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  1. Professionally trained American speech and vocal coach available for 1-1 oral English, pronunciation and accent reduction sessions. Now scheduling for the Spring Festival break. 200RMB/hour + travel expenses if I come to you. Near Wensan Xi Lu. Call Rob at 138 1764 5190.
  2. Hi, I'd be interested. I'm an American actor and writer with an extensive film and stage background, and will be back in Hangzhou with a lot of time on my hands after tomorrow. Cheers, Rob
  3. Dust off your voices, whet your whistles, and hone your heckling for a fun evening of karaoke at Maya Bar this Sunday, Nov 8, featuring yours truly, American actor/singer Rob Tromp and his incredible selection of roughly 60,000 songs in about 20 languages. Singing will start around 9PM.
  4. ludiofelix

    internet with proxy?

    Problem solved. Apparently the site was just down for maintenance.
  5. ludiofelix

    internet with proxy?

    I'm hoping some kind soul here can help me. I just moved back to China and found that the web site for one of my US bank accounts is inexplicably blocked here. I urgently need to make some online transactions, and don't have any sort of proxy service to get around the great firewall (nor will be able to get such till we move into our apartment at the end of the week). If someone has such a connection, could they please let me use it for a few minutes to take care of this business? It's worth a coffee, drink or lunch to me. PM or SMS 159 5813 7467. Thanks, Rob
  6. Hey, does anyone know of a bar or pub in Hangzhou that might be interested in having an experienced karaoke DJ do a show 1-2 nights a week? Or if you'd like your favorite haunt to offer this, please pester them to give me a PM. I have a great system, with roughly 80K songs in about 20 languages, and a background in comedy - improv and stand up, so it should be a fun night for something different. Cheers, Rob
  7. ludiofelix

    any English language performing arts in Hangzhou?

    Well, my wife got the job she wanted in Hangzhou, so it looks like I'll be spending at least part of my time there, though I'm thinking to shuttle back and forth to Shanghai for auditions and gigs. Looks like I'll be getting to town around Oct 18. If anyone would like to meet up and talk about performing arts prospects in Hangzhou, PM me your contact info. For now, could anyone introduce me to the owners of any bars/pubs that would be interested in having a Western style karaoke night, complete with a very fun/funny KJ and about 100K songs in about 20 languages? I'm hoping to run a gig like this at least once a week in both Hangzhou and Shanghai, as it's one area of fun that is sadly lacking in China and not really met very well by the KTV's, which eliminate the possibility of meeting new people through sharing the love of music and song.
  8. ludiofelix

    any English language performing arts in Hangzhou?

    PS - My Mandarin is passable for day to day life, but by no means fluent. My teacher said I was one of the brightest students she'd taught, but also one of the laziest :)
  9. ludiofelix

    any English language performing arts in Hangzhou?

    Actually, I was the one who started East West in Shanghai back in 2006. I also organized improv and standup performances, coached aspiring actors, taught kid drama classes, etc. If we end up in Hangzhou, as my wife hopes, I'd be looking to do similar things there. Sounds like there may be enough interest to do so. Yup, Hengdian is a nice perk of living in Hangzhou, but the roles for Westerners aren't frequent or generally large enough to sayisfy the artist or his pocketbook, and I'm guessing there's a lot less commercial work than Shanghai.
  10. My wife and I are moving back to China soon, and one of the opportunities she's looking at is in Hangzhou. Since my main hobby is acting, I'm wondering if I'll have much to do there. Are there any theater, improv, standup comedy, etc. groups there? Or actors interested in starting something like that? Is there enough of a market even? What about indie film, TV or commercial work?