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  1. BluePasta

    Desktop PC

    Ironically, I need to be in a PC in order to add a photo. I’ll do that in a few hours time. If interested I can send a picture in a direct message though.
  2. BluePasta

    Desktop PC

    Hey all, So selling desktop PC. Original price 2200, bought for 1900. Comes with light up keyboard, mouse/mousepad. I separately bought 22 inch Samsung LCD screen, was 650yuan. I still have the Samsung warranty for 3 years and have the warranty book/ number, but the screen is new! selling as a bundle for 1500yuan. Hard drive: 120GB SSD Memory: 8GB RAM Monitor: 22” Samsung LED 6 USB ports, 3 are SATA 6 Authentic windows license.
  3. BluePasta

    Selling things we can't ship

    That was exactly what I thought as well. Trying to get back full price just because you used it for 6 months to a year. Cut it down at least 50% or just send it off to the trash.
  4. BluePasta

    A nice helper is wanted

    So basically you are want foreign parents who already have English speaking children, who most likely want them to speak Chinese because they are living in China. But you want them to teach your Chinese kids English, for free, instead of just taking them to an English school. And the exchange? Take them to a museum to see even more Chinese culture than the shit we see and hear every single day. The parent that falls for this shit deserves to be taken for the fool that they are.
  5. BluePasta

    Dentist - urgent

    If it is so urgent, just go! Pick Ivy or Annie.
  6. BluePasta

    Chinese addresses for foreigners

    thumbs down
  7. BluePasta

    Looking for a flat in Xiaoshan

    Here is the thing though, the majority of agents, once they see a foreigner, purposely increase the price because they will get a bigger commission. This is why whenever I am looking for an apartment, its better to find a chinese person to help you do it. It can be time consuming, yes, but once you go and look at the apartment yourself, they always say "wow, its a foreigner", and they want to show you much more expensive listings. There are good agents, and I"m glad you are one of them, I will contact you for my next apt maybe, haha, but companies like wo ai wo jia are the WORST and give the other companies a really bad reputation among foreigners.
  8. BluePasta

    Looking for a flat in Xiaoshan

    Sure. Still has nothing to do with the above post but since you want to change up. Why not leave NATO? Wouldn’t it be great if the US let Poland finally become part of Russia! Sacks of shit can’t protect yourselves and still talk shit about those that protect you.
  9. BluePasta

    I need an active loud English teacher ASAP

    Well thats the problem isn't it. Even Chinese are getting salaries of 5-8k monthly now, and foreigners still stupid working for 10k. Allowing college students to work is ruining the market for you teachers!
  10. BluePasta

    Looking for a flat in Xiaoshan

    Ignore his stupid ass Euan. The reality is there are lots of students here, and unlike China, we don't depend on our parents wealth to foot the bill. They literally live off their parents for every single yuan. They don't understand that people can be students and still need a job. They also don't understand that coming to teach in a foreign country can be a break year or just for an experience, and that most people don't have to pay several months rent up front. China is cash heavy right now, but its just from the government tearing down their houses and giving them settlements for it. Now they think they are bad ass but haven't actually done anything for it. I own a business here, it's amazing how many applications I get monthly from people who still live really well on a 3k RMB salary per month. It just comes from their parents. The money will eventually run out and without western entrepreneurial spirit, they'll be the dogs they think everyone else is.
  11. BluePasta

    Looking for a flat in Xiaoshan

    Ah, so you on JinCheng Road, somewhere between line 1 and line 2. That would put you around LSE (a shopping mall I often go to). That is the most expensive area on JinCheng Road because its extremely convenient. Even without line 5 being up yet, the shopping mall is right there. Even for 1 BR, you'll be looking at 2-3k a month. Can even get more expensive depending on exactly location and interior design.
  12. BluePasta

    Looking for a flat in Xiaoshan

    You kind of need to make a decision on that. If you want JinCheng Road, you are either between line 2 and 5 or line 5 and near line 1. Line 5 isn't up yet but will be by next year. It may seem close but its really not.
  13. BluePasta

    Any Problems Caused by the Tariff Conflict

    I'll tell you what issues you WILL have. Instead of the usual discontent you may get from benig American, mostly from Europe, now the Chinese are like "Ah, you have Trump, fighting with us on trade. Or "Trump is after China cause Americans are scared of China", just lots more CCTV bullshit. But at customs? It's a trade war involving 500 billion dollars worth of imported and exported goods. Not customs at the airport.
  14. BluePasta

    Any Problems Caused by the Tariff Conflict

    No, of course not. Unless you are bringing in a billion pounds of soybean or corn, why would you have any issues?
  15. Thats a rough one. I would go with the 顺风车 ShunFengChe in your DiDi app. Put in 4 people and your destination. I know the price has gone up, but its still like 90yuan I think?? Also, why not come on out Friday night and stay in a hotel friday nights, you can make it cheaper by staying at a hostel. Trains on Friday night from Shaoxing are pretty late. Unless you are from from the train, like in ShengZhou.