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  1. Do you know what feedback and suggestions means?
  2. If you google backpacker murders in Aus, you might not want to hitch, just sayin'
  3. I guess you must do that each day to get your rocks off. Each to his/her own.
  4. Oh dear!!!!!! that must have been difficult to write. A yank having a yank. Well, that's normal.
  5. Oh the five minute wonder has arrived. What a crock. Keep up the dreaming.
  6. Yet you stay there and have been there for years, sucking money from the Country and city that you have frequently slagged. Total hypocracy at it's best. Hangzhou is a beautiful city, as are hundreds of other cities in China and you can't use the pollution as an example, since it is YOUR country and mine, and most others in the World, that have sent all manufacturing to China to save their money and get more and more filthy rich.
  7. He's back Jake. 

    1. Jake


      Thanks for the heads pu.


  8. Wasting your time pursuing any and all of the issues you mention REGARDLESS of what Hao Hao says. Get out and find another and forget the small losses because you'll be hounded pushed and you'll be out anyway. that's the reality of what they do. If you resist, she'll get some Mafia friends to get rid of you. - i assure you.
  9. Do a backup to USB. They have a great habit of cleaning everything off, then installing fake programs, so, be aware.
  10. 'COZ IT'S THE BEST!!!!!
  11. Another idiot who can't read
  12. Seriously????? Are you totally stupid? Can you read the date????
  13. I believe there is only ONE "land of Elvis"