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  1. One chain training center in Haining,ZheJiang province is looking for native English teachers to start asap. Students'age: 2-8years old Work hours:20 teaching hours/week,no more than 20 office hours/week 2days off from Mon to Fri. Salary and benefits: 15K+free recommandation Airfare after one year contract Requirements: 1.Native English speakers from USA,UK,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Ireland,South Africa 2.Bachelor degree or above with at least 1-2years teaching experience, working visa required. 3.TESOL or TEFL certificate preferable. 4.Good image, presentation and attitude. 5. Active in class If you are interested in, Email your CV with a photo to [please send me private message for my contact information]
  2. There is a Summer Camp in JiaShan, ZheJiang Province, they need 2English native Teachers. Time:12th August -25th August, teach 4-5classes per day,each class 45mins. less than 20kids in one class. Kids are teenagers. Pay is 8000RMB plus housing and food. If anyone is interested in, pm me. Tks!
  3. There is a private language school in Haining(around 45mins by train from Hangzhou) is looking for two english native teachers for teaching the summer campus. The students are around 3-8years old,12kids a class,teach phonics. 8hrs teaching per week,2days off on weekdays per week, work from July-August.The pay is 180RMB/hr,provide free accommodation. If anyone is interested in,[please send me private message for my contact inoformation]. Tks a lot.
  4. The Irresistible Yanguan(盐官) Scenic Spot It is integrated with natural spectacle and humanistc resources. It stands out as the “Most Attractive Place in China” by APTA in 2006. It has 5 national key cultural heritage reserves, like Old House of Prime Minister Chen in Feudal China which holds the birth secret of Qianlong Emperor, Sea Hieron Temple, Prime Minister Flavour Street which is also called“Forbidden City in Jiangnan",and other two exciting places.Travelling around Yanguan, you may feel like walking through thousands of years, with your eyes filled with wonderful scenes. It also has modern places, like “Angry Birds” Activity Park, 4D innervations cinema and trailers camping base, etc. Wondrous Spectacle “Haining Tidal Waves” in Yanguan Haining Tidal Waves came into being because of the gravity from sun and moon to the Earth as well as the special bell-like shape of Hangzhou Bay. It has 120days of high level water, which means that you could watch the tidal waves, not just on August according in lunar calendar which is the peak season for it. CCTV has been broadcasting the Haining Tidal Waves for consecutive years during the Tide festivals. Millions of tourists from China and abroad come here to see the scene. It's to die for. We shall organise a One-Day Trip to visit Yanguan ancient town and see the Tidal Waves on 4th Oct. If you wanna join in,[please send me private message for my contact information]
  5. I am looking for an American/ British English tutor to teach a 4years old boy some basic English in Zhao Hui rd, Xia Cheng District. Tutoring once a week, each time one hour, the pay is 150RMB/HR. If any of U are interested in, send me your CV with a photo to maggie8013@163.com.
  6. I am looking for a female native English tutor in Hangzhou to teach a 5years' old girl. The tutor must come from UK or USA, and she could speak some Chinese with teaching English experience. The tutoring place will be at the little girl's home, which is in Hu Shu Nan Road cross Wen er road area. The tutoring will be need 2times per week, each time one hour in the evening. The pay is 150RMB/HR. If any of you are interested in, send me your CV with a photo to maggie8013@163.com.
  7. I am looking for an English native speaker who is from USA or England ,who taught california treasure program before to teach a kid for long term in Hangzhou. If you are interested, email me to maggie8013@163.com with your CV and a photo of you. Thanks!
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    Do you have an email address to contact?
  9. Bonjour! Ca va? One of My friends in HZ is looking for a private French Tutor to teach her 3 and half years' old little daughter French once one hour per week. The French Teacher must come from France. And He/She needs to go to teach at her home which is in Chao Hui Road, Xia Cheng District. The Price is 150RMB/HR If you are interested in, send me your CV with a photo of you to maggie8013@163.com Merci! Abientot!
  10. A private school in Haining need an English native speaker to teach summer campus! They offer about 5000RMB/month+ free accommodation, teach 18classes-20classes/week, 50mins/class, 1day off each week. The job will be start early July, finish the end of August. If you are interested in, send me your CV with a photo to maggie8013@163.com
  11. Hey Everyone! My friend's school is looking for an English native speaker to teach summer campus in Haining (abt haining: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haining_City ). It will start July 8th,end up in the end of August. Food and living are provided. About the pay we could talk by private. If anyone is interested in, drop me a line :maggie8013@163.com.
  12. Hello Everyone My friend Andrea is looking for a Chinese girl who could speak some English to join in a TV-series tomorrow( Nov.22nd)in Hangzhou. She will be acting as a translator in the TV-series. The acting is just tomorrow. The pay is 300RMB. If anyone is interested in,could reach him by 15067171105.
  13. maggie8013

    Armin Van Buuren

    I stop by SOS around 2:30am today for Armin, not many people there, i shocked. As last year he were djing in G+, too many foreigners, too crowed!!! I hear DJ Paul Van Dyk