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  1. Who else is going through the renewal of work permit process? Bump.
  2. That is the question to the people who run this board. Can you cut out the snowflakes?
  3. India would be interesting to fascinating, but it takes more than one trip to see this massive country. I would like to go to Goa on the Indian Ocean, then up to New Dehli and then to Sikkim which is between Nepal and Bhutan. India is supposedly DIRTY. Like disgustingly dirty. You may say, well, I live in China! How bad can it be? I opine that a lot of India is much more dirtier and disgusting than anything in China. This would be my problem there. But yeah, if I had unlimited resources, I would like to do India for a month, maybe, but again the gross factor would be a factor. Sort of a shame we cannot go back in time in a time machine and see India and China before overpopulation and industrialization. I am not sure I would like a country where people are disgustingly impoverished where people shit in the street without plumbing. Believe it or not, China has their (pardon the pun) shit together much more than India. Bit still. Would like to go, if nothing else to see sexy young brown women and smoke hash.
  4. 娃哈哈 (Wahaha) opened a school? Is the Sacred Holy Water 冰红茶 sold there? Why does a soda pop, water and junk food factory open a school? Being that this is China, it shouldn't surprise me. I want to teach there. Will work for money and cases of Binger. Can one buy stocks in this company?
  5. I went through the process of the authentication last week and will get the results around the first week of June, at the office on GuCui Road (see map above). The form is somewhat of a pain, and it does require someone who knows how to speak the language. Even then, it was confusing in places. However, when you go there, they know why you are there and are helpful to you (was thinking going in there that I was going to get a bunch of blank stares and no help, which usually happens here). You do keep the original certificate(s). They send your stuff to Beijing. I asked, how will they know if the document is a true one? Answer, "We just ask them." Ok. So this is an option if nothing else, perhaps.
  6. Burundi? Do you know Rod and Kana? I think there is more people from Burundi in Hangzhou than Burundi. Hangzhou might be safer, but Bujumbura is more fun!
  7. Hello, I am in the process of changing my employer from a college in Xiasha to a private education company. I realize the regulations have changed from April, and I was wondering if any of you have any information on new documentation required for renewal of work permit. I was told today (4/26) from the new employer that I need a criminal background check and my University diploma notarized. If I need this, I will have to go home. They stated I can go to Beijing to authenticate the documents in Beijing at the American embassy. I know for a fact reading their website that the embassy does not authenticate educational certificates. The Criminal Background check she told me I can do online. Huh? But again, it would have to be authenticated, and again, the embassy of my country won't do this. The Criminal Background Check has been in place since 2013. I just renewed (and in two different colleges in Xiasha) and did not have to provide this, which makes me wonder if they are going to make people who came after 2013 to get another CBC. Dunno. But the Zhejiang Foreign Expert Bureau told me last week that these documents are not required. But there is also a Hangzhou Foreign Expert Bureau. I was always under the impression that Zhejiang FEB were in charge of inspecting the paperwork. So I asked the lady who hired me where she got the information and was told it was from the "China Foreign Expert Bureau" which as far as I know doesn't exist. So to ask, what is everyone's experience now with this and what word has your employer given to you on this? It is really annoying because I cannot get a clear answer on this. So what are your experience now?
  8. My understanding is that after 2013, someone in your situation would have to go back to your home country and apply there with the Chinese embassy closest to your home. I do not think Hong Kong is a viable option anymore. My suggestion to you is to call the Foreign Expert Bureau (FEB) and ask them. You also need to ask them exactly what you need when you return. One big and infuriating problem here is that you might hear several different things from people in authority, and frankly in your position I again, would call the FEB, since they are the final authority in this. Don't entirely trust the word of the school you want to work for. Not that they are lying or anything, it is just they don't know and are too lazy to find out. Chinese New Years is on January 28th, which is a three day public holiday, so probably if you deal with either your country or HK, you should be able to do your business after the three days.
  9. It's a LENOVO, which is the Edsel of computers. Might give 1000 RMB if it works. I like my IPad so much more.
  10. I went there last Sunday, and it sort of dampened my enthusiasm about the place. The good thing was the staff were happy and welcoming, but we're not pushy or follow you around like death like most local staff do. Bad news is that the place was expensive and their menu did not look that appetizing. I saw their hamburgers, and even the menu picture it looked strange, an oversized piece of meat with too much salad contained by two small of a piece of bread. Dunno. It seems to me all these menus in all of these type of restaurants are about the same which is sad and annoying. This could be Eudora's, Slim's or Vineyard (uh, I mean Wade's) menu. At least Charcoal is trying to do something different. There is some idiotic "shots" promotion, drink all fifty of them and get a hat, or a frog painted blue or something. It wasn't a bar perse, but more of a restaurant type of place with little kids about, even had an area with little kid tables and chairs with coloring books and whatnot. So much more child friendly. People who free base tobacco have to step outside, and their are patio chairs outside for that purpose. The place just lacks something. Dunno. I am a big fan of Eudora's. Expensive, but not exceedingly so, pretty good food, excellent music and a real westernized type bar/restaurant (until they have some loudass band playing). Also staff who don't acknowledge your existence until you call them.
  11. Would probably be better if the photographer would take all of their shit out of the rooms first. This is something annoying about Chinese. Mostly, they do not tell you the LOCATION of the place. The place is "near HIS". Well, where the fk is HIS? For those not in the know, what is HIS? Or lots of times, "we are near West Lake". Makes no sense. I live in Xiasha and to someone in Beijing, Xiasha is near West Lake. This dipshit didnt even offer any contact information. if I wanted to sell or rent something, I will offer all the contact information I have. I am supposed to PM this guy and wait and hope the asshat will send me a message back which necessitates me wasting my time revisiting this site every few hours? Also, watermarks on photos are douchy as can be. Why? And yes, quote the rent price! Is all this crap scattered about two and fro part of the price? Information is the key.
  12. Howdy. Have been reading some chatter on some other boards that our college degrees need to be "authenticated", and would like to know if anyone, especially Americans have gotten this done and what might be required, especially for Americans. I plan on going back to the USA in January and would like to stay on top of things. One thing that is a concern is having to deal with the Chinese consulate, with the nearest ones near me is hundreds of miles away, and walking around the streets of Chicago (Chicago in Russian is "Siberia") in February looking for an address is not my idea of entertainment. I guess I can swing by the Foreign Expert Bureau and ask them. However what frustrates me no end about Chinese is that they do not know anything, or give bad or incorrect information. Has anyone gone through this process if necessary? Thank you.
  13. HOW MUCH IS THE RENT? (This is important).
  14. I don't like to drink water, so I drink very little of it. As a matter of fact, I have a Midea water cooler in a box in my new school sponsored apartment that I have not opened and probably never will. I really do not know where to get jug water like that and can't say I much care. I have tried to drink bottled water, and just do not like it. Water is for bathing, swimming and cooking. If the water is boiled, it will be fine. I have drank tea, and have made soup and other dehydrated foods from boiled tap water for years, and it has not killed me yet or made me sick.
  15. I never much cared for Sunday. Just the eventual bummer come down after the narcotic excitement of Friday afternoon. I have started a thread in the past where I ask "How is China better than your country.." and I always come up with booze and transportation. It is nice not to own a car here. I get around just fine, and if I can, so can you. 24/7 alcohol laws and being able to buy booze where I want. In my home town, one cannot buy wine or spirits on a Sunday in a bottle shop (liquor store, package store etc.). You can buy beer, but not booze. One can buy beer at 7 AM Monday through Saturday, but have to wait until noon on Sunday. A liquor store can only sell liquor and wine and literally nothing else. No drinks, no mixers, no food, not even a corkscrew. The town I went to college in sold beer (except on Sundays!) but it had to be sold warm and illegal to sell cold because they were afraid of students driving drunk. But in the county north, it was legal to buy beer on Sundays It is wonderful to live where I can buy liquor, wine, beer and smokes in the same damn place, and if I desire, 8 AM on a Sunday morning. Or better yet, after 3 am, since that was the time the law perscribed that alcohol (beer) cannot be sold, again for some asinine reason. I went to Zambia in 2014, and they were the same, after like 10 PM, the beer cooler was locked. Good beer too, called CASTLE. I abhor the banks here, BUT...they are open (most branches) on Sundays. In the USA, most were not open during the weekend, or maybe on Saturday. Also (for some stupid reason) banks close on Federal holidays, no matter how minor the holiday is. Columbus Day, Memorial Day, closed. So, many working people who have a 9-5 Monday-Friday job make the banks very busy with long lines, although unlike Chinese who hold the window until Jesus returns, most Americans just want to cash a paycheck or rob the place. Shopping malls where I was younger. Maybe I wanted to go to the mall. Oh shit, it's Sunday, the mall closes at 6:00 instead of 9:30. Used to lead a lot of confusion, is this place open, or that place. Or the horror will the place be too slammed packed. Restaurants are filled to capacity for the after church Jesus Lizards. Isnt a Commandment "Keep the Sabbath holy...." while running around waitstaff for a straw, sweet tea, or drink five cocktails because they forgot that they cannot buy any more booze because its Sunday.