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  1. Just Need rent an apartment. Use the contact to get a resident permit
  2. No. yo are wrong. when i am student in prime school, wahaha school is exsist in shangchen disrict. it is a key schoool. very famous in hangzhou
  3. 你的英语很好,可你不配做中国人。一副哈巴狗的模样。
  4. Sorry. Maybe last week. I talk the political issues.
  5. Hi, Nice to meet you。 But taiwan is not a country. its a parts of china. its a province of china. if you dont admit one china. You are not welcome。
  6. 你好 很高兴认识你 我的同胞
  7. Zhejiang University of Science and Te?
  8. is HIS 浙江科技学院?
  9. live in xixi(西溪) or liuxia(留下) is convenience and cheap for your daugher, xixi had good scene. Bc it is short distance to school and xixiwetland park. live in huanglong, yuquan is convenience for live. Bc there are a lot expat people. and short distance to west lake. but will expensive. Hope my advice will help you.
  10. How to Send Pic in this form.
  11. senior school 8500 per half year. ( one semester )
  12. junior school 8000 per half year ( one semester )
  13. ok the second is for expat child. the public prim school can accept expat child. but need pay for the shool. prime school 7500 per half year.
  14. 15000 per year.
  15. 各区物价局、教育局(社发局),各有关学校: 根据杭州市区学校招生工作有关政策规定,经研究,现就杭州市区中小学校招收外籍学生有关收费问题通知如下: 一、中小学校招收外籍学生的收费项目与国内学生相同,其中小学、初中和高中阶段均可收取学费。 二、公办学校招收外籍学生的学费标准为:小学7500元/生·学期,初中8000元/生·学期,高中(含中等职业学校)8500元/生·学期。 三、民办学校招收外籍学生的学费标准,按价格主管部门核定的该校同年级国内学生的学费标准执行。 四、其他收费,外籍学生与该校同年级国内学生相同。 五、本通知自2014年秋季开学起执行。原在校外籍学生学费仍按原规定的收费标准执行到毕业。杭州市教育局、杭州市物价局《关于杭州市中小学校招收外国学生收费问题的通知》(杭教计〔2004〕46号、杭价费〔2004〕228号)同时废止。