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  1. I decided to call up a friend of mine who is a cop. They are already planning to get rid of the electric bikes before the Asia games. So right now you can register one until 2021, then you won't be able to register one anymore. The reason, the biggest accidents in China are being caused by the fucking e-bikes. The big truck that had trees on it that fell on 3 people because of an e-bike crossing illegally was the straw that broke the camels back!
  2. BluePasta


    I’m sure Eudora will have it on.
  3. BluePasta

    Does anyone play the Piano?

    How did you somehow make this post about you? Damn you must be annoying in person.
  4. BluePasta

    Why do people eat watermelon?

    You won't be able to answer the question honestly. First, watermelon is used in a lot of places to hydrate quickly. I played football back home, oranges and watermelon. China in the 80's you need a prescription to get watermelon. You tell CHinese people that and they freak the F* out, but it's true. They just can't see the documentary's we can because it's all blocked. It grew large because we did it in the west and it's a western melon. Don't believe the rest.
  5. BluePasta

    What to do on Chinese New Year?

    Just go out, have some drinks, walk around town doing nothing. Binge watch TV. It'll be over before you know it.
  6. BluePasta

    Expat from UK to Hangzhou bay

    One things for sure, it’s a shit city somewhere around nowhere. Happy New Year dude!
  7. BluePasta

    Expat from UK to Hangzhou bay

    Alright, lets get a few things sorted. I was confused first off when you said Hangzhou "bay" area. Hangzhou isn't near the ocean, so how is it a bay area? There is no bay area because you aren't in Hangzhou, you are basically in NingBo because NingBo is next to the ocean and that is a completely different city. They are attracting you by using the allure of Hangzhou to make it seem like a nicer area, but don't be fooled any further, you are NOT in Hangzhou, nor the Hangzhou area. Now, when they say to you "only x amount of hours away from hangzhou" its because of the high speed railway but it isn't close and that'll affect you day to day living when you want to find something good to eat but nothing but the shitty local food around. You'll have a convenient weekend getting to Hangzhou though where you can enjoy yourself. If you like boring, NingBo is where it's at.
  8. BluePasta

    Ayi/Nanny needed

    See if one of your employers can set you up. They have these services on 58tongcheng (58同城). You get your ayi that takes care of kids, cleans the house and cooks. You can sign a 1 year agreement and even keep switching out until you find the one that suits you. Only issue is the English speaking part which I forgot about. I know some companies that provide Filipino nannies, but they technically aren't legal. I'd try the 58 route though, maybe get yourself one of those instant translators, talk into it and it auto translates if your Chinese is that bad.
  9. It's insane actually. This shanghai girl I know, she has a 2BR apartment, very western apartment and great location in Shanghai, she pays 18k a month for it. Mind you, between the location, 2BR, and it being in Shanghai 18k is about right. How in the hell this apartment here is more expensive. The location is in Xixi, so you have buses, can have difficulty getting a taxi and no subway. Shame! Shame!
  10. Foreigners can legally own motorbikes, simple as that. The law is stupid in that you can buy one, own one, but you can't ride one in the city. Motorbikes are illegal for both Chinese and foreigners in the city. You can legally ride one in some of the outer districts, XiaoShan for example where motorbikes are not illegal. You need to understand something about the Chinese, when they are unsure the automatic answer is No, it's not possible or No, it doesn't exist. They will not say "i don't know let me check on that". They lack that mental ability. Even once at the Exit-Entry Beareu, I went to get my permanent residence and I had a Q1 Visa, the guy told me it was fake as Q1 didn't exist. I argued with him for 10 minutes before he finally agreed to ask someone else. He didn't even feel stupid either. This happens with EVERYTHING. You will absolutely get 10 different answers from 10 different people in the same office.
  11. BluePasta

    anyone want to meet at Wade's BAR&GRILLtonight

    Does he still make you first share it in your moments? I thought that was so annoying so I didn't enter it. The morehangzhou group isn't bad either. A bit of advertising but not bad.
  12. BluePasta

    Bakery & Mussels seems to have closed

    Yeah, don't get attached to anything. Businesses open and close like you change your underwear. Anyone see this Luckin Coffee place now? Their muffins/baked goods are DELICIOUS! Taste just like back at home.
  13. BluePasta

    anyone want to meet at Wade's BAR&GRILLtonight

    I like your straightforwardness! Best of luck in finding everything you want.
  14. BluePasta

    anyone want to meet at Wade's BAR&GRILLtonight

    you here that San, i am right, something you hate, when other people are right