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  1. nyavogo

    Baby Scam

    Is this better or worse than all of the hookers on WeChat asking for an Alipay deposit? Amazing this really--now Chinar hookers don't even want to have sex for money. They just want to meet guys online and get money without even having to suck a dick. To be in the mind of a Chinese...who is feeding these hookers' ego's so much they feel like they can just get free WeChat/Alipay donations without...doing what's in their job title?
  2. nyavogo

    Intern opportunity in an international company

    You should use the headline: "TEACH ENGLISH FOR FREE!"
  3. nyavogo

    cupping 火罐

    There's a good one between the fortune teller shop and the the Voodoo Doll Shoppe on Fengqi Rd.
  4. nyavogo

    2015 Greentown F.C. Home Games Schedule

    Yes. But they are literally hot..dog. Fried in gutter oil on a stick, not a bun.
  5. nyavogo

    Sexy hangzhou girl wait for you

    Pretty sure this is either a revenge play by a jilted ex-laowai boyfriend or...a gay Chinese dude with chick pics trying to get dick pics...like on WeChat.
  6. nyavogo

    I Give Up...

    Farmers on their once in a lifetime vacation to the city. After all night mahjong and cards, they celebrate their winnings like the farmers that they are by lighting fireworks (to thank the money fortune gods or some such shit) at the most inappropriate hour.
  7. nyavogo

    Why are there no good restaurants in Hangzhou?

    The worst fake Thai food I've had in my life. Did they kill their chef in the last few days?
  8. nyavogo

    Chinese girls and wechat

    Easier to have 4/5/6 suitors this way.
  9. nyavogo

    Where is Pancho's?

    China-fied "Thai" food should be illegal.
  10. nyavogo

    Arabic food

    I despise eating from a sofa. Feels retarded.
  11. ...all of a sudden your thing...and just now launching your very own club in someone else's thread...??? why do you need to collaborate with leading micro-brews? They hardly will have anything in common with a group of dudes whipping up ale in their home tubs...but damn, this is odd in a special kind of way. Really, at least start your new club in your own thread.
  12. nyavogo

    Academic Consultants Needed!

    Rewriting college essays is illegal. Having said that, I write Ivy League- level essays for 80,000RMB each.
  13. nyavogo

    English Corner

    Like a bunch of chubby round eye dudes strutting up and down the street, leaning in car windows for potential chats? Try Nanshan road after midnight.
  14. nyavogo

    English Corner

    Are there any all-female (Chinese) English Corners that need a male whitey?