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  1. machado

    Converstaion Picked Up from Nightlife

    cool thanks for the recommendation
  2. machado

    Where 'Dem Nerds At?

    lol. totally works. theyve been selling these since 07!
  3. machado

    Where 'Dem Nerds At?

    lol. totally works. theyve been selling these since 07!
  4. machado

    Where 'Dem Nerds At?

    youd be in if it were a mineral oil cooled pc http://www.pugetsystems.com/submerged.php
  5. machado

    Demo Class Issue

    do you teach english, slythe?
  6. machado

    How would you have deal with this?

    Doesn't matter what an 85 year old dude says, you can't just punch old people in the face. Hats off, sir. It's better to get into trouble doing the right thing than to feel bad about not doing it later.
  7. Massiv, I guess a clearer version of my request would be just for some people to post some of their favorite European artists. I'm admittedly lazy when it comes to classifying music. Anything that has frequency domain manipulation in it I tend to call dub, but I know that's usually a miscalssification... It's strange when people say things "dubstep used to be good..." because to me the stuff from a few years ago was fad-ish and simple. Today artists like the ones I mentioned are really creating new sounds that cannot be replicated with non-electronic instruments and using them as custom made instruments in arrangements that aren't really dub or trance or house or anything. Like Knife Party's hugely popular song Bonfire (it was even used, poorly in my opinion, in a Breaking Bad episode) is a mash up of several genres most notable reggae and dub.
  8. I'm asking a question in a new topic in Arts & Culture as I'm no longer really talking about Nightlife...
  9. machado

    Where 'Dem Nerds At?

    Where's all of the scientists and engineers. I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of english teachers... Nerd-off starts now! Here're my entries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeOUR3PjMhw&list=UUEbCU46OM7gC1t2_rBXpqZg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWgt3R8p-WQ&list=UUEbCU46OM7gC1t2_rBXpqZg
  10. machado

    Looking for guitar buddy/ drummer

    This posts reminds me of my unsuccessful pre-hangzhouexpat.com-discovery attempt to find a place to practice guitar. noname, if you or anybody else reading this would lend me some guitar time to practice I'd appreciate it. I'm not in China long enough per trip to buy guitars each time I come and I don't want to check one on the plane...
  11. machado

    looking for a NON-traditional chinese girl

    Yeah, I get your point. Your trying to say that just because westerners are slower to propose marriage doesn't mean that we don't take it seriously. The way you said it was pretty rough though. I think that the idea that the west has established a moral high ground on the concept of marriage is dubious. Divorce rates are higher in the western world than anywhere else. ...but that pre-supposes divorce is by definition bad. Really, divorce is an indicator of the importance a society places on individual liberty. In societies that hold the individual above the social group (family, clan, party... whatever) divorce is more common because it is an act asserting the will of the individuals involved over the well being of the social institution (marriage) they find themselves in. If China has skyrocketing divorce rates, that is a good thing for individual Chinese people because it means that they, or at least the next generation, can expect an increasing importance being placed on their rights as collectively the societies membership asserts their own liberties and breaks previous social norms. For every winner there is a looser and so with rising divorce come the social problems we in the west are familiar with (an increase in childhood poverty, lower average incomes for women (due to single mothers lack of options pulling down the average for all women), overly dynamic family arrangements, an increase in legal involvement in family affairs, etc.) Plus, give a break to all the Chinese ladies. Of course they want to get married quick. Over here there is this notion (rightly or wrongly held) that the value of women over 30 as potential mates/partners decreases not just exponentially, but factorial-ly. That combined with the poor prospects of not just single women, but single people in general in China places, in my mind, adequate pressure on Chinese women to be justified in their insistence on some sort of security in their relationships.
  12. Let me start this by emphasising no offense to anybody. I'm from Detroit, Michigan in the U.S. and to me European electronic music is really stuck in '80's. I know this is because I'm not part of that scene so I 1) don't know a lot about the nuances and 2) don't have a broad vocabulary of artists. I hate to say it but I think the future of electronic music is in the artists that are really using the power of frequency manipulation (i.e. auto-tune). Dubstep is getting crazy good... Thinking back to Clint Mansell's Pi soundtrack (I know he's from the U.K. but I never really think of the U.K. as being a European country just like I never think of Japan as being an Asian country) all the way up until now with producers like Seven Lions (U.S.) and Knife Party (Australia), that sub-genre really seems to be hitting its stride. Is there anything like that going on in the Continent? That question is sort of rhetorical, isn't it... I should ask who is doing this sort of thing in Europe?
  13. machado

    Why do people wait to go out to drink so late?

    Ah, I see. It's a family matter...