its actually a piece a paper, that says you have graduated from high school, you get one even after elementary and middle school I guess its a thing in the US
  6. Do you have the contact info or website for the place??? I might be reaching out to them
  7. I do agree with that
  8. Yes but sometimes we should not all say everything that comes to mind thinking there are no consequences for our actions.
  9. I left but I'm back
  10. Yea I would say that if I was back in the states, or in Australia in your case. But here in China things don't work the same way, the logic, reasoning, and even responsibilities of individuals are different I mean, I had a landlord break into my apartment 2 days before the contract ending. I had to "recommend to view the surveillance video" and a month of waiting for the police to call me....and never did. I finally forced my self into the camera room so they would show me the video of the surveillance tape. and there goes the landlord with my things in hand. I had to rely too on a lawyer because there's not enough "evidence" to suggest he was "stealing" so the police won't get involved.
  11. I agree, applying for the job SHOULD not be grounds for arrest. BUT Whats there to stop such company to ask, have you worked in china before? on what visa? and you respond by saying yes, and on a student/travel visa What's there to stop them reporting it to immigration??
  12. sold it already, sorry
  13. Selling a very new eBike for 2200RMB, it's the new model New Model meaning its allot harder to break into, meaning to take out the battery for those night walkers The old version has a circle in the back that people just pop up and open the bike and there goes your battery Also selling a very good oven made allot of with it for 250RMB Why do I wanna sell this thing you ask? they are too heavy to move around with :D Pictures below
  14. This would be some examples of how the trip would be, 8 Days EBC Exploration 11 Days Beijing-Xian-Lhasa Train Tour also seems that this agency is ranked #1 in Tripadviser I have emailed to ask for a merger of both tours
  15. thank you very much i spend a good hour on the website reading threw everything great stuff thank you again