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  1. Hi how are u dear please i want to have a private talk with you but i`m not often here contact me to my email is important(

  2. chinese

    Hey, thanks for checking the site out. Care to introduce yourself a bit more? What sort of interests do you have? Ever been abroad?
  3. it's pretty dead, yeah... but you're welcome to post something up if you feel like contributing, then maybe folks will respond - like they just have to you on this thread
  4. Maybe if the West Lake seems too obvious, go check out Gong Chen Qiao 拱宸桥 (an old imperial bridge) along the Grand Canal. It's up in Gongshu district. Lots of lights along the canal-side paths. By the bridge are coffee shops and restaurants in old style buildings. Have a look. :)
  5. It's all good, guys. Maybe some fresh answers are called for - Binjiang seems pretty cool. Lots of new places opening up there. And if you're close to the metro line (especially line 1), then you're a quick ride away from a lot of other cool parts of the city. I like how the streets don't feel so packed in when riding bikes in Binjiang as well. Someone pointed out to me how there tends to be a lot more standard Mandarin being spoken in Binjiang because of all the companies there, many of them foreign. The older districts often have thick local accents, and use their own dialects more often. Only 15 hours of teaching? Cool, although I wouldn't be surprised if it gets stretch to 20 somehow. Come ready with lots of easy games in mind.
  6. I think a handful of lively characters moved on, including yourself... but I'll give you a shout the next time I see you walking that giant lion-dog on Jin Hua. (edit: that was directed at Slythe) I've personally used it less and less as well, but I'll be the first to admit I'm a boring poster. The few topics I've created went quiet in a hurry. Otherwise, I don't mind some controversial topics, but the bigotry could be over the top from some people. When I first got here, I felt a lot more isolated from other foreigners, as I spent more free time around Chinese locals. I went to way less foreign styled bars too. That said, it's still a useful site.
  7. Pretty good blend of Mandarin and dialect(s). The local accent also influences their Mandarin - for example, they often make four sound like ten, so you see a lot hand gestures clarifying that one. There is rarely any 儿化音, so things don't end in "arrr" like they do in northern places. It's the same dialogue over and over, but talking to cab drivers can be interesting nonetheless, as they tend to come from other provinces. Construction workers seem to typically hail from the interior provinces, so if you have a route where you see them coming and going from their job site, it's another view into the socio-economic fabric as well the linguistic variations. Good luck and enjoy!
  8. Thank you! I read it. I actually brought my original degree along with me this time, as things just keep changing. But of course a notarized copy would be ideal. I think like Mr. Zheng, I might try to do the same when I go home in January. That said, it's a slow process.
  9. New face

    The proof lies 45 mins south, in Bellingham, WA! Among others, Boundary Bay is pretty good! Ha, but that's all in fun. Frankly, Vancouver's so expensive I rarely go to breweries when I'm there. Great city, however! And we always had Kokanee in the 'fridge, I recall. Welcome back to Hangzhou, Mark :)
  10. Very interesting Nick, hope you get here smoothy. As a PhD holder you could probably land a sweet teaching gig here! The Terracotta Soldiers were something I checked off the list... but the living army of tourists pushing into that main pit is a marvel (euphemism) of its own! Hopefully you make it there, Xi'An is quite different from Hangzhou. Plenty to see here too!
  11. I was talking about location as well, lol... but okay, you want the location to include the fun stuff. Live on Xi Hu Da Dao, was at another American's pad there, right above the Ding An Lu metro. Place looked great, and he's super close to the lake, some bars, tourist attractions.
  12. Yeah the 5i5j website is seriously all fake, best you just go into one of their shops... (they tell you the same when you inquire) But for you I'd say find something convenient for work... and if you're a pilot... then why not something in Xiaoshan district? Lots of nice places going up there, but maybe hard to find for rent? I'm not sure, but there are a few subway lines, line 2 is especially convenient.
  13. Trevor, how's the holiday week treating you? Making any friends? Learning some Chinese?
  14. Hey Derek, Where are you from? Have you been in Hangzhou/China long? The forum is quite a smorgasbord. You'll find good stuff (restaurant recommendations, visa questions, Chinese teachers, second goods for sale, some meet-n-greet events) and you'll run into negativity. That's life! Take it easy!
  15. It's second to the end, bottom of the main page, under "Classified" I have to say, I've purchased to two of Bryan's items now and saw the furniture he's selling. It's all in great shape and he's offering very fair prices. Quality guy!