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  1. You don't always need a degree to get a work permit. For non-teaching jobs then at least some college education and experience count. I've only got an HNC in Engineering but a lot of experience. Did they tell you a lack of degree was the problem?
  2. Really sorry to hear that.
  3. Wasn't aware China had banned foreign coaches. Loads of the Chinese Premier League football clubs are managed / coached by foreigners. They do have the occasional crackdown on golf courses as a lot were built illegally in collusion with local officials. You say on your first post the company are going to reapply. Are they going to state your role is something else?
  4. Then email them your resume as stated on the advert instead of commenting here.
  5. A few more details would help! 1) what is the job? Coach of what? 2) what qualifications/experience do you have? 3) what's the type of company that wants to employ you and can they employ foreigners?
  6. Nice of you to reply, thanks. Maybe you could look on this as an opportunity not just to teach the kids English but also about different people's? Though you'd need to start with their parents first...
  7. Try reading the advert says "Message me for more information ..."
  8. I hope you're white enough for this racist employer!
  9. Will you have any sort of visa in your passport when you fly? If not you won't get in the country!
  10. If you're British and getting married in China you don't need anything notarizing. The British consulates issue bilingual certificates of no impediment that are accepted by Chinese wedding offices For passport translation that can be done by a Chinese translator/notary office at least both the above were true when I got married in Nanchang in 2014
  11. First thing you need is a certificate of no impediment (proves you're single). You're home country consulate should be able to provide this. It needs translating/notarizing at a notary office if not issued in Chinese (British consulates issue bilingual ones from my experience) Then you might need your passports translating (depends on office, I had to do this in Nanchang, Jiangxi) Marriage office is top one listed here: This tells you what you need to do in Shanghai Hangzhou will be the same:
  12. Why? Do you think non-white teachers will scare the kids????
  13. You're welcome! Good luck finding a teaching job but I hope you realise you'll always be working illegally.
  14. Because your post and title makes no sense!