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  1. You think too much, I dropped out in the fourth degree in th university, now you happy?
  2. owlman

    Frida from Sweden

    what is trader of frozen?
  3. owlman

    Frida from Sweden

    Well, I'm in interested in investing. Why do you come to China?
  4. owlman

    What to do on Chinese New Year?

    If you have a good understanding of spoken chinese,you can watch Spring Festival Gala on TV,it don not cost any money.To solve your financial problems,you can use wechat ,it will have activities sending you some red packet or some coupon. And you can join some wechat group and get the red packet sharing in the group.If you are lucky enough,you will become rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. owlman

    Job seeking

    Where are you from?
  6. owlman

    Why do people eat watermelon?

    Well,it is just a difference bettewn areas.The food people eat always depends on what they have and the climate .For example,peolpe lives in wet and cold places such as sichuan always eat spicy food in order to keep warm.Watermelon is considered to have the ability to clear away summer- heat,and it is easy for chinese to plant. if you can not get used to the watermelon,just give it up.
  7. owlman


  8. I heared from colleagues, there is a foreign teacher, has a part-time job as a singer in SharesBar, do you know his name?
  9. owlman

    Chinese help in Xiaoshan?

    I like American comedy show, but due to the difference of the culture, sometimes I just can't s understand why the audiences laugh. I learn English by myself throught the Internet, cos I read some books about lingustic. Do you have a WeChat number, I perfer to send you a voice message,my spoken English is better than my writting.
  10. owlman


    Could you tell me some details about you, what is your level, are you a student?
  11. owlman

    HZ is a romantic place

    Pee in the street.
  12. owlman