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  1. Halloween Costumes

    For Halloween I was once William Wallace, a gay basketball player, a cheerleader, a soldier, the guy who made the cubs lose in the NL championship.
  2. Designer Rip-Off Markets

    Lighten up folks.
  3. You know you've been in China too long when... - your knuckles no longer turn white while riding in a taxi.
  4. New to Hangzhou

    I'd want to pay about 10RMB/hour for the cleaning lady.
  5. New to Hangzhou

    Gongbao Jiding with rice and a coke...that's what i had for dinner tonight!
  6. New to Hangzhou

    Thanks Pipi!
  7. Member Pictures Posted Here

    I think that's stopbush*tting's way of saying: Wanna f**k?
  8. New to Hangzhou

    Hello Expats! My name is Mike, I'm a 24 year old