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  1. The school should help you with that. Otherwise there are some agency which can help you.
  2. Hey if you like, have a look at the stammtisch post in "coming events". See ya Julia
  3. Dear both, please use my WeChat ID from my message before and contact me. You are welcome to join us. looking forward to meet you the next time!
  4. Dear all, Happy new year! it's again Stammtisch time. I would like to invite you to our international group. Join us, have a drink and get to know some people from Hangzhou. We meet this time in college bar (学院餐厅 (Yugu Road) 3 Lanjia Wan), Saturday (18.2.) at 7:30 pm. Lokking forward to meet you. If you have problems contact me (DieJurHz) regards Jules
  5. of course you can! Looking forward to meet you! (wrote you a PM)
  6. Dear all, New year and time for a new Stammtisch! We are now almost one 1 old and we have grown a lot. Next Stammtisch will be on 14th of January in Mojito Bar (Yuhu roead Lan jia Wan No.5 (Yuquan Hotel, diagonally opposite)) Time: 7:30pm Looking forward to meet you!
  7. Willkommen in Hangzhou! Stammtisch it is :-) Next one will be Saturday 14th January in Mojito Bar (Yuhu roead Lan jia Wan No.5 (Yuquan Hotel, diagonally opposite) Gruesse Jule
  8. I live in Binjiang, but the Stammtisch has never been in Binjiang. Write me PM i will keep you updated Next stammtisch will be on the 14th of January!
  9. Hehe Thanks Max :-) Yeah so Volkening, if you are interested let me know [please send me private message for my contact information] We will skip this months Stammtisch, duo to Christmas. But some of us are still around and will meet.
  10. Dear all, due to Christmas we will skip this months Stammtisch. But some of as are still here. So if you are interested in some activities you can contact me (WeChat ID: DieJurHz) Sea You soon :-)
  11. Hello all, its already Stammtisch time again. This time we will meet in an Indian restaurant to get Indian thanksgiving dinner. Afterwards we plan to go to KTV. So, come around, get a drink and delicious Indian food and talk to a bunch of international people. Address: Chak De Indian Cricket 202 Xinyifang Commercial Street 信义坊商街202号 we will meet at 7 pm. You can also contact me on wechat (DieJur) looking forward to meet you!
  12. You should join our "stammtisch" i told you :-P and go out of Binjiang ... so much more fun :-)
  13. Hey Justin welcome to Hangzhou. I am organizing what Germans call a "Stammtisch" every month. You can have a look in coming events. we are a bunch of international people. If you are interested let me know. best regards Julia :-)
  14. And here the address.
  15. Hello all, let me invite you for the next Stammtisch this Saturday, 29th of October. Get prepared since it is Halloween night Come around, get a beer and get to know some people from Hangzhou. we meet at 7:30pm at College Bar (20% till 8 pm) If you have problems to find it, please contact me on WeChat (WeChat-ID: DieJurHz) Looking forward to meet you!