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  1. Jesus dude. Do you have any idea how to read dates on this post and many of the other posts you've crawled onto? San had it right. This crap is third world Country level.
  2. Ding2go

    Just arrived in Binjiang

    Yes, correct, bustling crowds, great food, great fun. Do go.
  3. Ding2go

    Dongpo Rou is the shit! Change my mind.

    Well done Bro.
  4. Ding2go

    English teachers needed

    Oh dear. Well, you're free to leave the terrible racist Country as soon as you like moron. I'd rather have the attitude of China on this issue, than the pathetic PC bullshit in my Country and yours. People should be entitled to get who they want, color, sex, or whatever. I mean lets face it if they wanted someone who is a spineless degenerate dual gender sicko you could apply a be guaranteed the job. Just another moron, happy to take the money, but complain about everything. but then, it's normal for you.
  5. Ding2go

    Banking issues

    Unless there has been a change, I think you'll find the bank will first convert it to USD, then the Sterling while doing the transaction.
  6. Ding2go

    English teachers needed

    OH, THE RACE POLICE HAVE ARRIVED. Different countries different rules. Get over it pal.
  7. Ding2go

    First aid classes

    Hangzhou Red Cross do - in Chinese of course.
  8. Ding2go

    Close the door! Close the window! It's winter now!

    Airconditioners are unhealthy!!!. That's the reason I was always given. When I attempt to explain what the word "condition" means, and how the A/C air flows through filters, replacing interior air with outside conditioned air, they had no idea what I was on about. Asking them to read on the Chinese internet, the workings of A/C's, fell on deaf ears - and cold balls. At my good friend's house a few years ago, it was snowing outside. I went for lunch. Sooooooo fucking cold inside that I said to him Sorry, I'll have to leave because I just cant stand this stupidity of windows open, colder inside than outside, and you mob all rugged up with tons of clothes on the be warm, when you have a thumping great A/C sitting there in the room. TURN THE FUCKING THINK ON OR I'M OUT OF HERE. He's a very polite friend. He went over, closed the windows, found the A/C cord, went to plug it in -----Oh dear!!!!------ 15 amp machine and the wall socket was 10 amp. After some fiddling and a couple of adaptors, the 15 amp A/c was operating on the 10 amp power. Lucky no fire, but hey!!!!, in 5 inutes the room was warm the his missus complaining it was too hot.
  9. Ding2go

    Anti-pollution face masks?

    It is something almost no one wears in Hangzhou, though of course some would argue it is a must, but...............................
  10. Ding2go

    Irish bars in Hangzhou

    Do you know what feedback and suggestions means?
  11. If you google backpacker murders in Aus, you might not want to hitch, just sayin'
  12. Ding2go

    "Hangzhou is beautiful.." why?

    I guess you must do that each day to get your rocks off. Each to his/her own.
  13. Ding2go

    "Hangzhou is beautiful.." why?

    Oh dear!!!!!! that must have been difficult to write. A yank having a yank. Well, that's normal.
  14. Ding2go

    "Hangzhou is beautiful.." why?

    Oh the five minute wonder has arrived. What a crock. Keep up the dreaming.