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    Student residence permit short-term extension

    I mean I have an X1. The longer term one that turned into a residence permit.
  2. Hey guys! I have an X-2 student visa that expires on July 15th, and I would like to extend it for a mere (and inconvenient) 40 days. My school won't help me extend with me paying next year's tuition, which is something I would like to avoid. One solution seems to be to travel to Hong Kong and apply for a tourist visa there, but that is something I would like to avoid. Any one have any ideas or agents to help my extend or apply for a tourist visa within China? Much love, m
  3. thingtheories

    嘿嘿 - 24yo American gurl

    Oh no! Bummed I missed this. Are there going to be future photography meet-ups?
  4. thingtheories

    嘿嘿 - 24yo American gurl

    Hello everyone...this is my second first post on the forums now I that I have officially moved and am settled in my apartment and ready to start meeting people. I will be studying at CAA on Nanshan lu...looks like there are quite a few students here, but mostly from Zhejiang University, is that right? Anyway, I am really into art, running, playing outside, coffee, live music. I think I am going to check out some of the running groups, but if anyone wants to check out a museum or go exploring, I'm your girl! Also, anyone know of any open mics? Or anyone into photography? I shoot film and would love to maybe set up a darkroom if there was interest. Or go on photowalk if digital is your thing. Cheers, Megan
  5. Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I are migrating south at the end of August -- we can't wait! I will be studying at CAA, so any advice on where to apartment shop would be welcome. Thanks!