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  2. Hello Hangzhou folks, I am planning to travel to Laos, Cambodia, and some other countries in the region during Chinese New Year holiday. Is anybody making a plan to travel around the region during that time?
  3. bink2mee

    Cricket World Cup

    haha ... Michael Holding is my brother from another mother. Well, I was born in Nepal but lived in the U.S. for last 8 years before coming to Hangzhou this past October. So I kind of have that cricket blood inside me ... anyway, bad luck to your team this time ... don't worry even Proteas couldn't win either.
  4. bink2mee

    Cricket World Cup

    I think the last time Brett Lee hit Piers Morgan on the helmet. Next time if he is out with his gun in the field, the bowler's gonna get on Bulls eye (as Michael Holding like to say during commentary) :)
  5. bink2mee

    NCAA Tourney

  6. bink2mee

    Cricket World Cup

    Don't worry Slythe, you might still get chance to comment on this 4 years from now on when the tournament would be played on your backyard.
  7. bink2mee

    NCAA Tourney

    Yup, great game by them to defeat #1 ranked team in the East. Chris must be one happy man at the moment. They play against Louisville in sweet 16. Who knows !! another great performance from them !! Btw, I've got Louisville in the championship game so will see how they perform against this team. I feel like Gonzaga will reach final four. Also, what a heart-break for Rock Chalk Jay Hawk Kansas against the Wichita State.
  8. bink2mee

    NCAA Tourney

    Well played Wolfpacks :)
  9. bink2mee

    Cricket World Cup

    New Zealand this time.
  10. bink2mee

    NCAA Tourney

    Haha great video. Despite all these, the craziness, madness, the program would continue the same way it has been (without payment to students but schools and the television making millions and billions) because they will just follow the tradition annually. Anyway, my bracket is not screwed that much except for 3 teams (IA State, Baylor, & LSU) ...
  11. bink2mee

    NCAA Tourney

    I got Kansas, Louisville, Duke and Arizona in my final four ...but I wouldn't mind seeing Kentucky play instead of Kansas Also watch out for some upsets ...
  12. bink2mee

    NCAA Tourney

    Yea, this is the time of the year I get so pumped. (Spring break + March Madness ) What else do you need ? Ya Gonzaga are good team (haha I am Bulldogs too, but of a different university). Aah Wolfpack, they got a tough first game. I am graduate from IA, so I am pulling for the IA State Cyclones. They are the Big-12 champs this year and hope they will have a better season but I doubt their performances against UCLA in the 2nd round, and of course with Gonzaga if they win the first 2.
  13. bink2mee

    Hi everyone