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  1. Alien1982

    How old is too old?

    Ron I wouldn't worry about age too much. The demans for foreign teachers is quite high. I knew some people in their 40's and even someone in their 50's teaching in China. Nothing to worry about.
  2. Alien1982

    Company wont let me leave

    Hey Josh. I had some experiences with Echo too. I posted my thread a while ago. Feel free to send me a private message if ya ever feel the need to talk to someone. I just hope everything works out for you.
  3. Alien1982

    ESL blacklist

    San5324 you are a complete idiot. I can tell you're having fun on here. Wow. Perhaps you could go to a meditation class and find some true peace within yourself. You idiot.
  4. Alien1982

    ESL blacklist

    Agreed 100%
  5. Alien1982

    Moment of silence/Memorial

    Can't report nothing to safea. The law will go against you in most cases. Tell an immigrant to Canada or USA that if they can't tolerate things GTFO. You will be called racist. And when chinese are abused abroad, they will incite a mob to get their way if they have to. Just saying.
  6. Alien1982

    Moment of silence/Memorial

    Is he telling you, or suggesting what to do? There was a time when african americans were told by Martin Luther King Jr what to do. And what if he was in China?
  7. Alien1982

    Moment of silence/Memorial

  8. Alien1982

    Moment of silence/Memorial

    It just won't die. Because san5324 keeps feeding it. He argues against JohnConnor thus JohnConnor feels the need to fight back at him. What else can be expected?
  9. Alien1982

    Moment of silence/Memorial

    Corrupt schools that take advantage of foreigners, lie to them, and abuse them in some way are the one's that create problems for foreigners. You're attacking the symptom. Reading everything you said san5324, I can tell you right now. You appear to be just as much of a drama queen yourself. Either you are the first to attack this user in a response, or you feed someone else's negative response to him. san5324 you yourself create/feed the drama.
  10. Alien1982

    Moment of silence/Memorial

    I strongly agree with your first sentence. I can only assume that since others disagree with you, it's like saying they don't want to be treated properly. Those that bring trouble are the chinese managers who treat many foreigners like trash. And then some of us on some of the forums express their grievences. Fionawarner, your comment only tells me that you don't mind being abused by your chinese managers wherever you work.
  11. Even if a place can hire foreigners and has the proper certificate, it doesn't mean they will do the visa processing properly. The reason many schools (not just Echo) will insist on getting you an improper visa is because they are lazy and they don't have to jump through as many hoops to do it. They can send your passport away to some agency and have a business or a student visa put in it. And they can make up some explanation as to why it had to be done that way. Getting the proper z visa and proper reaident permit involves more work on the schools end. Also even if they do get you the proper Z visa and resident permit, it doesn't mean it's 100% legal. Some cases they will have you listed in the system as something other than a teacher and given the right circumstances, there can be problems. Always ask lots of questions to your potential employer.
  12. I will tell you one thing. If you work for Echo English. Just watch very carefully what visa they put you on. Make sure that you tell them that you MUST have a Z visa. If they offer you any other visa RUN. The Xiaoshan Director Of Studies (DOS) doesn't have a bachelors degree at all whatsoever and is therefore unqualified to be there. The reason he has a proper Z visa is because of Echo's guanxi connections. Regardless of your qualifications, they can do the same for you or anyone else. I however did not have a degree either. And they got me a student visa issued in a province I've never been to. Yet they could have gottwn me the proper Z visa and they chose not to. So if they do offer you a job. No matter what they say or how promising they sound. Do NOT accept a student or business visa.
  13. Alien1982

    VISA problems

    I don't come here very often. But dropping in and seeing this post, I feel the need to point out a few things from my own experience. First of all, you cannot trust any school that claims to have all these guanxi powers and are therefore above the law. When I worked for ECHO English, my company got me a student visa and they promised me everything would be okay. That they had everything under control. And when it came time for my visa renewal, I ran into problems. Here's my story here. Even though ECHO said they had my back, they were not able to use their so called guanxi powers to get me out of the mess they got me into. Anyway about the two year experience requirement, actually I think they do check everything now. One of the users John Connor has a story about trying to get back into china and he had trouble proving his two years previous teaching experience. But there's also alot more to his story. I don't care to get into it. But they do ask for actual documented proof that your two years previous experience is true. It may be easier to fabricate if you just say on your resume that you taught somewhere outside china. You'd have to get reference letters fabricated and all that stuff. Plus provide phone numbers of those willing to back your claim. At least according to John Connor's story, they actually do checking and verifying everything possible. Leaving no stone unturned. Well said Ron.
  14. Alien1982

    Hangzhou Echo English or DDDragon - reviews?

    then don't read my posts.
  15. Alien1982

    Hangzhou Echo English or DDDragon - reviews?

    What do you think Canada's future will be?