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  1. You could also try but the forums there now seem to be a shitfest of arguing cliques & trolls
  2. @NewTeacherOnTheBlock I'd agree with Fionn that users here won't be able to advise much. Though I'd doubt your school could help. What sort of "construction" is he into? A general builder/tradesman is not going to get a work permit. China has millions working in construction. If he worked at a higher level then hi might have a chance but I've never come across anyone yet working in construction
  3. They don't need the original for the first part of the work permit authorisation. They only need it after you arrive in China. Scans are good enough for the first phase.
  4. We all know you're special...
  5. Come on mods! Breakfast time and spammers to ban! I've had 15+ spam comments on my profile this morning, others must have had the same. Bloody bots!

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  7. Люблю по утрам запах напалма (с)

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      Люблю по утрам запах напалма (с)

  8. Это ошибка - медлить с некоторыми вещами, и дьявол подгоняет нас другими. Джалал ад-дин Руми

  9. - заказать манипулятор

  10. Шатры Пагода Арочные шатры аренда тентов и шатров