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  1. The Raddish

    Where, oh where have you been??

    Hey Everyone, How's everything? I noticed some new home page changes... huh. Any big changes in HZ? Still having site troubles huh? I'm in the Ohio right now and decided to drop by and see how everyone was.
  2. The Raddish

    What Forum Skin Do You Prefer?

    I can't reset the poll without restarting the thread. Oh well...
  3. The Raddish

    What Forum Skin Do You Prefer?

    Default Skin: Classic Skin: Dark Skin:
  4. What do you think of the new forum skin? There also is a Dark skin that is a black based one. Post your thoughts. The Raddish2009-06-30 12:11:16
  5. The Raddish

    Spamming is not permitted??? Who's spamming!!!???

    Currently, you can post 5 posts in 2 min. If you exceed this amount then the forum will block you from posting more until a specific amount of time is up. Yes, I apoligise for the buggy website over the past few days. I'm not sure quite what happened either.
  6. The Raddish

    Who wants to be a MOD?

    And Your Second MOD: Guido Sarducci! Hint: Someone who is a regular but started a new acct to remain anonymous.
  7. The Raddish

    Who wants to be a MOD?

    Oh well I tried
  8. The Raddish

    Google is blocked

    Great, now my internet is totally blocked with the exceptions of Google and all it's services and HZ Expat.
  9. The Raddish

    Burger King hits Hangzhou

    Went by today and they were handing out menus and the place looked ready but the guy said they would be opening in a matter of days.
  10. The Raddish

    Who wants to be a MOD?

    Give a warm welcome to your newest mod! The Allergen! (Do I get a few free beef and onion pies as my going away gift?)
  11. The Raddish

    Who wants to be a MOD?

    Well, the mod would basically be tasked with keeping a relative peace and flow to the forums. Examples include: Deleting all spam and trash that gets posted (Wouldn't want the board to turn into a repeat of the MORE forums) Punishing those who overstep the boundaries. Essentially, keeping things in check... If no one is chosen then I guess Pipi will have to choose someone. As for who should be a mod I think that we should have a new pair of them, as this board has grown a lot since I first started. One expat and one local would be nice to keep things in check. Ying and Yang.
  12. The Raddish

    Google is blocked

    Back for me!
  13. The Raddish

    Google is blocked

  14. The Raddish

    Who wants to be a MOD?

    Well then you all better find one soon. I'm almost outta here... The Raddish2009-06-24 20:50:19