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  1. hotwater

    Student visa - leaving before semester ends

    If they’re leaving early does it mafter?
  2. hotwater

    Student visa - leaving before semester ends

    Just leave China. There’s nothing the school can do to make you finish the semester Only issue could be if you owe them some course fees.
  3. hotwater

    Q1 Visa & Social Security

    Seems your reading comprehension isn’t very good mate... OP states “Does anyone know how this will affected my access to medical care, etc? I'm assuming I'll need to take out some form of private insurance -does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!” so giving up god Z-visa affecting medical care? Strongly suggests he loses his employer sponsored medical insurance which is why he assumes he’ll have to take out some form of private insurance. You see medical insurance isn’t needed to get a z-visa bid employers are supposed to provide if.
  4. hotwater

    Q1 Visa & Social Security

    There’s no legal need for medical insurance but you’ve got to balance the risks of having a serious medical condition & having to pay for it yourself. Small example, & not that expensive, but I’ve just had cataract surgery in one eye. It was needed as that eye was blurred & was affecting my daily life. Total cost was 10,000 RMB (cheap by Western standards). It was covered by my insurance. Get in a serious accident that requires major surgery & hospitalization? How much will that cost you?
  5. Reading your post, San5324 comments and your reply you need to be really concerned about how your partner will follow you here, not about food, etc. 1) You’re not married so he can’t get a spouse visa. 2) He’s Nigerian so getting any visas (tourist or business) is more difficult. 3) He is not going to be able to get a legal Wnglish teaching job. They generally only give work permits to what the Chinese government class as English speaking countries. 4)He’s going to have to find a job with s company that can sponsor a Z-visa/work permit for him. I can’t reallt see a company taking on a foreign HR manager but good luck in the search.
  6. If there are already 6 other foreign teachers there you should ask for their contact details to ask them about the school & working conditions. Any decent school wouldn’t have a problem with this.
  7. hotwater

    Haida education

    There an educotar!
  8. hotwater

    Getting a work permit

    No worries, I’m not easily offended. I also can’t type! “Active” speakers? :-)
  9. hotwater

    Getting a work permit

    “Actually...” makes you come across as an arrogant ass... http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/977923.shtml no, it’s not a government website but a government mouthpiece. I know of people who haven’t had their work permit renewed due to not being classed as active speakers. You asked what your chances are. I suggested it’s difficult (if not impossible). Why would you ask if you weren’t sure? go for it...good luck.
  10. hotwater

    Getting a work permit

    Problem now, as I mentioned, is that they’ve recently (last year or two) tightened up the system to the point where they say you can only teach English as a native speaker or if your degree is from a native speaking country (& I’m not even sure that is still allowed). So unfortunately even with all your experience you probably won’t get a work permit anymore.
  11. hotwater

    Getting a work permit

    Difficult! They’ve tightened up the rules in the last year and it’s extremely difficult (if not impossible) to get a work permit for teaching English as a non-native speaker (you didn’t say what you taught before so I’ve assumed!) you our might be better asking on a Shanghai forum as they’ll know the situation better.
  12. hotwater

    Registering a business

    You’ll need to register a WFOE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) unless you start a Joint Venture with a Chinese citizen. Seriously you should use a Chinese lawyer to do this. Cost will be in the region of 15-20,000 RMB setup costs plus initial investment (which doesn’t need to be paid in initially). Lawyers dealing with with these types of companies can also deal with your accounting & tax issues.
  13. Haha, “Biker chick” in British English is a chick who rides motorbikes! bicycles are EVERYWHERE! Can you rent one easily? Google “China bike share”, Mobike, Ofo, etc. though they are poor quality single gear city bikes. If if you want to rent a good bike then I’m sure there are places. Most scenic spots have bikes to rent if varying qualities up to good mountain bikes.
  14. You won’t be able to rent a motorbike legally. China doesn’t recognize non-Chinese driving licenses. You’ve also got the issue of Chinese drivers to deal with driving standards here are generally bad. For Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants I’d read the Happy Cow website can be helpful for finding listings.
  15. hotwater

    Business visa to china

    As Bluepasta suggests, a business visa won’t allow you to live anywhere in China without doing regular visa runs. Entries are generally limited to 30 or 60 days. Meaning you’ve got to leave China every 30 or 60 days to restart the clock. How are you going to manage that from Hangzhou?