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  1. Do a backup to USB. They have a great habit of cleaning everything off, then installing fake programs, so, be aware.
  2. Illegal
  3. 'COZ IT'S THE BEST!!!!!
  4. Another idiot who can't read
  5. Seriously????? Are you totally stupid? Can you read the date????
  6. I believe there is only ONE "land of Elvis"
  7. Everything is available.
  8. There is already a Hangzhouexpat Group, or at least there WAS. Ask Jake, join it and talk.
  9. Buy in Turkey. Here you will get all the Chinese rubbish pre-installed which will drive you nuts and fake English windows and programs which will cause more problems than it's worth. Turkey or Hong Kong are the go..
  10. http://eng.zjicm.edu.cn/index.aspx ZUMC has 2 Campuses, Xiasha, and Tongxiang (about 40km away with regular school buses running between the two campuses.) I think you will only be at Xiasha. Both relatively new. English ain't a specialty of the English department secretarial staff but you'll manage. Best!
  11. DOH!! Yippee. I can sleep better at night now, knowing this riveting info.
  12. qualificated for to teach Inglish best grandma for to lern. Yeah, right!!
  13. More like BORING, very boring!