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  1. Hi! I'm selling my GIANT FCR 3100 bicycle. It has a 18 inch frame (45 cm), and its in very good conidition. It comes with killer mudguards and a back rack. I want 1000 RMB for it.
  2. dsjamieson

    Guitar and amp for sale!

    I'm selling my beautiful Cort guitar, which I love very much, and I will be sad to see it go. But I'm leaving China and can't take it with me. It comes with a Fender Frontman 35R amplifier, and a cool backpack guitar case with tons of pockets and a 20ft cord. I'm looking for 1000 RMB for everything. [please send me private message for contact information]
  3. dsjamieson

    Getting a band together

    Awesome! Thanks icrmama!
  4. dsjamieson

    Getting a band together

    I'm looking to start a band! If you or someone you know plays either the bass guitar or the drums, please get in touch with me. I play guitar and sing. cheers, Drew
  5. dsjamieson

    Physicist heading to Hangzhou

    thanks, this is really helpful! I'm from toronto. This is going to be my first teaching job. I just arrived in hangzhou this evening.
  6. dsjamieson

    Physicist heading to Hangzhou

    Yeah, it is the A-level program. That would be great if you could put me in touch with them, thanks!
  7. dsjamieson

    Physicist heading to Hangzhou

    It looks like the school is in the far west. The address is No.3 Chengnan Road, Yuhang Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou.
  8. dsjamieson

    Physicist heading to Hangzhou

    Hey Everyone! I'm moving from Canada to Hangzhou next week. Somehow I landed a job teaching physics and math. Where are good areas to live in Hangzhou? I'm hoping not to pay much more than 2000 RMB/month. I'm not sure what to do about apartment hunting. Let me know if you have any leads or advice on apartments, or people looking for room mates. I'm also looking for a reasonable hotel to stay at while I search for a more permanent place. Any suggestions? Thanks! Drew