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  1. Trustmover professional moving service,sunny:15683720558(wechat)  :)

  2. nihilistapoquita

    persian man says hi, needs help with job

    Salam, Dominic as a fellow half-Iranian I would say you won't have much trouble, my two friends are teaching and are Mexican, darker than you. I doubt you'll have too much trouble
  3. nihilistapoquita

    English tutor availible

    I am available on weekends to teach anyone who would like lessons. Experience teaching from the age of 6 and helping adults greatly improve, with a BA in English Literature. I am very patient and love kids :D Friday evenings, Saturday and Sundays, but could maybe do other days depending on travel distance etc Message if interested
  4. nihilistapoquita


    bonk yeah
  5. nihilistapoquita

    Looking for healthy vegetarian food

    Oh sure, cheese and butter are very calorific but studies indicate that low fat yoghurts and milk actually aid weight loss y helping the intestines in fat removal
  6. nihilistapoquita

    Hell on Earth!

    Actually for the job I am doing the only blogs available are extremely biased so it's hard to find something honest. I've been to Asia plenty of times before and I've been here long enough to get used to it, I just meant for anyone actually moving here who hasn't done much traveling as many ohter people with my agency hadn't done. Some have struggled immensely. I like lot's of things about Hangzhou,but I'm glad I came here as the rest of China definitely doesn't seem anywhere near as nice
  7. nihilistapoquita

    Hell on Earth!

    What. Kids shit in the street?
  8. nihilistapoquita

    Is it safe to run here?

    Nah that definitely wasn't me, I stopped about three weeks ago and just worked out indoors.
  9. nihilistapoquita

    Is it safe to run here?

    .....was the girl me?
  10. nihilistapoquita

    Looking for healthy vegetarian food

    not true, beans, pulses and dairy provide more than enough protein for normal people, lots of my muscular friends who lift are vegetarian
  11. nihilistapoquita

    Is it safe to run here?

    I've noticed posts on the quality of the air here and have done my best to research this but haven't found any definitive answers. I went running three times a week before I came to Hangzhou and want to know whether its safe to keep doing so. My Chinese friends have told me gyms are expensive here and I'm trying to keep spending to a minimum. Are there any runners here? Is it safe or will I definitely get cancer and cough up a lung?
  12. nihilistapoquita

    Hell on Earth!

    Good, and thank you for posting this, a lot of what you see on the internet is basically propaganda designed to lure lots of foreigners to teach and aid economic growth, when in reality moving here is a short sharp shock. There's only so many times you can tell yourself it's just culture while people spit inches from you in the street and destroy their environment. It begins to weight heavily
  13. nihilistapoquita

    Who want to work in a cool bar?

    Mmm, you sound like a topnotch man to work for, 'Gert' :D
  14. nihilistapoquita

    Who want to work in a cool bar?

    dont bother replying, the mans incredibly rude and arrogant
  15. So much prejudice in this thread it's actually frightening