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  1. ffffffffffffffffffffffffff


    haha, you're right, its 'jiangbin'..and i'm an english teacher..oops!
  2. ffffffffffffffffffffffffff


    cheers for the reply jianbin is along the fuxing road, about 10min taxi from west lake and all that, by the river yeah, i'm just gettin used to the mad house! s
  3. ffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    i am new

    hi guitarman..i just got to hangzhou from ireland about a month ago, did you find a drummer yet?..i play drums..don't have a kit yet, looking into it! we can meet up to discuss more if you want
  4. ffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    looking for a drummer?

    any bands out there looking for a drummer? i've just arrived in hangzhou so unfortunately i don't have a kit yet, but i'm working on it! could use some advice on where best to pick one up.. will paly almost anything..punk, rock, alternative, indie etc etc.
  5. ffffffffffffffffffffffffff


    Hi, i'm new in town from ireland, looking to meet some folks and hopefully make some friends..i'm teaching at jianbin vocational school, any suggestions of places to go, things to do or get involved with would be much appreciated..thanks
  6. Hi, new in town from ireland, looking to meet friends

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    2. Quickh00


      There are expats there during the week too. Especially Wednesdays for board games night and general chit chat.

    3. ffffffffffffffffffffffffff


      Hi there, appreciate the info on mid-week board games, sounds good

    4. scott.hangzhou


      whats the craic as we irish say! hey man, welcome to hangzhou! I got my bachelor degree in ireland, and it would be great to meet up with some irish friends here. :)