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  1. PoW

    Need a western man for breeding

    Dont waste that lovely dog's sperm !!!
  2. PoW

    New Chinese Movie

    Has it been released in the theaters ? That Baidu link is not showing any full movie.
  3. PoW

    New Chinese Movie

    I recently read about the top 10 movies of 2013 on BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-25492806 In that list there was a Chinese movie named : A TOUCH OF SIN Is that movie already released in China ? Does any one has any idea about that movie ?
  4. PoW

    Marriage Laws

    js201104 Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help. Before starting this thread, I had discussed a lot about this with several chinese people and found they all were a little confused about rules related to foreigners. They said they know things very well about how it works for Chinese nationals but will have to figure out about foreigners. In fact some of them came up with contradictory replies. So I thought it could be a good idea to ask people here, apart from finding out from other sources. Regarding my country's rules, I am not sure why I am being asked to visit my country's website / embassy. As far as I know, in my country, all the rules are applicable AFTER the marriage when I would like to get the marriage re-registered in my country and that is not a big issue. In fact another guy from my country recently got married here and he rarely had any problem with the documents. But his case and mine is different as he was single and I am a divorcee and he got married in a different province in China and I am not sure if the rules are the same across different provinces. Apart from the Affidavit and my Passport, what other document might be needed for the marriage ? How will the Affidavit be for a divorcee ? Do we need to get the documents translated in Chinese ? Regarding prenuptial agreement, in most countries it is usually about distribution of property in case of death of one of the partners or allimony in case of divorce. Do we have any provision for that here ? If so at what stage (before or at the time of marriage) ? Where is the marriage registeration office in Hangzhou ? .
  5. PoW

    Chinese Learning Stories

    I just joined this forum and found this thread very informative. Thanks !
  6. PoW

    Marriage Laws

    I work here in China and am planning to get married to my girl friend who is a Chinese national. I would like to know the rules and procedure of getting married in China. Is the procedure for foreigners the same as that for Chinese nationals ? Where is the marriage registeration office (for foreigners) in Hz ? What documents do foreigners have to provide for the marriage ? And do we have any provision for prenuptial agreement as we have in many other countries ?