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  1. I had a Samsung phone once, think it might have been a Galaxy something or other. Sort of acquired it, think it was a gift for my wife or something. Beautiful looking phone. Large screen, thought I would have and use this device for years. Nope. That phone was a piece of shit. The "apps" (note, I hate this non-word, lets say applications like grownups) were a pain to download and would always download in two different places. It seems that merely touching the phone anywhere on the screen or side made the screen move or go to a different place I did not want. The phone would constantly drain power, even when it was "asleep". I do not get many phone calls (and I like it like that) but I would pick this thing up and the power would be gone after powering the piece of shit up just the day before and not using it. Also, it just absolutely refused to pick up WIFI anywhere at all.Always said the signal was too slow. Bullshit, the device is too slow and a piece of shit. In somewhat desperation, I decided to reset the factory settings, which in the end ruined the phone because it would only reboot part way and then stop. Took it to three different computer places, including a dedicated Samsung center and was told that the phone was ruined and it would cost more to replace the piece of shit than bringing it back to life. So, I sentenced the phone to death, ISIS style. Threw it off a 15th story ledge. I wanted it destroyed so as not to give some other sucker false hope. Gravity is a wonderful thing. Go Apple!
  2. Going to reach 40C this weekend. Batton down the hatches, we are in for a sweat ride. Nothing to do this month but stay in. The PSB has my passport for my new Residence Permit (party July 31 evening, 7 Club). In the house with my Chinese wife in Dongyang. Nothing to do here but stay home and stay close to my god, the air conditioner. Just too damn hot to do anything else,even in the evenings. Being truthful about the alcohol consumption. This heat makes people weird and people are already moody from the discomfort, the staying home or in an office, the hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold of it all, or an airconditioning bill higher than the Honeymoon Suite at the Shangri-La Hotel for the weekend. Satan used to come here in the summer to escape the coolness of hell. Might still be around, if you see him, dont pull his finger.
  3. We can get baked and watch Star Trek. I have TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager on DVD. This is actually a parallel reality to what my life is. I am supposed to be in my home country, in a job I hate, with a fat wife and three ugly children. But reality is like a big loaf of bread with many thin slices and each slice has two sides and if you dropped the buttered side of your toast on the floor, you throw it away and start over. So the answer is not out there, it is here, but we have to find it to put it together like a jigsaw and make it all work.
  4. https://kingvid.tv/wf92mwk8tkmm The Twilight Zone "The Midnight Sun". The Hangzhou climate travels back in time to 1960's New York. Enjoy.
  5. Another awful thing about summer is that one is basically housebound unless they just have to go out. I havent left my wife's place in three days. No real need. Only go out for supplies. Since I am at my wife's place, I cannot drink alcohol, which is probably for the best anyway. Concerning drinking, try to keep in balance, because this heat makes people "squirrelly" and pissed off, and having to endure this shit for three months a year, to where it is uncomfortable to go outside for a walk, or having to wait for a bus, or not wanting to drag a taxi driver out and beat the tar out of him because its 4:00 and he wont pick you up and made the mistake of stopping to ask where you are going and then trying to drive away. Someone was mentioning the tunnels in the mountains. I know one, which was behind the old Raggae Bar on Shuguang Road. There is a small driveway road which goes up a hill and it is there. All natural air conditioning in that tunnel and many people will sit out there and hang out because it saves them money on electricity and it gets them out of the house. Electrical bills also suck when you are running your AC 24/7...... One annoying thing (of the 104,346,998,000 other annoying things they do) with working with Chinese is that they always leave the door open in the office and they are always "cold". They also love to open the windows to let the "fresh air in". If it were up to me the windows would be nailed shut and people leaving the door open would be horse whipped. China sucks anyway, today I was smelling something nice and natural and was dreaming I was in Laos. Laos is hotter than fuck now too, but there is a river, a waterfall, great food, cheap Lao beer, inexpensive herbal medication and quiet. That is a good place to sweat to death. Hangzhou used to be a nice city, how is a Thai hooker and Hangzhou the same? Both have hot, humid holes! And you know it.
  6. While there are tornados all over the World, tornados are mostly an American thing. Cold arctic air from the North Pole comes down through the plains of Canada and meets the tropical air of the Gulf of Mexico which creates violent storms betweeen the Rockies and the Appalachians from Spring to Fall. Fortunately I have never seen a tornado, but I have seen the harm and destruction that they do and it is really amazing if it were not for the death and destruction. Very common for one side of the street to be totally flattened while the other side of the street the houses, trees and everything else is untouched. It's a winter thing, but I dont understand why Hangzhou doesnt get ice storms, since they are sort of on the boundry of where it rains and snows, as in it usually gets close to freezing but rarely much below freezing and it is rainy and wet here much of the time (except right now where it is sunny with blue skies if you dont mind 100F weather). The winter of 2015-2016 was COLD. Like Chicago cold and shit for a few weeks. I froze my ass off and that piece of crap "air conditioner" (which is ironically cooling my room down as I speak) was of no help and I was sleeping in my clothes. If Hangzhou weather were a person, it would be psychotic with multiple personalities in a straight jacket cursing at cats. The weather makes no sense here, or why Hangzhou is hotter than Bangkok in summer (see yourself).
  7. Because if you write Tibetan, for some reason the editor of this website changes it to T1bet, which is annoying.
  8. That was the summer of 2013. Bad time for me emotionally and I would stay in the apartment all day with the blinds closed and darkened, air conditioner blasting to the point where it would spit condensation, and I wouldnt leave except for midnight food runs either to the street or the McDonalds nearby, and even at 11 PM, it was sweating hot, with heavy air. Miserable year. My worst summer of all time was the Summer of 1980 in America. I was 13 and my home city has almost similar weather to Hangzhou, except we get tornados. But a High Front decided to just stay in the American Midwest and just sit there like a stoner with unlimited video games and pizza for three months, and the weather was hellish. The highest high was 42.2C, which is 108 F. Lows were up to 36-37C at midnight. It was so bad that no one went out unless you just had too. I had a full on membership to the YMCA and could swim everyday (and my parents thought swimming was important, and we did every summer), that summer, forget about it. The YMCA was throwing blocks of ice in the pool for the few who would dare. What was sad was that a lot of poor and elderly people couldnt afford the electricity and were dying in their modest homes with only a box fan. Internationally it was the year of the Iranian hostage crisis, and since we were all stuck in the house praying for the AC to not die, we watched a lot of television. Two beautiful places to escape the heat, either Dali and Lijiang in Yunnan or Kangding in Sichuan. Lijiang is famous. Kangding is about seven or eight hours by bus up the mountain from Chengdu to the T i b e t a n areas with beautiful houses, buildings, temples. Beautiful with towering mountains, steep valleys, very clean. The only small thing was the food was terrible, but being able to sleep with the windows open at night and for a fatass like me to be able to hike without sweating balls was great.
  9. Sure. The people are lazy and dumb. They do not know how to repair the machines, but since there are machines, there is no real need to have a person to sell the passes. Also, when you leave the station and you have to either put the card into the machine or scan your pass and the door won't open. A lot of them do not work either. Probably like this for months. Chinese will do their job and know their surroundings. They have no clue about anything else in their work area because it is not for them to know. As I said before, Chinese don't fix anything. It wears out, and gets tossed out. There is no one to complain to, even if you speak the language, because most of them don't know their right hand from left, not their job and couldn't care less.
  10. Well it is that time of the year. To all newbies to H-town, summer has begun and the weather will stay this way until around October 1. yes, October. The temperatures will taper off a bit come September, but it is not uncommon for it to stay in the 30's C or 90's F in September. it is as hot here as it is in Bangkok, Thailand (actually for 7/12, Hangzhou is hotter than Bangkok) with the same humidity. Humidity is important because it will cause one to sweat and the need to refurbish oneself with water. Heat is different depending on the hunidity levels. 35* with low humidity is almost nice and swimming pool weather, 35* with 80% humidity is hot death. I humourously say that it feels like being in a dead dog's butthole. Note, not all places, like convenience stores and shops have cold water and the bottled water may be warm or tepid, due to the idea of Chinese that cold liquids is bad for them. So it pays to notice shops and places near your home or work location which offers cold drinks and patron them (and if you speak Chinese well, praise them for having cold drinks). Not always, but many times KEDI shops have cold drinks. But again, to my annoyance, there are a lot of drinks in refrigerators with the power off. Be also aware that sometimes in an office or somewhere you might ask for a cup of water and get hot water. Try to stay out of the midday sun. Pretty much a "duh" saying, but it would behoove anyone to try to do their business either early in the day or later in the afternoon. If it gets too hot, you can duck into a bank or a nice hotel with a lobby. 99 percent of the time, the staff will not bother you at all and allow you to have a rest to cool down. The Bank of China, or really all the major banks have lobbies and since Chinese bank services are usually slower than a dead turtle, you sitting there soaking up their air conditioning wont put you out of place. Wear light clothing. White clothes, t-shirts, what have you. A hat would also be good if you like hats. You can be fashionable, but being cool is better than being comfortable. Most Chinese, especially the provinical ones, like to roll up their shirts to expose the belly or roll up the pants legs. Couldnt care less. When it is 37* with full on humidity, being cool supersedes looking like an idiot. The taxi drivers will not run between 3:00-5:00 pm as a rule, especially around the 4:00 time. At 4:00 pm, the taxis wont pick up anyone. You can be Xi Jin Ping, Jackie Chan or the most beautiful woman in Asia, and they will not pick your ass up for nothing. It pays to know the bus routes. Because again, the taxi drivers may or may not be out to accept passengers. I for the most part like the Hangzhou busses and have no problem using them and while sometimes they are packed tighter than a sardine can, usually one can find a seat or standing room has room, and more often than not the busses are cool. For some reason, the Chinese do not have the concept of central heat and air and have to rely on these air conditioners, which are usually large floor units or mounted on a wall. The floor units usually work OK, but the wall units are usually pieces of shit which breaks down. It's not your unit, it is everyone's unit. Also be aware in an office environment that Chinese love to leave the door open in an air conditioned room or open windows for "fresh air", which invites mosquitos and flies. Lots of mosquitos here, so it also pays to keep your windows and doors shut tight. Lastly, concerning alcohol. I drink to intoxication about once a week, and many folks here enjoy the night out, especially you younger people and that's great. But to be warned that the heat makes people what I call "squirrely", maybe the feeling of being cooped up in an air conditioned place and then having to deal with the heat (even at night) and the alcohol can add to this. So be careful to check yourself and your surroundings if you want that cold beer or five. People drink too much and people sometimes get into fights, heat and emotions go hand in hand. That is about it. I was born and raised in this shitty hot ass climate so I know. Stay inside, be careful about the drinkin', learn the public transportation, dress for the climate not your status, and realize unless you escape, we are all in the same boat for the next eight weeks or so. Good Luck.
  11. Cigars smell worse than a burning turd.
  12. That is the question. How do I block people or groups from my Weixin (or Wechat) account? I am an unwilling participant in Weixin groups which annoys me because I use this service as a means of communication and doing business, and it is annoying to get a sound alert and see that it is from one of these idiotic groups. I wrote to one in Chinese to remove me and the host refused! Then there are other idiots trying to sell me shit, or former students and all that, just Chinese being the most annoying people ever. Is there anyway to block them? How do they get me in their groups without my permission? Seems that this would be a reasonable protocol or it can and probably has open the doors to stalkers. How do I block the idiots, if I can?
  13. http://balyasiny-optom.ru/sosnovie-balyasini-i-balystradi.html Сосновые балясины и балюстрады