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  1. wjones26

    Looking to buy protein powder...

    Agoda for protein? I'm assuming you posted in the wrong thread lol but if not...what are you smoking?
  2. wjones26


    Anyone know one close to the centre of Hangzhou? I live off Fengqi Road/Yanan Road if that helps. Or at least one near to a metro stop.
  3. wjones26

    How to make an authenic British breakfast

    Kicked by who exactly?
  4. wjones26

    Baby Scam

    What was the thread name or the section it was in?
  5. wjones26

    Baby Scam

    Yeah I know, 500,000 for just having sex is too easy money. The saying goes 'if it's too good to be true, it often is'. I said no to the person before I had even posted this thread, her response was to block me lol It doesn't seem to be a common scam, hence asking.
  6. wjones26

    Baby Scam

    What makes you think this?
  7. wjones26

    Baby Scam

    Looking more into it, there is another possible explanation why. There is the idea that half western/half oriental babies are prettier. Husband is infertile, so if they want a child they need donor sperm anyway. China is short of sperm donors, and foreign sperm donors are not allowed. A typical price allocated towards to a donor is anything between 500rmb- a few thousand Rmb for Chinese. I'm assuming you would get more for 'a white face', if it was legal. Not sure what fees are incurred to the people who want to use the sperm though. A foreign donor would allow them to have a mixed race baby, and the baby would be entitled to citizenship in that country, then they could sponsor the family when they are 21. There are supposedly agencies that deal with this kind of thing, but the price exceeds 1 million Rmb. So they could just be trying to cut out the middle man. It could also be another scam, they give you the deposit when she gets pregnant, the rest when the baby is born. When the baby is born, they could just take off somewhere. You couldn't exactly report them in reality.
  8. wjones26

    Baby Scam

    Messages on wechat. They will add you and in the next day or so they will send a message explaining.
  9. wjones26

    Baby Scam

    Yes, 500,000 is nice but I don't think this money exists. I think this deed would happen, and then she would try and do me over for money.
  10. wjones26

    Baby Scam

    She could just trick someone into coming over for sex, and accidentally get pregnant. She doesn't need to offer someone money.
  11. wjones26

    Baby Scam

    I have been offered the chance to get some chinese girl pregnant for money, on more than one occasion now. Has anyone ever encountered this before, or heard anything about it? I'm presuming it's a scam. Money to have sex with a beautiful girl is too good to be true ha.
  12. Afternoon tea and scones, you posh fuck ha. I am from a small town in England, it's near the Welsh border. Not a place you should visit though lol
  13. wjones26

    Western dating tips needed

    Not interested
  14. wjones26

    Sexy hangzhou girl wait for you

    I don't think the photos would cause any harm, It's more the 'ring me on this number if you want sex' that is intending to cause harm. I think they are wanting to make her look cheap and easy, so she gets a barrage of phone calls/messages from people who either want fun or just want to hurl her abuse.