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  1. ruebenmarley

    Guess which mobile phone manufacturer Google just bought?

    Wow, long time no see, wittyname... but that N8 you're singing the praises of is nothing compared to the NOKIA E63 I've been using for the last 2 years! I still haven't even bothered to launch 70% of it's apps or functions, and it still texts, calls, and plays music just fine! Super-phones, schmuper-phones...
  2. ruebenmarley

    Today's WTF Moment

    WTF? How about this--> go ahead and Google "ignore Ron Paul" and see what's fundamentally wrong with the USA right now...
  3. ruebenmarley

    Trivia Night @ The Vineyard -Thurs 1st September

    Give your jaws a workout, as well as your brain! For those who have sampled the goods at the Vineyard, and for the noobs too: I've got an honest-to-goodness authentic NY Style Pizza recipe that has been getting rave reviews from those who've tried it... goes great with a cold beer... and you've got yourself a party, ladies and gents! See ya there!
  4. ruebenmarley

    My Kingdom for a potato masher...

    Dude, I have a potato ricer at the Vineyard that you are welcome to borrow any time!
  5. ruebenmarley

    How to solve Hangzhou's taxi debacle

    I've been in more than a few situations where the black taxis came to my aid, while the regular taxis sped away with their shift-change signs up.
  6. ruebenmarley

    Live sports @ Vineyard

    I caught some of the match on the big screen last night, and it was pretty clear, and streamed well. Methinks a pitcher of beer and one of my newly-introduced NY style pizzas will go well with all of the sports madness!
  7. ruebenmarley

    shopping mall

    This might help, if you're looking for stuff to eat in Binjiang--> http://goo.gl/i7vD7
  8. ruebenmarley

    "World of Warcraft" Theme Park

    I hear it's a great place to meet 30+ year-old male virgins.
  9. ruebenmarley

    Why Hangzhou? 27 yo male US citizen

    I've noticed the downturn here on hzexpat, too. For that reason, I've been spending a lot more time working on making videos and other stuff... instead of killing time on this forum.
  10. ruebenmarley

    Today's WTF Moment

    Even Ron Paul can't save the USA at this point... that is if he survives the nomination and electoral process. Now there's a guy with rifle scopes trained on him at all times, from all sides representing corporate and government special interests!
  11. ruebenmarley

    2 Days Bike Trip to LinJiaTang

    If Jake pedals, I'll sit on the handlebars! And I'll be sure to drink a bunch of beer, and eat a huge amount of cabbage before the ride...
  12. ruebenmarley

    JOKES for the HZ Expat

    Fortune cookie says: Man who run in front of car get tired, but man who run behind car get exhausted.
  13. ruebenmarley

    chinese kongfu

    I love that answer, Jerry! Only in China would you hear that one!
  14. ruebenmarley

    learn to be a bartender(adjust the liquor)

    I've been in the business a long time, and I can tell you that the best way to become a bartender is to be a waiter first. If you can handle that job, then it will be easier to prove to the boss that you can handle the responsibility of pouring expensive drinks and dealing with crazy customers.
  15. ruebenmarley

    [SELL] Pure Edible Bird's Nest

    I have some magic dog poop for sale, if anyone wants whiter skin, bigger eyes, a higher nose, and more "vigor" in general. It's only 8,888RMB per half-kilo! Call me now, before it gets scooped up by the groundskeeper!