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  1. Mariska

    Another Dutchie in town :)

    Hey PathikJain, [please send me private message for contact information]. Kind regards, Mariska
  2. Mariska

    Another Dutchie in town :)

    MK-Hangzhou :)
  3. Mariska

    Another Dutchie in town :)

    Ha ha thx. I already have WeChat :)
  4. Mariska

    Another Dutchie in town :)

    Dear PathikJain, I'm just moving appartments and won't have internet for a few days, but will let you know as soon as it's fixed and I have a day off.
  5. Dear All, My name is Mariska, I'm 28 years old, and as you've read in the topic title, I'm from The Netherlands. I've arrived December 3rd and will stay for 6 months (at the moment). I'm graduated as a Master in Tourism Destination Management, but as there are no jobs atm within my specialty, I'm doing a management traineeship in Hangzhou. I've lived in The Netherlands, Spain, Austria and Australia, and have visited many countries around the world. I guess it's no surprise that I love travelling. Besides travelling, I love to ski, snowboard, surf and dive. I hope you will now have a little bit an idea of who I am, and please feel free if you have any questions :) Warm regards, Mariska