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  1. BluePasta

    Q1 Visa & Social Security

    You can come up with a shit ton of theoretical bullshit but hes referring to the NEED for medical insurance FOR his visa. You need to have it for work visa I believe but not for the visa that comes after the Q1. I have insurance, my wife works for Metlife, but he doesnt need it to fulfill the visa requirements Stay on point dude.
  2. BluePasta

    Banking issues

    Forget it, lol.
  3. BluePasta

    Q1 Visa & Social Security

    There isn't really a Q1 visa. The Q1 visa is just a 30 day visa to get into China. Within the 30 days you just get your medical check up, and you get your residence permit. Once that residence permit is almost up, you just do your medical check up again and get your residence permit again. No need for medical insurance or any of that other stuff.
  4. BluePasta

    S1, S2 Visa for accompanying minor.

    It's easy. He's your kid and you have the residence permit. We haven't had any problems doing it this way with my son. So my wife does her residence permit through her sister, and I do it through my wife. But kids can't get it from aunts and uncles. So my kids get their residence permit through me since I have one. Basically the same scenario.
  5. BluePasta

    Offered a job in Hangzhou

    Sans is right. It doesn't matter if the UAE has partnerships or not because this is China (get ready to hear that a lot) and over here you are considered single whether you like it or not. The bottom line is he is from Nigeria, he isn't from a native English speaking country, you two aren't married, so he isn't following you here! The only solution I can think for the two of you is for him to apply to university here in Hangzhou,try for a scholarship if he can't afford it which they have more and more often for people from Africa. He could live off campus with you, but thats about it.
  6. BluePasta

    American Interested in Hangzhou

    This is a cultural difference. If you are going to school you aren't working. If you are working you've finished school. I believe i read somewhere where they were going to be allowing some part time work for college students on student visas, but that could be just a rumor. Check into it, but I know you can't go to school on a work visa.
  7. BluePasta

    Hangzhou Business Partner Wanted

    Question for you, are you a foreign owned company and simply looking for a local company to partner with as required by law? Or are you a Chinese based business looking to crack the foreign market?
  8. BluePasta

    New to Hangzhou from San Francisco

    amazing that someone like you is even complaining. You can at the very least drink clean water and don't have to catch your food everyday like back in Zambia. I'm pretty sure your mother would grow a dick if i handed her a plate of food.
  9. BluePasta

    New to Hangzhou from San Francisco

    There is great food all over the city/country. Maybe if you got your fat face out of a bucket of KFC or McNugget you'd actually see that.
  10. omg, yes! The constant turning a bedroom into something else to make it fit or vice versa. It's really obvious in those apartments where there wouldn't be a wall ends up having a half-ass built slide in doors/blankets to cover an area up, and they still want like 6500 cause it has that extra bed room. haha.
  11. Most of the online websites all post fake pictures. Me and my wife go through this shit all the time and its annoying. For the most part we use ganji wang. Put in all the details from the top, it gives you the results, see an apartment we like, we give the realtor a call, and they reply in one of three ways. 1. That apartment is gone, we have some that look like that (they RARELY do, most are just shit holes) 2. Those pictures are fake, but we have some that look like that. 3. That apartment is still available but the actual price on it is ....and they bump it up a few thousand. imo, the easiest way is still finding a real estate agent, let them get an idea of what you are looking for and then they will take you to several apartments.
  12. If you're going to do it in Hangzhou do it at sir Run Run Shaw. And be tough with them. While they no longer have foreign doctors, they still do have Chinese doctors that studied abroad. Last time I was there I flipped out at some resident they gave me, in came a new doctor, Dr.Wang, she did her residency in the US and was an attending in NYC. There are still some gems there!
  13. BluePasta

    Foreigner friendly recreational Badminton

    Just go outside and join them. Thats what I do for basketball and soccer. Badminton I usually just play with my wife. Just jump in!
  14. BluePasta

    Looking for a 2 bedroom appartment

    Actually, its best to stay away from places like Wo Ai Wo Jia. They are different than most realtors where you sit down and sign the agreement with the landlord. with wawj you sign the agreement with wo ai wo jia. They have a separate agreement with the landlord for "x“ amount of rent. They bump up the prices of apartments by 1500-2k EASILY. Better to try and find the landlord directly (if you have skills like me) or move onto a different real estate company.