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  1. Hi.. May I know the measurement of the book shelf please?
  2. amanda89

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    Yeah count me in;)
  3. amanda89

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    On my way:)
  4. Hello, I'm interested in your last post about spending sometimes with your 2 years old baby girl. Are you still looking for someone?

    1. houck


      Yes, are you a native tongue?

    2. amanda89


      I'm Amanda from Indonesia. I can do it on weekend because I still have an internship in children hospital on monday-friday. 

    3. houck



      Could you send your CV to houckmg@gmail.com and I would like to arrange a meeting after checking your CV

  5. amanda89

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    I have no idea, was about to ask the same thing...
  6. amanda89

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    Hi Jule, Ja, it would be nice to hang out sometimes. :)
  7. amanda89

    Hello Hangzhou!

    Welcome to Hangzhou:)
  8. amanda89

    Apartment hunting in Gongshu

    you can try in fang jia hua yuan (方家花苑), or shen hua fu xiao qu (绅华府小区). both are pretty close to intime shopping mall
  9. amanda89

    Paediatric advice in Binjiang.

    Hi, I'm recently doing my internship in children hospital zhugan lane. you can contact me if you need something, ;)