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  1. Hey hey, a Spokanite here. Good to see another Washingtonian around! (don't you love explaining over and over how it's not DC? hehehe)
  2. Saint, read your longer post just now. I feel you on a handful of points. I get a little disgusted with myself sometimes, at how quick I am to generalize. And yet, time and again, people reaffirm the the reputations/stereotypes/etc... Then there's the frustrations of having a balanced discussion, about say politics. On a date recently, I said I didn't like "Wolf Warrior 2" (or 1) and the lady's reply was: "It made billions in the box office, how can it be bad?" Sigh. Alright. So, I feel like the voice and reasoning I've developed for so long is shut up here. I'm not opposed to all things Chinese -not by a long shot. But I don't want to be scolded for having something to drink with my meal, or doing light exercise to sweat/cough out the remnants of a lingering chest cold. No doubt it goes both ways - foreigners are quick to prescribe, and America is the classic example of the last century of imposing its will without taking much consideration for anyone else. To blend with what Hippo and some others were saying, it gets hard to trust people. Haven't met so many Chinese that really cared to just pass time with me. They want English lessons, an actor for an advertisement, translations, help with university admissions, a mix-raced baby, etc. And then I start going around with this chip on my shoulder. It's not good. But it also gets me by without feeling disappointed. I get to where I need to be and spend the time with the people I feel are worthwhile. I try my best to give people a chance first, but I just know to be weary and watch for signs. All of this said, it's really important to keep finding the pleasures of daily life. I think for me that means, designing a life that has growth and challenges (your career, learning Chinese...), but also time to enjoy easy going activities (coffee and book, watch a football match, bike ride...). Be well guys!
  3. Ah, the Zheng factor. Superb touch with the Bubbles reference. And Zheng bud, I think another difference is that markets are everywhere here. You really don't need to stock up. I mostly avoid that anyhow, as inevitably I'll have some produce I don't use up in time, and I feel like a wasteful shite. Sometimes they bag it, sometimes not. Haven't been too put off by it, EXCEPT when the checker then starts slinging the next customers stuff into the bagging area and everyone body-language seems to be urging me to hurry up. 'Don't like that. Always wanted to try that in the parking lots back home, never have. Hahaha
  4. yeah, you were smart to turn off your notifications, in the meanwhile
  5. So it is. I really don't look at the Activity tab much. Thanks for the friendly heads up.
  6. Yuhang is a little far from the rest of the city. But depending on where you are in it, the line 1 metro might get you into the thick of it. Good luck!
  7. In some ways, yes. It's a grind. Definitely think about money more than I ever did before. Another few good observations from Sutton...
  8. This just reminded me of when I watched a performance here, was supposed to represent Australia and the dancers showed up in liederhosen and yodeling with a back drop of mountains, skiers, and singing something from Sound of Music... I got a priceless facial expression from the coordinator when I mentioned "奥地利不是澳大利亚“ Welcome to HZ! I believe some of the members just did a pretty cool looking fencing activity. But those meetups happen quite infrequently. Check More Magazine, too. Good luck!
  9. Welcome, what brings your family to HZ? First time in China?
  10. Ha... I think they premiered "Warcraft" here, 'cause they were banking on the Chinese market to reel in the dough. It crushed the box offices. Got a D+ review in the states, though... which was predictable, if you've seen it. Different audiences, wanting different things. But I a cool movie like Baby Driver only just came out last weekend here, June in the US, I believe. Hey Amanda. Welcome to HZ. It's not all bad here. Not all good either. You'll make your way. Here, whenever possible, cut the stress! (same as anywhere, right?) Diving into Chinese - learn pinyin! Good luck! Apartments, be ready to pay about 3 months rent upfront, and a fee for the agency, if you use one. When you are looking, keep it close to work. Be ready to pull the trigger on one. They can go quickly!
  11. Sure, arranged in private messages. A really cool person too. For me, it's not something that has happened much, as I've mostly been in a relationship during my time in China. But it's certainly possible, and was just another example of how the forum can be used for all sorts of things. :)
  12. The lake doesn't really impress me. However, I took a boat on Sunday night (just in one of the little boats) that had a lovely view. As San mentioned, the stars were missing - that would have been a plus. I do sometimes get annoyed with the answer "well it's better than Beijing and Shanghai." Especially when it comes to pollution. Maybe like what Saint is saying, it's not a very refined answer - or at least not the one you want to hear. But hey, humans compare shit. I go back and forth about all of the city lights. Sometimes they are intriguing; sometimes I wish they'd all turn off. Most of the buildings in general don't stir any sentiments about beauty. I think I subconsciously chose my apartment building because it doesn't fit that monotonous mold, the way so many do here. Sort of like Incheon, South Korea. Strolling the Grand Canal in Gongshu district, especially after 9pm or so. Sitting along a smaller canal while eating some Indian food at Chakta, that's me every few Saturday afternoon's. And the tea plantations, cliché as you might think, are beautiful. But when I'm hiking around in there, I enjoy taking in the scenes. @Ivan, yeah I liked the slow pace of Xiamen when I visited. A lot of Chinese friends tell me they think HZ is slow, but for me it's still a bit overwhelming at times. But it's better than than Beijing and Sha-- oops! Haha
  13. yeah, hence me saying folks struggle...
  14. Are Euros more convenient for you? There are several really big banks to choose from. ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) is a huge one, so it will be easy to find. From what I hear it's one of the better banks for wiring money home - but so many people struggle with that, no matter what bank it seems! And yeah, Alipay is handy. It can be a bit glitchy trying to get your bank card synced at first. Which reminds me, once you make a bank account keep that receipt! Because Chinese names are only 2 or 3 characters long, they often mess up foreign names. You'll usually need the exact name as registered to the bank account.
  15. There are so many shopping centers too! Once you have your place, I have no doubt you'll see some kind of Century Mart, Tesco, that sort... everywhere. Good luck!