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  1. writeanothertravelingsong

    Reputable Mandarin Classes/schools that's affordable?

    Watching this post carefully, since I will be in the same boat come July when I move to HZ
  2. writeanothertravelingsong

    Greetings from Europe !

    Where are your from in europe?
  3. writeanothertravelingsong

    Hello all

    I'll be arriving a couple weeks after you. We can be newbies together!
  4. writeanothertravelingsong

    Preparing to come

    What is a black taxi? Also, shout out to the person who answered my guitar question. Thanks! I don't know which part of town I'll be working in yet, since the school has several branches. I probably wont know until I arrive, but they will put me up in a hotel for 3 weeks while I look for a new place. Lastly, will it be hard for me to find shoes that fit? I'm not particularly big, a size 8 1/2 or 9 usually fits
  5. writeanothertravelingsong

    Preparing to come

    Smart phone app didn't reply to that exacty the way I originally intended. Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately I won't be bringing anyone but myself this time around, but perhaps you'll find me decent enough. :p That shop sounds amazing. I'm honestly not a fan of ereaders. While I love reading, I also love books, plain and simple. I actually have 5 bookshelves full just in my current apartment bedroom right now, here in the states. A place to read and swap will be great. Is 9200 really that low? My friend is already in hz rright now and had had no problems living on that wage. I will be working only about 22 hours a week, if that makes any difference.
  6. writeanothertravelingsong

    Preparing to come

  7. writeanothertravelingsong

    Preparing to come

  8. writeanothertravelingsong

    Preparing to come

    9200 is my total salary, including normal pay and housing stipend. I'm excited to come! I've heard about deoderant, but it's good to be confirmed that I do need to bring more. Are there any english bookstores? I have a huge library here in the states, and obviously can't bring them. I also will want to buy a guitar when I arrive. Are they pretty expensive or reasonable?
  9. writeanothertravelingsong

    Preparing to come

    Hello all! I am getting ready to agree to a 2 year teaching contract in Hangzhou, starting this July. I've traveled throughout North America and Europe before, but I've never been to China, or anywhere in Asia. Since I'll be in town quite awhile, I plan on doing my best to learn the language, assimilate culturally, and make the place feel like home. However, meeting other Ex-pats will probably be just as much fun as anything else! I just wondered if any of you had any advice for someone who hasn't yet left home. Maybe things I should bring that I might not think to bring- things I should leave at home- things I should prepare myself for (I am an American, if that helps)- or things I should look out for once I arrive (scammers, etc). Also, I will be choosing my own apartment once I arrive. I will have the option to move in with other teachers at my school, most likely, but otherwise my budget is about 9200 rmb a month (total). What are some parts of town I might want to look at for an apartment that's nice but not too expensive? Thanks everybody! -James