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  1. Alex Capoeira

    JUNE 11 - Bring-a-Friend Sunday: Free Capoeira class

    Guys, we will have another open class this month, this Sunday! I've updated the post above, see the details there! Hope to see you this Sunday. Feel free to ask any questions here or via PM.
  2. Capoeira is more fun with friends! Bring a friend this Sunday (June 11th) to try capoeira for FREE. This will be a tailor-made first-timer experience class, that will include Afro-Brazilian music, basic capoeira movements and interaction with a partner. TIME: June, 11th (Sun) from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. VENUE: Fengqi rd. 361, Guodu Commercial Building, 21F, use East Elevator (left side), room 2101. Subway: Fengqi rd, exit A1, five minutes walking, close to Fengqi rd. and Zhongshan rd. intersection, entrance from Guodu Community (国都小区). = Capoeira FAQ = Q: WHAT IS CAPOEIRA? A: Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music. It was created in Brazil mainly by descendants of African slaves with Brazilian native influences, probably beginning in the 16th century. It is known by quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for leg sweeps. Try also searching YouTube for capoeira roda or just capoeira :)          Q: WHAT IF I AM NOT FLEXIBLE OR NOT IN BEST PHYSICAL CONDITION? Don’t let this discourage you! Capoeira is for everyone!!! Young or old, short or tall, girl or boy! Of course, the more you train, the faster you will see results! We start by teaching you the basic movements and you take it from there. Q: I HAVE NEVER TAKEN ANY TYPE OF MARTIAL ART OR DANCE CLASS. CAN I STILL TRY CAPOEIRA? A: Capoeira does not require that you have prior experience on any type of physical activity! Q: WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? For your first class, comfortable workout wear is fine. Should you decide to sign-up, we have uniforms available for purchase. Any questions? Contact me via PM.
  3. Alex Capoeira

    Learn CAPOEIRA in Hangzhou

    Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Yes, we did have a class on April 4th (it was just 1 hour earlier). And also starting from April we moved to the bigger room, it's in the same building, but 21st floor (room 2101, take East Elevator). Hope to see you soon.
  4. Alex Capoeira

    Learn CAPOEIRA in Hangzhou

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Short message to tell the world, that we are back from Chinese New Year holidays to regular schedule. Tuesdays (open class/beginner group) - 8pm to 9:30pm Thursdays (intermediate group) - 8pm to 9:30pm Sundays (music class & roda) - 6pm to 8pm Venue: Guodu Commercial Building, room 2002. Fengqi rd. 361 (subway: Fengqi road, exit A1). 凤起路361号国都商务大厦2002室(地铁:凤起路A1出口)
  5. Alex Capoeira

    Learn CAPOEIRA in Hangzhou

    Join us for our open roda on December 25, 2016. All capoeiristas are welcome! If interested in just watching, feel free to swing by and learn what Capoeira is all about, and get informed on how you can join in on the fun and discipline of this martial art. See you there!
  6. Alex Capoeira

    Learn CAPOEIRA in Hangzhou

    Quick update: we are back from October holidays! Capoeira classes in Hangzhou as usual 3 times per week: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8pm to 9:30pm, Sundays 6:30pm to 8pm. Welcome to join us! First class is free of charge. Please let me know if you need more details.
  7. Alex Capoeira

    Learn CAPOEIRA in Hangzhou

    Don't forget. Capoeira class & roda tonight at Capoeira Mandinga Hangzhou from 6:30pm - 8pm. Everyone and all levels are welcome! Address: 凤起路和中山中路交叉口,国都商务大厦2002室 Fengqi rd and Zhongshang middle road, Guodushangwudasha 2002. Subway: 凤起路 Fengqi Road, exit А.
  8. Alex Capoeira

    Learn CAPOEIRA in Hangzhou

    Hey, Hangzhou people! During G20 holidays we are going to short break from September 2nd to 7th. Back to normal schedule by Sep. 8 (Thursday). Please mark your calendars. Thanks! Update (2016/09/08): capoeira classes in Hangzhou are back!
  9. Alex Capoeira

    Hangzhou Sept 2016

    Welcome to Hangzhou and our Expat community! Autumn is the best season in Hangzhou (September might be hot, but then it's getting much better). Also welcome to join our capoeira group, we have classes 3 times per week. It might be good & fun experience. BTW, we have another guy training with us, he is doing his PhD on "liquid mechanics" (?) something like this :)))
  10. Alex Capoeira

    Learn CAPOEIRA in Hangzhou

    Hey Hangzhou people! Quick update: In September we will start a new capoeira season in Hangzhou. This is the best time to try and start learning Afro-Brazilian martial art / dance / game - capoeira! We learn how to fight, dance, play instruments and sing. Welcome to join us in September. First class is free of charge. Please let me know if you need more details.
  11. Hello 
    Happy to meet you, my name is Miss Maris Allen, it is my pressure to meet you here  today through this site (meetup.com), i will like you to write to me so that i can be able to tell you more about me and the reason of my contact with you. here is my private email address, please write to me here so that i can tell you more anout me and also to send my picture  to you ( mariis_allen@yahoo.com )  thanks

    Yours Miss Maris Allen

  12. Alex Capoeira

    Learn CAPOEIRA in Hangzhou

    Hi Stela! You are welcome to try this. We have classes 3 times per week.
  13. Alex Capoeira

    Learn CAPOEIRA in Hangzhou

    Hello Hangzhou people, Brief reminder, that our summer capoeira group is now open and classes available for all levels. Welcome to join and try capoeira. Some recent pics.
  14. Alex Capoeira

    May 14 | Hangzhou | art.craft market and workshops

    Wow! Finally something is happening in Hangzhou. Hope to see more events like this and get to know artists and local artisans :)