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  1. Hangzhou29

    Bye to everyone

    Hi everyone, I finished my contract in Hangzhou and have since moved back to the States. I have enjoyed bantering with people and getting and giving advice on this forum, as well as making off-color comments. I suppose there's not a real big point for me to continue being on this website since I no longer live in HZ. I enjoyed my time in Hangzhou, I worked at EF and was lucky enough to have a good group of co-workers and while there were a number of things I didn't like about living in HZ, overall it was a decent experience. I'm done with China, if I ever did go back to China I'd go to Hong Kong, but honestly the mainland isn't really for me. But, that said, I had good experiences during my time in mainland Chna, so I'd like to visit as a tourist down the road in the future. For now I am moving back to the States so I can get into comedy and entertainment. I taught abroad throughout Asia from 2011-2015, so I now feel it's time to get into something meaningful in my home country. I viewed English teaching as a cool experience and a way to travel the world, but not something long-term. I will miss joking with people on this forum and will miss seeing Jebowski's cheerful comments and his positive attitude, same with San. I'll always remember Slythe and his witty responses as well as Goldstein's interesting answers. Jake and Chris TY always seemed like really friendly guys, so that was cool chatting with them. Dingo and Dan.Tan also were people who always had opinionated answers, so that was always something interesting to read. I know once I go there won't be as many late-night awkward or off-color comments, so I am hoping someone on here can "pick up the slack", so to speak . Again, thanks for the past year, HZexpat.com, now I need to move on to the next thing in life! Sincerely, Ted
  2. Hangzhou29

    German Girl moved to Binjiang!

    And after the bar closes, you think they get in bed together?
  3. Hangzhou29

    guangzhou girl moving to hz

    Yeah no worries, I understood what you were saying in English, cutie. I visited Yuexiu and the Zhujiang New Town sections of Guangzhou. I also like the climate there, plus it's close to HK!
  4. Hangzhou29

    guangzhou girl moving to hz

    I guess it's good that we're all correcting!
  5. Hangzhou29

    guangzhou girl moving to hz

    It'll be one of the great unsolved mysteries of Hangzhou for many years to come, mate
  6. Hangzhou29

    guangzhou girl moving to hz

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second! I meant to put "a while", but my space bar jammed up. So, yeah man, I knew that was how you wrote it, but due to a technical error it came out wrong. Now, if there's anyone to blame in this scenario it'd be my space bar, but I was hoping we could move past that and look to the future. I know all about nouns vs. adverbs, so no worries, it's all good. Thanks in advance for your understanding, everyone. Regards, HZ29
  7. Hangzhou29

    guangzhou girl moving to hz

    YAY! That's an awesome city to live in if you are living abroad!
  8. Hangzhou29

    guangzhou girl moving to hz

    Sorry about going into "teacher mode" in my first post, Biko! (And I guess even then my answer wasn't the best ) I hope you enjoy your time in Hangzhou and I hope Guangzhou was a fun time, as well as your time in the States! I enjoyed my time in Guangzhou when I visited, it's definitely a cool city!
  9. Hangzhou29

    Basil, where's it at?!

  10. Hangzhou29

    Best area for expats?

    The best part of China is Hong Kong, much better than the mainland, IMO. But, obviously compared to HK the mainland is much more affordable, so as Giles said, Shanghai would be a good place to meet expats; Plus you could always visit Hangzhou on your off days.
  11. Hangzhou29

    Hello! New to HZ and looking to get things started :)

    You live on the Jingfang metro stop? Hopefully it's not on the train tracks! Bwahaha.....ok, ultra-lame joke, I admit. Sadly, based on how large some of our fellow countrymen are, I don't think the center was hurting for business...lol And you forgot goal #4...Picking up hot and sassy Chinese women who are looking to kiss up a storm! But seriously, welcome to Hangzhou! That's cool you are looking to learn Chinese and want to stay in the fitness groove. There's definitely a decent amount of stuff going on in Hangzhou, so once you get settled in it should be a fun time!
  12. Hangzhou29

    Hello! New to HZ and looking to get things started :)

    Such as me, if I exercise for more than 5 minutes...
  13. Hangzhou29

    New to HZ - 30 yo female teacher!

    She's from....North Korea? BWAHAHAHA, yeah right! Just kidding, I hope you enjoy HZ!