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  1. Hello! I am a very newbie of Hangzhou, just moved. My name is Gevalin, I am from Bangkok and now live here in China. Are you still interested to learn Thai? I was an ESL teacher before but as a non- native teacher here,now I am just a house wife. It would be cool if i can teach my language to people who want to learn it.



  2. LF_Aristotle69_

    Ultimate Frisbee in Hangzhou for fun and exercise

    Hi Frisbee Funsters! We've had more good Ultimate practice and play since I was last online here. Wednesdays at ZheDa YuQuan have been pretty well attended, with between 8-12 people coming along for some mid-week Ultimate practice. Then, Sundays at ChenJingLun Sports School have been well attended with 12 - 20 people even on the days when there was a bit of rain around. There's a special Saturday practice session today from 2 - 5/6pm at the XiaSha campus of ZJ LiGong University (浙江理工大学). See details here: http://groupspaces.c...ate/item/299513 Should be perfect weather tomorrow (Sun, 27 May)!!! So, join us from 1-5/6pm @ChenJingLun Sports School. See our website for details: http://groupspaces.c...ate/item/299527 However, next week will be pretty wet, so all the rain wimps (you know who you are! <_<) had better get out there tomorrow (Sun, 27 May) to take advantage of the last sunshine for quite a while. Next week we'll have practice on Wednesday, 30 May (3-6pm) @ZheDa YuQuan. Next Sunday, 3 June (1-5/6pm) @ChenJingLun Sports School. Sunday afternoons are our main regular weekly practice and play sessions. Come and join the fun!!! The time may move later once the weather heats up. The following week we'll have practice on Wednesday, 6 June (2-6pm) @ZheDa YuQuan. After this, we might stop Wednesday practices during the university holidays. Stay tuned to our HUPA website for any updates. Then we have the big tournament in Shanghai from 9-10 June (Sat & Sun). So, there will (probably) not be a Sunday practice on that weekend. There should be a whole bunch of the best teams from China, and even Asia there, so it should be a great spectacle. If you want to join us, please get in touch quickly. We'll be hiring a private team bus and leaving at 7pm on Friday. We have a very strong Hangzhou A Team, with a real chance of advancing quite far. We're also still hopeful of sending a full Hangzhou B Team, but if we don't get the numbers in the next couple of days, then we'll aim to join with another club to make a composite team, rather than be the bench warmers of the A Team. ;) Disc in!!! LFA
  3. Greetings Appreciators of the Arts, This week on Wednesday evening (23 May) from 8.30pm, Shadrach Burton will be holding his first solo art show in almost 6 years. It is titled They are watching you!, and "it draws inspiration from the concept of the 'eyes everywhere' world which we live in today". Shadrach comes from the Carribean island of Dominica and has been living in Hnagzhou for a few years. See his website here: http://www.shadrachburton.com/my-portfolio/ Vineyard (173 YuGu Road) will be the host venue. It's on the ground floor of ZhongTian Tower just to the N-W of the Yellow Dragon Stadium. See you there! LFA
  4. LF_Aristotle69_

    Boogie Boy China Tour (Special Guest N8N)

    Sounds like it will be a fun show! The price is pretty high, and 9 Club has expensive drinks, but I know some of the Hangzhou TED Talks discussion group are planning to go, and I'll probably join them. Is there a free, or discount drink, included with the ticket price? I know some past shows at 9 Club have at least offered that even with just a 50rmb ticket price. Boogie Woogie Oogie!!! LFA
  5. LF_Aristotle69_

    Need some info about Poker Night at Vineyard

    A Google search of "hangzhou vineyard address" will do the trick, map and all!!! We had 9 along, plus a couple of re-buy-ins as well, including a couple of new faces, for a good game last night. See you there! LFA
  6. LF_Aristotle69_

    Chicken Pie

    Good tip Spiderspider. I might give them a try. Are there other flavours? You might also like to try these "Chinese Pies" (RouJiaMo) which should be available from CenturyMart and Auchan, and probably other places too. http://www.hangzhoue...__1#entry140112 There are 6 - 8 flavours, and they cost about half of the ones you mentioned by weight. i.e. 840g for 25-32rmb (last time I checked a few months ago). I've seen the same type of thing made fresh in a small restaurant on ZheDa Road just 50m from the ZheDa YuQuan main gate. LFA PS. On the TaoBao page there's also a link to a "Poached Pear Pie". If they could do the meat pies in the same shape crust it would be even better!! Poached Pear Pie: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=12484003141&
  7. LF_Aristotle69_

    Champions League Final

    Hey Aled, Good to see you at Reggae Bar on Sunday AM for the final. Great result!!!! Way to go Chelsea!!! ;) Reggae was packed to the rafters with football fans making for a great atmosphere. Bayern Munich were pretty dominant for the majority of the game, but couldn't do enough to knock Chelsea out and then Chelsea got the equaliser in the dying minutes of regular time. Great night! Well done Reggae Bar!!! When's/'re the next big game/s? LFA
  8. LF_Aristotle69_

    MLB..all summer long...............

    Hi Chrsffr, See my reply to your post on the other thread. Cheers, LFA
  9. LF_Aristotle69_

    Baseball & Softball

    I enjoy playing baseball. It's not a big sport in Australia though. I played 2 seasons for a club in the Brisbane city league in the early 90s. As to watching it, if it fits in with their opening hours (10.30am to 12 or 1am), then I'm pretty sure that Vineyard could show MLB games, or possibly replays instead if that suited your viewing time better. In Hangzhou I understand that at least 1 university in Hangzhou, ZheJiang University, has a representative team... and you may be able to join their practice sessions...? Chinajunk may know more about that point. Search his past posts here on HZE... Another idea could be to switch to the venerable sport of cricket!!! Last summer/autumn I think a lot of the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi engineers down in BinJiang got together for some cricket at the Hangzhou International School... but, I haven't heard anything about that for a while. 20/20, a new form of cricket, is virtually like baseball anyway... Good luck, LFA PS. I agree with Iggie. Hangzhou is relatively gifted when it comes to public parks, but still suffers from the general Chinese malaise of local/city governments not providing any real community play grounds or sports fields. Certainly not as we know them from back home.
  10. LF_Aristotle69_


    Hi Jennifer, Are you going to be working in the east, west or central part of XiaoShan? It's a very wide area east to west. You're only moving once, I think you can handle the bags... Get some strong rope and tie a few of them together by the handles and put the rope over your shoulder so your hands don't get tired. Do your move at a time when the subways and trains will be less crowded. Re: Hangzhou location. I love living near to the Yellow Dragon Stadium (west or S-W of it, near ZheDa YuQuan campus), lots of bars, and quite a few restaurants are nearby, plus good bus routes, and it's a short walk or cycle into Hangzhou's green western hills, but I can't see it being a suitable area for you. I'm sharing a 3 bdrm place with 1 other person for less than 3K rmb/mth and have rented 2 bdrm places in the area for 4K rmb/mth or less in past years on 12 mth rental contracts. Depending on which part of XiaoShan you're working in, and your transport budget and schedule (remember it's murder getting a taxi in Hangzhou between 4 and 5pm... when the drivers change shift), the southern side of West Lake (north of the river) may be feasible. i.e. near WuShan Square, or over near the eastern bridges across the river. However, BinJiang, in or near Rainbow City (彩虹成 CaiHong Cheng), still seems your best bet. South of the river, rents are usually 1/3 to 1/2 lower than central Hangzhou for comparable apartments, but some estates are priced higher down there too. Good luck, LFA
  11. The problem is that in China they actually search through your stuff quite carefully before letting you seal the box or bag... They don't like letters being sent within other letter or parcels. i.e. you have to buy more stamps and send them separately, even if they're going to the same location... Insane! Of course it's easy to hide a page or two within other things, but if you have it in an envelope it's harder to get away with. LFA
  12. LF_Aristotle69_

    paint shop

    Hi San, The one I remember exactly was in BinJiang around the corner towards the river from Rainbow City Apartments. I don't know if they "have skills" though... LFA
  13. LF_Aristotle69_


    Great. See you there then! LFA
  14. LF_Aristotle69_


    Hi Justxia. How would tomorrow (Tuesday, 22 May) after lunch, perhaps from from 2 -3pm or 3 -4pm, work for you? My sprained ankle is almost back to normal. Cheers, LFA
  15. LF_Aristotle69_

    Who's up for some drinks tonight?

    Good to hear guys! For me the night will end up at Reggae Bar by about midnight to see the band, play some pool, and then watch Chelsea kick Bayern Munich's butt in the EUFA Champion's League final 1st leg!!! See the Sports Talk Forum UEFA Final thread for details... See you guys at Maya Bar tomorrow night for drinks! LFA