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  1. Popcorn Sutton

    Moving money out of China

    Does anyone else hate the banks here as much as I do. I absolutely despise doing bank business here because the banks here are totally and completely ass backwards and it takes forever to do a simple task. Like getting a new debit card or exchanging money. Buying dollars is such a pain in the ass it is unreal. Why it takes 30 to 45 minutes is beyond me. Here is my identification (passport), you the bank should be able to look up my account instantaneously and then look up the exchange rate for the day and sell me my money. But it takes forever, with pressing buttons and signing papers, then the teller looks and stares at the passport, their supervisor comes over, looks at me, looks at mp passoprt, looks at me again, scuttles off, comes back, takes a copy of my passport, more shit for me to sign and it never ends. I know why there is a huge thick piece of glass between them and me because I would strangle them. I have been noticing that the RMB is going up against the USD which makes me want to buy USD since I am an American and I can buy it now when it is 6.8 instead of 7.5 or worse. But again, having to go through the horseshit with the bank. They really should put a bar in there, but they are so slow that I would be drunk as funk and raging, so maybe having a bar in a Chinese bank would be a negative. Read the passage about it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than to get to Heaven. Best be a small camel or a big ass needle.
  2. I would have a sore ass sitting on that hard ass furniture. Beautiful actually but is about as comfortable as a park bench. If you wouldnt want to fuck your lady on a couch, the couch is no good.
  3. Popcorn Sutton

    AN SPEAKER WANTED from ZatGo !!!

    "Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones, but whips and Blockchain excites me......"
  4. Popcorn Sutton

    How to survive hell (or a Hangzhou summer).

    It's about halftime in the Hangzhou Summer of 2018, and actually it has not been too bad. Had some really hot days, but a lot of days only the mid afternoons with lots of rain in the late afternoon, early evenings. Last year was pure Hell, highs around this time were around 43 in daytime and 35 at night. For those of us who use Fahrenheit as God intended, that was about 105 high and 90 low. You didnt go out unless you absolutely had to. 2013 was rough too. Hope not to jinx it but hopefully the weather pattern stays the same. I think the Hangzhou climate got sick of China and is now vacationing in Europe. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6025929/Europe-faces-hottest-day-today-killer-Iberian-Plume-claims-three-lives.html
  5. Popcorn Sutton

    The dope smell in hospitals.

    I have smelled this before, but here lately I have been trying (and succeeding) in losing weight. No fast food, fried food, alcohol (off the drink since January, haven't stopped drinking, I am still a drunk, losing weight is more important to me now). The only thing that hurts is no tater chips and especially Doritoes. I consider Doritoes holy. Anyhow, I am out walking now, and on one urban hike, went in a small hospital/clinic like place and I stepped inside to see if they have a scale, and when I walked in, I was hit by a strong smoky odor. I have smelled this once or twice before, once when my wife was in the hospital in Dongyang. Frankly, it smells just like marijuana. Place smelled like a Pink Floyd concert. It was a pungent odor which gets into your nostrils. Tried to ask the lady what the smell was, and told her it smells like 大麻 (weed). Exactly like it to me. What is that smell?
  6. Popcorn Sutton

    New to Hangzhou from San Francisco

    I will as soon as you suck your mother's dick.
  7. Popcorn Sutton

    New to Hangzhou from San Francisco

    Unlike San Francisco, Chinese food is awful here, not a good Chinese restaurant to be had in all the country.
  8. Popcorn Sutton

    Need a foreign psychologist

    While living in China comes with excitement and great interest, it can cause stress. The stress of loneliness, or being an outsider. Of not being able to communicate well with the people. To be confounded on how the people do things, which is outside the norm of how your culture would do it. It is a very different life that your fellows have in your home country, and you quickly find that the people back home usually do not care about your life and adventures, and consequently you overseas will sometimes pine for the hum drum existence of living in your country, working a job, eating your own food and living the life of everyone else. A lot goes through the mind. Many people take to alcohol and drugs. With drinking, at least in my experience, I get to take my brain and put it on a shelf and live on an alternate reality for several hours. Beer and liquor is good for this. Or running away to extravagance. Or food intake, of eating the wrong kinds of food. Or sex or whatever. Vices that manifest themselves as a coping mechanism for problems and difficulties. Seen a lot of drunk foreigners here. I am one of them, but will try this year to stop this habit because it is destructive and does not work, and a waste of money. This will probably be my last year in China (probably the 2018-19 season) It was fun and thanks for the fish. But where you go, there you are and you cannot run from yourself. I run faster than Usain Bolt to escape and made my life here, but problems run faster than a bullet. In the immortal words of the late Frank Sinatra "You gotta start living baby, because dying is a pain in the ass!"
  9. Popcorn Sutton

    Need a foreign psychologist

    Living in China will slowly drive you insane, so it is good to leave China periodically to reset your mind.
  10. I am at the Pudong airport waiting to get back to my home country. Actually Pudong is a pretty good airport. Has good Wifi, has convenient stores, a Burger King and other fast food. Not a bad place at all and in many ways better than American airports in my opinion. One thing I hate here are the assholes who walk up to me trying to sell me a cell phone. I came here last night and could not make my flight and in my waiting and walking, I had at least three different men come up to me trying to sell me a phone. I have gotten very indignant with them and yell at them. Everyone should do this. My question is, who in the hell buys a phone from some random person in the airport? Who does this? Someone must or they wouldn't be here. Which brings up my second question, why are they here and why doesn't anyone stop them and kick them out? Airports are supposed to be secure places and shouldn't have these people in there. It really gives the airport a bad reputation as something from the Third World. so, what's the point of them? Some of you might go home for holiday, go through this airport and meet these clowns. Yell at them!
  11. Popcorn Sutton

    Burger King: Where?

    Yoou can look on Baidu map under "汉堡王“ to find a location near you. I actually have one not that far away from my home, but I live in northeast Hangzhou in the Daguan area.
  12. Popcorn Sutton

    Awesome ebike for sale ¥2850

    How far can it go on one charge? How fast does it go?
  13. Hello. I work part time at a training center like school teaching the little kids, from about 3 to 12. I do my thing there, and there are about six or seven other people there doing the same thing. One of the teachers is here on a business visa. I have told him and he knows that this is illegal and he can get into a lot of trouble of caught, if all the horror stories are seemingly true. Big fine, deportation. Deportation would suck for this guy because he has a brother or family member in another major city. I have told the boss lady the same thing. You shouldn't hire teachers like this, it will bite you in the ass. She is Chinese and won't listen to a foreigner, and again what I read is on the Internet, but places like Beijing and Guangzhou do raids periodically. I have never heard of raids in Hangzhou. I personally can't think of why many people would want to work full time making maybe 10,000 a month, and then have to shell out 3500-4000 for an apartment, so basically working 20-25 hours a week for 6000 after housing chasing little kids about, and then having to save for airfare home or worse, on visa runs dealing with the government and why one is constantly in and out on business visas playing a game. Has Hangzhou ever had school raids? I have never heard of it.
  14. I want to see the new Star Wars movie in Imax, is it showing yet? I have tried to find their website but cannot. Has anyone seen it?
  15. Popcorn Sutton

    How is the food at Vineyard Social10, good for Christmas?

    Did the Vineyard thing last night. Went there about 4:00 pm and there was a kids party in there. The whole place was taken over by fucking children and teachers and parents. They were having a "private party" and was closed and got a few dodgy looks. So I went to College Bar. Not too bad of a place. Has nachos, and a tall Carlsburg for 25¥. I did watch some other people get food, plus a couple at the bar ordering a pizza. Problem is that when they lifted the pizza, it was limp, the sure sign of a shit pizza. Sort of goes back to why is Chinese food so awful, and the cooks so incapable of putting out a good product. Went back to Vineyard around 6:00, and this is where Chinese ruins the day comes into play. Basically the LOUD ASS Christmas music where you can't TALK TO ANYONE WITHOUT RAISING YOUR VOICE. Why in Christ sake (Happy Birthday Jesus) do they do this? Chinese love noise and LOUDNESS. It is so annoying. Concerning the buffet, the food wasn't ready and there was about four of those metal things that houses the food and I thought, eh, maybe I don't want to pay 188 for that. Did have the "mulled wine", which was basically Changyu heated, and for some reason orange peels. At least I had some alcohol without paying for it at all. Hate to complain (well, not really) but I get sick of the loud ass music which is so loud you cannot make conversation. The more people, the louder the music gets. The music is horrible and this was all Christmas music. We know it's Christmas don't need a theme song. Actually the only place that has good recorded music is Eudora, who plays basically 1960's-1980's rock at an appropriate volume.