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  1. NGB

    Hookah Lounge

    Argh, why Thursday?! :) Nothing tomorrow?
  2. NGB

    Pub crawls on Friday or Saturday nights

    And anything going on tomorrow (the 7th) night?
  3. NGB

    Why always so fast and direct?

    Why are you encouraging fighting? Rather selfish no? Why would a man want a selfish woman?
  4. NGB

    Hangzhou Musicians Master List

    Dave from Ningbo, but often in Hangzhou. Guitar and mandolin. Would love to set up a pub jam meeting, not actually on stage but just off in the corner at a quiet time -- maybe like 4pm or something in the aft.
  5. NGB

    Looking for guitar buddy/ drummer

    I'm also down. I play guitar and mandolin and have both with me. Will be in HZ this weekend.
  6. Yup. But again, specific information....
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for a place to go hiking, or otherwise bask in nature, for the Qing Ming holiday. Ideally this would be in the south of Zhejiang though west of HZ would also be good. The problem is getting specifics. I'm really looking for some information on a specific hotel/town/guesthouse that I could book, assured that all around it has hiking, river walks, villages. That type of thing. I know the Hangzhou "Grand Canyon" and Nanxi River Valley are nice, but as the later is 100km long, where exactly should someone stay? Thanks!
  8. NGB

    Walk Around The Lake

    Sounds great! PMing you a wechat.
  9. NGB

    Walk Around The Lake

    Saturday is going to be nice. I'm going to walk around the lake, meandering here and there, stopping whenever, seeing whatever. It's not a trip to the moons of Saturn, but just a way to enjoy nature/the sun/stuff. Anyone up for joining? Thinking of leaving around Eudora Station around 11 or so. For those people who have been saying "need to meet more people", well....
  10. NGB

    Meditation group

    I'm just a beginner, but from my understanding there are two main ways to meditate (and hundreds of subgroups of those two ways): The first on a fixed object such as a dantien, candle, word, mandala, breath, ect. The second way is to be aware of constant change, and not focus attention on any particular thing, hence "no thing" or "nothing". But I think someone else up there put it better than I did with that word "nothing" and said "mindfullness". Because being aware of nothing would probably best be called either sleep...or death!
  11. NGB

    Meditation group

    Didn't need the JD -- I did a ten-day long Vipassana meditation course a ways back. Nine and a half hours a day of silence, meditating on nothing. That's an oversimplification of course.
  12. NGB

    Meditation group

    On nothing I would imagine.
  13. I see what you're saying, but most of Hangzhou's well-publicized sites/museums/bars/restaurants don't seem to be near a subway station. What would you recommend seeing connected to the subway?
  14. NGB

    HZ Music Collective

    Also sent a PM!
  15. ...if you were on vacation I mean. And assuming you didn't know anyone. Everytime I've come to HZ I've stayed on Nansong YiJie. That's around the Phoenix Temple and DingAn station. I find the area convenient for a few reasons, mainly food and accessibility to the West Lake. But maybe if I didn't live here I wouldn't feel the same way. There are tons of hotels on ctrip that always have specials, but I don't know if the area would be as good. For example, the area just east of FengQi station often has good places to stay. But what about the area itself for just walking around, food, accessibility to stuff, etc? Or maybe go north of the lake. I just don't know! Thanks!