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    Arriving 13th September

    Thanks! I live about halfway between Cambridge and London but work in London (as it's impossible to get a job outside London if you live anywhere near it). I'm arriving in Hangzhou on the 13th. Also, another question - How do I get prescription medicine in China? My insurance is covered but I need something in order to get by - will it just be easier to have it posted across from the UK?
  2. Dominic_sto

    Arriving 13th September

    Hello! I am a 22-year-old Brit who is arriving in Hangzhou on 12 September on a scholarship to spend two semesters learning Mandarin at Zhejiang Gongshang University in Xiasha. I'm keen to try new things and meet new people so am open to social suggestions - sports, choirs, book clubs... I've also got some pragmatic questions: 1) How difficult is it to set up a bank account in China, and what would you recommend? 2) How much is a phone contract, and what would you recommend? 3) Despite being based in Xiasha I have to attend a two-day meeting by the West Lake a couple of weeks after arriving. How long would it take to make that journey, and how is best to go about it? I have a lot of questions (but then again I suppose most people do) so if anybody is willing to support me whilst I settle I would be very grateful! I'd be really keen to engage with the expat community in Hangzhou and learn from your collective wisdom. Who knows - if it all goes smoothly I may stick around for longer than a year! Thanks