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    BBQ and hotpot popular

    There is a new resturant becoming very popular in BinJiang recently! The awesome BBQ way only can be found in this resturant in Hangzhou, and the hotpot food materials come from NengMeng province, so good! Check it! English menu here! Address: King Pot, 4F, JiangJin GuoJi building, AnYe road, BinJiang. (Close to Star avenue) [please reply here, or send me private message to reserve]
  2. We're creating our friends making group, hope to know more friends here!! ;) We'll bring some our friends to join Shanke Sunday night Salsa dancing party. We'd like to offer a free salsa dancing lesson before we go. So the free dancing lesson information is: TIME: 7:30-9:00 pm Sunday (Dec 21st.) LOCATION: 12 F, Yisheng Mansion, Fengqi Road and ZhongHe road Contact: Jamie 13906504960 Join us to make more friends and enjoy the party! (No worry if you never dance before, Jose is very good at teaching beginners.)
  3. Sorry, post so many times, finding how to delete the more ones...
  4. Friday November 28th, Salsa dancing party and free lesson by Jose Ventura at Who's dancing studio (Fengqi road and Zhonghezhong road) 11月28日周五,Whos舞室举办中外萨沙舞交流派对,并有外教Jose 先生为大家教授免费基础萨莎舞 (凤起路和中河中路) We'll be having Salsa dancing party at Who's dancing studio. There will be free salsa lessons with Jose Ventura from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. And then the party will get started with Hot Spanish music that will include salsa, bachata and more. Girls please dress sexy in dresses and high heel shoes, boys please dress smart! Feel the Latin heat at Who's dancing studio. 当晚7:30点至9:00点,外教Jose Ventura将提供萨莎舞指导(免费)。然后萨莎舞派对在salsa, bachata 等激情音乐中开始!我们欢迎参舞的女孩着装性感裙装和高跟鞋,男士请着装正式! 欢迎当天来咨询舞蹈培训信息,加入Whos 舞室,感受心跳拉丁风,接触西方文化,结交新朋友! Add地址:12F, Yisheng Mansion, Fengqi road and Zhonghezhong road 中河北路69号意盛商务大厦12楼 Tel 电话:13906504960; 0571-56053105
  5. Any girls interested? Please call me 13906504960 You can choose hours available for you, during weekend. Thanks for replying, well I'm just simply recruiting here, so please contact me if you or your friends are interested. Thanks.
  6. We're going to take an advertisement at Xihu culture square Nov. 12th (Metro can reach), from 11:30 AM to 4:30PM. We need 4 foreigners, no matter man or woman, young or old. It will cost you only few minutes to take a video. And we'd like to get know you, make friends with TV people. And we may invite you to have a drink at SharesBar if you are free. To join the exciting experience, please call Jamie 13906504960 or jamie_xia@126.com.
  7. Job: Dancing teachers (but not have to know dancing, we will teach.) Location: Fengqi road and Zhonghezhong road Time: Friday nights and weekend. (option) Description: we have a dancing studio, there are some Chinese kids need learn dancing, they are around 3-6 years old. We need female foreigners to teach them. We already have professional Chinese dancing teachers. Chinese teachers will teach you dancing and you teach the kids dancing as well as a little English. Good pay. Please contact Jamie: 13906504960 jamie.xia@rqsgroup.com Thanks