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  1. qualificated for to teach Inglish best grandma for to lern. Yeah, right!!
  2. More like BORING, very boring!
  3. Seriously!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago!!!!!!!!! Seriously?????????
  4. WITH a clear photocopy of your Passport as well, should be OK. NO copy, no go I think. AND, there are many smaller hotels which will NOT take Foreigners, so if you have all the papers and they say no, it's probably because they are not licensed to take Foreigners.
  5. Google Public Notary Hangzhou. These places are able to do it AND it will be Notarized, then no one can contest the legality of the translation.
  6. Ha! I have the feeling picture number 2 IS the """"""""""KITCHEN!!!!!! with "household electric appliances"
  7. Nearer to your work. Commuting is HELL!!!!
  8. Yep, the lazy bastards who are too busy to read the multiple answers to the same questions over and over again. Oh dear!
  9. See the search button above? Even Americans can do it.
  10. Only 3000?????
  11. Go to a barber shop. She can wait and hear your romantic moans
  12. Paracetamol is everywhere. Panadol is a brand name AND is identical.
  13. Why Jake? What's the reason? Why did it take so long? Who is responsible? What right do "they" have to block? What did you do about it? What was their response? etc etc. Clearly members need to know exactly what the problem is and why why why.