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  1. Mr. Zheng

    persönliche Reisebegleiterin

    (English) Hello! I'm Deutschlernerin in Hangzhou. C1 I have for German. I'm still studying in Hangzhou before September. If you need an interpreter or a companion during your trip in Hangzhou, you are welcome to ask me. My Wechat [please send me private message for my contact information]
  2. Doctor .."I'm sorry Mr. Zheng, you have the Yunggu. This is why your dick is falling off."
  3. Hello. You guys need to delete old posts please. For example the "Libre Pool Party" which looks fun but was on April 4th (and who has a pool party in early April?). I would be happy to be your editor to delete old, outdated posts.
  4. Mr. Zheng

    decent supermarket

    Fields is ridiculously expensive. They used to be on my Facebook and I used to ridicule them and anyone who bought their crap. Like a "Hamburger Kit" with about a kilogram of beef, some buns and a bottle of ketchup for 200 RMB or some crap. They finally banned by comments, but no one in their right mind should shop there, and have a feeling Fields mostly caters to rich foreign businesspeople who live in their high castles who don't want to mix with the proles. If you read this, look up Fields and have a laugh. Concerning supermarkets. I have lived here a long time and basically I go to different places to get different things. If you want good meat, I can suggest Metro or Ole in the MIXC mall near the river (but on the Subway Green line). There are two Metro stores and unfortunately both are a bit far away from where anyone lives, literally, but they probably have the best selection. Ole' isn't bad but it's expensive, but you can get real hamburger meat, Australian steaks and whatnot. I used to work down that way and sometimes bought a nice steak in there to cook at home. I usually shop at Aushan in DaGuan area. Has a pretty decent meat department and I have bought steaks and hamburger from there lots of times. Even the big Lainhua stores have an OK beef selection. So I haven't for me had much of an issue buying raw meat to cook.
  5. Mr. Zheng

    American Interested in Hangzhou

    Might be stretching it, but ever thought about maybe trying for some kind of scholarship to a University, where part of the deal is for you to teach part time. I would think studying to get a Masters Degree would take a lot of work and time, so I do not see how you could piece together studying and teaching college since both are at the same time, and the Chinese schedule is very inflexible usually. Basically you would teach public school at the same time frame you would be going to classes, Monday to Friday 9 to 5. I could suggest of you have enough money for rent every month (I would say $700 or 4500 RMB a month) you could work part time in one of the numerous after school jobs from children to adults. Problem is there is a lot of weekend work and you won't get any days off between that and your studies. It is also illegal to do so, although many people have done this and continue to do so. Most of the chains have non native speakers on their staff, so they would be happy to get an American. There are lots of opportunities for this. There are chains also teaching adult students, but many of them are also bored and annoyed as the children are, having to learn English because of company requirements. But also a lot of different kinds of people. Adults and kids are about the same to me, there are the good ones, the smart ones, the dumb ones. My suggestion is to choose either course, either be a teacher or a student. See of the college offers some sort of housing or an allowance. I don't know your financial situation, but you can rent a decent place and pay your expenses (besides drinking, eating at the Hyatt everyday, or ladies) would be around $1500 a month, if that, and that would be a comfortable knockabout life here) and you won't have to work and can concentrate on your studies. I spend about 2500 a month in groceries, going to the bar about three times a month (off the drink for know, which hopes saves me money, weight and hangovers.). Might be worth spending an extra $18,000 USD than to deal with kids at training centers. Yes!
  6. Mr. Zheng

    Sauna in Hangzhou?

    I was wondering if anyone knows a sauna in Hangzhou? How much would be the prices for an hour?
  7. Mr. Zheng

    Release paperwork from previous company

    I have been in China for sixteen years, doing this work and know these visas more than the government. Not a brag, just it's my life and one must know the rules. If he is on a business visa, then he is an illegal worker, so there is no need whatsoever to get any "release papers" or whatever from that previous employers, because again, your friend and the company broke the law. I know, in 2009, I worked illegally for a year while being under a marriage visa. When I got a legal job, I had to go through the process to get the work visa, and my employer didn't care about my previous employer. Maybe your new employer doesn't understand his visa status. To be legal, your friend needs to go back to their home country (a must, sorry)and acquire a "Z" visa, which requires an authenticated diploma (in which there is information all over the Internet), and a criminal background report, which must be approved by the appropriate officials of the Chinese embassy in his own country. It sucks now for new applicants, but it is what it is. Can your friend extend the business visa? Sure, if there is a reason for the person to get one. BUT again, one cannot legally work with payment from China on a business visa. Business visas are for stuff like an import/export person with a company who needs to stay in China more than 30 days to do stuff, or a Representitive of a foreign company coming over to inspect a factory or something similar. Working on anything except a work visa brings severe penalties if caught, including jail time, a possible felony, upwards to 20,000 RMB in fines and deportation for at least five years. NOW, chances are you wont get caught, but is it worth it if your friend can get a real work visa which after the initial bullshit is relatively easy to renew for successive years? Not to mention for the foreigner having legal protection under the law. Illegal workers don't have that. If his boss decides not to pay, what can your friend do, go to the police and admit to an illegal act? Sort of like going to the cops to make a complaint that Bob stole your cocaine. You get it now. Be legal. Business Visas are shit. Good Luck.
  8. Mr. Zheng

    Need a English teacher for my Kid

    I love Chinese babies. They are all beautiful children. Saying that, your child is TOO YOUNG to learn another language. She barely knows how to speak Chinese. Her brain has not developed enough to comprehend learning a new language or learning two different words for one thing, such as "ni hao" versus "hello". I would guess that your child very recently learned potty training. Actually, wait until she is four years old. Only a year and a half away. All four year old children love to talk and chatter and will understand and see foreigners as foreigners and will have a good grasp of her native language of Chinese (Putonghua/Hanyu) and see the difference of people (us) and the language we speak (English). Also, and this is good news, in my experience as a teacher of young learners and people of all ages, that females do much better learning English than males. The female brain is just more adaptable at languages. Just my opinion, and feel you would be wasting your money if you try to teach a 2 1/2 year old. Wait at least a year or a year and half. Enjoy your beautiful baby now. There are plenty of years to start her education!
  9. Mr. Zheng

    Where can I buy lettuce?

    Thank you for the response. No offense, but Fields is ridiculously expensive. As in their prices are way out of whack for what they sell. They used to put ads on my Facebook page and I made so much fun today their stupid pricing, they disallowed my comments (cannot blame them). Someone PM'd me and suggested METRO. METRO's locations are so remote, there should be another option.
  10. Mr. Zheng

    Brett Jolly and his payday loan investment scam- stay alert

    Never trust someone with a stupid name. Brett is a stupid name. Makes you wonder if he was a happy, foolish person, since "jolly" is his last name? "Are you jolly Jolly?"
  11. Mr. Zheng

    Where can I buy lettuce?

    Been here many years, and now am on a diet and have been successful in the early goings. Basically I take supplements all day and then eat a BIG ASS SALAD for dinner with a small meat side. Started this in the USA. I have really enjoyed the salad because I can find LETTUCE everywhere. So, and this might sound dumb, where do you get heads of lettuce in China? I do go to Wet Markets and where the locals shop a bit. And the supply seems to be limited. I am just seeking a ball of lettuce. I do make a mean salad though. Lettuce, red peppers, onion, pico de gallo (can I get that here, don't like tomatoes, although this is basically tomatoes, cherry tomatoes for a substitute) chopped sweet pickles (bringing jars from overseas) raisins. I also lack a real oven and do not wish to fall back into cooking food with oil, but would also like to have a small amount of meat. But I am keeping to mostly a vegetarian plan. Would also like to join a gym, but they are so fking expensive here. I have priced them and just too expensive. I like saunas too. But yeah, where to get lettuce?
  12. Something that annoys me in China concerning the supermarket. You buy two or three bags for home. I do, I use them as garbage bags. Aushan Supermarket has the best bags. I want to steal,a whole lot of them. Lianhua isn't not too bad. But you buy the bags, lay the bags down on the counter, then start ringing your stuff and putting said items on top of the bags. Not IN THE BAGS. When I go marketing, I spend a few hundred RMB for a week worth and I buy a lot of stuff, and it annoys the shit out of me that they are so lazy they won't open a bag and put my shit in it! I am temporarily in Jiaxing and went to an Aushan store here (and a Walmart) and it's the same. Chinese don't shop the same as Americans. Usually buy enough crap for a day or two and then back to the store. Sort of a form of entertainment I guess. It's easier for them to have a few items, sack and leave, but again it sucks when you have a cart's wor and you have to sack, when it should be their job. While on the subject of supermarkets, the guy who invented that farking lock thing on the cart which requires an RMB coin to unlock the cart really deserves to be beaten to an inch of his life, with an elephant brought in to drown the guy in its shit. Damn those things. Forget to bring a coin half the time. These is why God made flunkies to pick up carts. I use to go to parking lots back home with my car and push shopping carts through empty parking lots, up to 100 km/h and then watch them zing off to a new demension. That was oddly fun to me. Shopping carts are indestructible. Just ask Bubbles.
  13. Is there anywhere where one can get a bong? I don't want to smoke some cherry bullshit. I want to smoke the boogie woogie. You know it, I know it, the naked man running down the street juggling his testicles knows it., So what it is?
  14. Mr. Zheng

    Western Style Mattress!

    I also want to know where to get a mattress. I am staying in a place that has a hard bed, and this thing is hard, as hard as sleeping on the floor. The mattresses in jail are softer than this, exactly the same bed I had in my other apartment. Why the hell do Chinese sleep on these? To Ms. Oldham, how much did you pay for your mattress and where did you get it? I already dislike this new place and having a comfortable bed will go a long ways for my health and well being.