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  1. Ron_Jeremy

    How old is too old?

    Thanks alot guys.
  2. Ron_Jeremy

    How old is too old?

    I was born in 1983 dude.
  3. Ron_Jeremy

    How old is too old?

    No I'm not. And I'm not JC either. I am just simply wondering how much time I have at my age. It depends too on which country you go to. I read somewhere that in Taiwan you shouldn't teach if you are over 35. In Japan, something like 40 I think. I know China won't issue a work permit to anyone over 60, but I just want to know what limit for foreign teachers the ESL schools generally have. That's all.
  4. Ron_Jeremy

    How old is too old?

    So one thing I considered before teaching is this. How old is too old? I mean, I'm 32 years old. And before I know it I'll be 35. Yes it's still considered young. But I know many schools and training centers won't even consider hiring you once you reach a certain age. Opinions anyone?
  5. Ron_Jeremy

    Hai thur(dodgy laowai needing advice)

    Because the only real issue is that he doesn't have two years experience. And if he went to Japan or Korea, well those two countries require only that you have a BA. It doesn't matter if you have experience or not. So unless his BA is fake, there's nothing he'd have to lie about if he was going to Korea or Japan. Get the two years experience he needs and then he will no longer be seen as a loser. And isn't the chinese ESL market just as saturated as Korea and Japan? Since they started enflrcing the laws as of 2013?
  6. Ron_Jeremy

    Hai thur(dodgy laowai needing advice)

    Yeah. Do us all a favor. If you don't have qualifications. Don't come. It's only those who are unqualified that cause trouble around here. I visited Hangzhou last week and while I was at a KFC, I met two brothers from Canada. Sam and Ian who were teaching somewhere in Xiaoshan. One of them overweight. When one of them started telling me their visas were not legal because neither of them had degrees, the chinese girl, who I only remember as Kiki said SHHH!!! And they didn't tell me anything further. And I think they were on student visas. They said they were just two years out of high school. Just two more unqualified LBH who shouldn't be in this well developing country. Seriously if you want to teach here, get some real professional training. And don't take some hogwashed 5 day TESOL certification course. Go to college and get real teacher training!!! Do a four year BA program. Then you can come. OP since you said you already completed your BA, have you thought of going to another country first for two years? Korea or Japan? Since you don't have two years experience you could get the two years experience you need in a different country. Then China should be no problem.
  7. Ron_Jeremy

    Just broke up, need a date

    Try plenty of fish.
  8. Ron_Jeremy

    Hangzhou dog eating festival

    My favorite recipe. http://www.popsugar.com/food/Bacon-Wrapped-Hot-Dogs-Recipe-25573439
  9. Ron_Jeremy

    HANGZHOU Boxing, MMA, CQC Training

    If you're 6 feet tall or at least 5'5 I'd be unwilling to get into a fight with anyone that height. Speaking of Karate kid, it's unfortunate Mr. Miyagi passed away. Apparently 10 years ago.
  10. Ron_Jeremy

    HANGZHOU Boxing, MMA, CQC Training

    Nice. Too bad about the spine fusion deal. I hope a person can fully recover from such a surgery. I never did have any surgery on anything, so I feel lucky. Been in any real fights? Come to think of it, does wushu have the real hand to hand street combat aspect to it as well?
  11. Ron_Jeremy

    HANGZHOU Boxing, MMA, CQC Training

    Since I got here, I haven't seen many fights. I was told you don't have to really worry about your safety in China because crime rate is low. And it's safe to walk around at night. I'd like to learn the CQC tactics is I could. Not that I'm concerned for my safety here. But back home is a different story. San. Have you ever trained in any martial art or any hand to hand combat type thing?
  12. Ron_Jeremy

    My name is Oral

    I think I could help you out. I've been doing this a long time.
  13. Ron_Jeremy

    Silicone face masks

    http://m.realfleshmasks.com/our-silicone-masks These things are quite expensive. Is there an online ebay like website where I could get an asian silicone face mask for a much cheaper price?
  14. Ron_Jeremy

    ESL blacklist

    I read this entire thread Connor and the issue discussed is definitely something that I can relate to. I don't think they will put a sub forum on here that happens to be a school blacklist. But since there are other websites online where you can post online stories of schools mistreating foreigners, I just say keep using those. Any foreigner reading this... When choosing a school to work for, try and contact other foreigners within the city you want to go to and ask which ones they would recommend and which ones they advise against.
  15. Ron_Jeremy

    ESL blacklist

    I think if schools would treat foreigners with respect, live up to their promises and such, then it wouldn't be an issue anyway. Besides if they were to file a lawsuit, it would almost be like them fighting for their right to treat foreigners bad.