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  1. georgio123


    hello, it is still available ?
  2. georgio123

    Meidu plaza apartment for leasing

    The apartment has no kitchen
  3. I have a apartment for leasing check my post
  4. This apartment is fully furnished with household electric appliances . Is is comfortable for single or couple to live . 38m2 with nice window view . It is on the 11 floor with elevator and it is in the building E . Rental fee is 2100rmb per month . For viewing the house , please pm me.
  5. georgio123

    New student at yuquan campus

    hi Anna , i am close to yuquan zhe da i like sports such as swimming and table tennis hiking . If you like such fun , add me my wechat id is 1564563453 . My name is Georgio
  6. Love sports and love dancing . Let us meet up I am on tian mu Shan road 山水人家 San shui ren jia .
  7. georgio123

    Swimming club

    The swimming pool is located on shu Guang road 曙光路 陈经纶体育学校
  8. georgio123

    Swimming club

    Hello everyone , Any who is interested in Swimming ,can join our swimming club, we have free training and practice every weeks in cheng jin lun sports school we also hold and organize swimming competition in full years around. Any one interested , please PM me georgio
  9. georgio123

    Table tennis, badminton or tennis

    i know some table tennis clubs
  10. georgio123

    table tennis fans

    hello everyone, Anyone who is interested in playing table tennis or good at playing table tennis , please contact me . we can practice together , I have been practicing table tennis for 2 years now together with one of the Coach from SI CHUAN province. I am a right handed player using penhold racket . [please send me private message for my contact information]
  11. I am 35 athletic looking hangzhou man,running successful business in the city with real estate . searching for a healthy interesting and frank foreign female to settle down in Hangzhou .Serious relationship ,soul mates. love sports ,reading ,movies. [please send me private message for contact information]
  12. Have you found your place of living ?You can tell me your budget , So I can help you for renting apartment ?

  13. georgio123

    A night of laughs!! Comedy night!

    I am interested . How to make payment ? by zhifubao OK?
  14. I got a spare de-humidifer.Price 600 RMB. I am living on Wen Er road.
  15. georgio123

    chinese cooking skills exchange western Cooking

    Any one interested for a beer party with BBQ by the nine creek