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  1. inhz

    PM system not working

    @promotionparty I received your PM and replied. Let me know if you received my reply.
  2. inhz

    Just got my Chinese Driving License

    It would be very helpful if you could write the process here for everyone to see. If they have further question, they can post here as well.
  3. inhz

    Looking for Top Banner Photos

    Let me know when you find such a place, or maybe more realistic, you can find a site where your posts don't get deleted. Anyone who is not happy here is free to go. There can be another expat site, why another expat site cannot use the same idea to display the top banners, if they think it is not a bad idea? All the off-topic posts will be deleted tomorrow. Good night. P.
  4. Hi Ding2go, Now made the quota 4 times larger. You should be able to upload attachment now. When this quota is reached again, we may think of clearing some old attachment to make room for the new ones. Anyway, we will have a backup of all the uploaded files. Thank you. P.
  5. 1. Please choose prefix [offered/wanted] for your topic. 2. Please post non-teaching jobs in the forum ‘Job offered and wanted’ directly, to avoid the non teaching job posts being swallowed up by the teaching job posts, and to give more exposure to non teaching jobs. 非教育岗位直接在‘Job offered and wanted’ 目录下发表,我们欢迎各类跨国企业,合资企业来在这里发布各种用人信息。 3. For teaching jobs, there are two categories divided by location: Hangzhou and not Hangzhou. All Educational institutions have to prove the company has “Certificate Authorizing Employment of Foreign Experts”. Please e-mail to allhangzhou@gmail.com 语言培训机构招聘必须证明其拥有有效的”聘请外国专家单位资格认可证书”,只审核一次,通过的机构在其有效期内加入白名单。 (您可以将证书以照片形式上传至帖中,如涉及隐私,可发送至allhangzhou@gmail.com) 4. This forum is free for all individuals. For-profit companies and institutions which have to post job offers on a regular basis can send e-mail to allhangzhou@gmail.com for paid service. 本论坛免费面向个人求职/招聘。营利性公司/机构可邮件联系allhangzhou@gmail.com咨询相关费用。并推出顶端广告位,前2名有机会获得免费顶部广告位一期. Recommended Title format for job offers 帖子的标题规范 i. Non teaching jobs非教育类 Title/标题: Position/职务+Company name/单位+salary/月底薪 For example/例: Sales Reprensentative @ Alibaba 8000 yuan/ month ii. For teaching jobs in Hangzhou 杭州地区教育类 Title标题: Language/语言+@ company name/单位名称+ location/区位+range of pay e.g. Spanish tutor Near Wulin Square, 150 yuan/hour IELTS trainer @ Alibaba Binjiang RMB500/hour iii. Teaching: Not Hangzhou非杭州地区教育类 Title 标题: Language/语言+ City/城市+range of pay/底薪 e.g. English teacher in Lishui for 10 day summer camp 10000kuai *It is recommended to put as many key words as possible to specify your offer as long as it is within the maximum words allowed in the tiltle. Recommended Post format for job offers 帖子内容的推荐规范 City (job based in, if it is not in Hangzhou): Address[ of working location(s ) in details-add#, street name, district, city, province, country]: Job responsibilities: Job start date: Preferred qualifications: Salary Contact person: Email: Phone: For Educational institutions, you are requested to include following information in your job offering posts. -Educational institution type [college/university, other public schools, private language training center, international school]: -Qualified nationalities (e.g. for English teachers): **It is recommended to put it in details, try to mention all important aspects you think the candidates may concern to not waste both of your time.
  6. inhz

    Violation&Chat Function

    Thank you, Ding2go. That was before I finally reached the person in the hosting co. I finished talking with him around 17.00. I hope there is no restriction on our CPU usage after that. Let's wait till the end of this week.
  7. ---Edited2--- From next week, we will send the Weekly Event Newsletter with a list of upcoming event of the next week to our members by e-mail. We will post a poll or survey next Wednesday after we send out the mail to see how many members can receive the e-mail and how many can not. We hope you could find something interesting or useful for you on the list. If you know or plan to do any interesting event , you are very welcome to share it with us and you can send the detailed information to allhangzhou@gmail.com If you don't want to receive this e-mail, please write to allhangzhou@gmail.com to be removed from the list. Follow the thread if you have other questions. Jake will reply in details. Thank you.
  8. inhz

    This why I like not this site

    We are trying to deal with it. Anyone has a good idea? Should we remove "Teaching: Not Hangzhou" completely? I think the possibility for schools in other cities posting on this forum by themselves is 0 to none.
  9. Of course not. Everyone has right to recommend something. I have said that our recommendation is not only based on sponsorship, but also their service which we think is recommendable to our members. And of course the members have right to complain about a place on this board. We have no problem with that. But if we put up a thread as a promotion, we are not asking for anyone's opinion. Do you know any media refuse to do business with a company because there is people dislike the company's product? Then all the TV station and publication are charity institution. We know you know it all, but there is always a new crowd in town. We are posting it for them.
  10. We will lock all the promotion threads and display no replies to the thread in one day.
  11. Jake is trying to use the new function "colored topic title" to post a topic for our sponsors. In the case of Vineyard, if you know everything, you probably know Rueben's menu only comes out on every Thursday. And he says, there will be weekly update. I don't think Jake did anything in an indecent or disgrace way. Not every sponsor has to buy a banner, further more our banner and thumb position is limited. We can offer our promotion according to how much a sponsor has been doing to support our board, which we are not obligated to report to the members here. Obviously we are recommending these places. Maybe your question is "who are you"? We are recommending these places based on sponsorship and the service offered by a sponsor which can meet the potential demand from some of our members. We are not trying to and we don't have to make the promotion appeal to a certain member. If we don't post promotion, someone will do. At least, we have only one promotion thread per forum; we won't duplicate posting promotion in one or more sub forums. Can you guarantee other members can follow the rules? Or you prefer to see a list of promotion threads on the first page of each forum?
  12. Isn't it your job? if you have to ask here, how can you make us trust your service?
  13. inhz

    can I change my name?

    Hi Mr Kite, Let me know the name you want to use. I will help you change it.
  14. Sorry about that. Corrected. Thank you, Jonny.