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  1. Now, yes, but back in 2009, there use to be a guy just chilling outside who already bought tickets and he'd sell you one quickly. They didn't put names on them and you didn't have to match it against ID's. Times have changed.
  2. @san5324 haha! Wasn't there two G+'s back in the day? Like '08 '09? I could've sworn one was gay and the other for lesbians, and then the lesbian one got shut down or something like that. I have a picture of me on the strip pole at the lesbian one, lmao! I know there is an app called Blued, suppose to be like the chinese jackd, or the other one that is more popular in the west. My roommate a few years ago was gay, I went with him to a gay bar on BaoShan Road, next to 88 bar. I don't know if that place is still open. Maybe just post a new ad?
  3. I remember when Eudora first opened, it was the place to get REAL pizza, haha. It's gone down hill, getting worn down, and they aren't keeping up with it. Still seems packed though. It had to have been sold and changed management.
  4. I LOVE Slims. There service keeps getting worse but their steaks and burgers and legit. They need a new bartender as well.
  5. VPN

    You get a free beer, or shot, I prefer shots.
  6. VPN

    Send me your email. (that way i still get my referral benefit!)and i will send you what I use. It's fast, awesome, use it on my phone, computer, tablets, all good. No way they are blocking this one! Must keep it off the forums as well.
  7. NY Giants baby! The problem with the sports groups is it ends up being 90% NBA, which I have ZERO love for.
  8. I didn't read that whole thing but I've lost my passport before. You need to FIRST go to the entry exit bureau and tell them you've lost your passport. They give you a slip of paper that says you have 30 days to get a new one. Take that slip to your embassy, then they will reissue you a new passport. The slip is necessary. I did it backwards, I first went to the embassy and they told me I needed the paper from the entry exit bureau. That piece of paper is good enough to get on trains. Then you get your new passport, take it back to the entry exit bureau and they will put in a new visa. Done
  9. I already asked for you, quite simple. The first piece of paper you signed, said you were guilty and you agreed on an amount. Then, you didn't sign the next paper and this was happening WHILE the police were there. The police didn't say you had to pay those additional expenses either. You paid the first settlement agreement. The woman screwed herself over by taking your first payment from the first agreed upon amount. What my understand is she probably went to a lawyer AFTERWARDS who said she could've gotten more, now she is trying, but from a legal standpoint she is screwed. Don't let them bully you into another settlement offer because you don't have to pay it. Be nasty back with her lawyer, if your Chinese isn't good enough, find someone whose is. If necessary, get legal counsel. But from my understanding, she doesn't have a pot to piss in anymore.
  10. Serious question, what is a "international card"? Are you trying to say you want to withdraw money from an ATM using your Visa/Master debit card? The rates are all relatively the same. I'd be more worried about your bank at home with extra fee charges. If it's a large enough sum of cash and your online banking allows wire transfers, I would just wire myself the money for a flat fee. Your bank account in China would receive the money in that currency, then you just go into the bank, sign for it and have it converted to RMB.
  11. Это самая горячая категория туба порно кастинг зрелых здесь женщины демонстрируют умения в порно