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  1. Google Public Notary Hangzhou. These places are able to do it AND it will be Notarized, then no one can contest the legality of the translation.
  2. Ha! I have the feeling picture number 2 IS the """"""""""KITCHEN!!!!!! with "household electric appliances"
  3. Nearer to your work. Commuting is HELL!!!!
  4. Yep, the lazy bastards who are too busy to read the multiple answers to the same questions over and over again. Oh dear!
  5. See the search button above? Even Americans can do it.
  6. Only 3000?????
  7. Go to a barber shop. She can wait and hear your romantic moans
  8. Paracetamol is everywhere. Panadol is a brand name AND is identical.
  9. Why Jake? What's the reason? Why did it take so long? Who is responsible? What right do "they" have to block? What did you do about it? What was their response? etc etc. Clearly members need to know exactly what the problem is and why why why.
  10. 1. The person you choose is none of your parents business ----- I understand the Chinese weird thinking but it's. NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. It's YOUR life. 2. Many fly in/fly out teachers can be a problem. They come, they go, they sometimes don't care how it affects you. BUT there are many who are genuine, treat you as they should, and are perfect partners. 3. Those who have been in China for some time, are more likely to to be interested in a REAL relationship, rather than a quickie.. 4. Ask lots of normal relationship type questions and only YOU can determine if it is genuine or not, with the potential for a long and lasting relationship. 5. The age thing about Chinese "forgotten" women is of course total crap, and 30 or over 30 is quite normal in the "real World". Pay no attention to Parents, Grand parents or other older Chinese who have that way of thinking. Find you love, and be happy.
  11. Normal for him
  12. Come on now Bro. Why would ZUST be called HIS? Of course it's not. HIS in Hangzhou International School in Binjiang.
  13. AND miles away from Binjiang and the HIS pal. SO, guess again!!
  14. You could add, Although my written English is crap!