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  1. fionawarner

    New to Hangzhou

    Mmm...this sounds very familiar. Nice to meet you, JASMIN FROM AUSTRALIA.
  2. fionawarner

    Public School Work Hours

  3. fionawarner

    New to Hangzhou

    Ah yes, she who zombie-fies posts from way back has finally deigned to introduce herself.
  4. fionawarner


    Ding-dong, the witch is-- oh wait, wrong situation. Anywho, yay, this shit is over. I can FINALLY get the cat food I ordered 2 FREAKING WEEKS ago. //sigh
  5. fionawarner

    Public School Work Hours

    Yep, my husband is working Saturday AND Sunday. He'll be working for 7-8 days straight, then it's Mid-Autumn Festival and he'll probably work some weekend to make up for those days, too.
  6. fionawarner

    Public School Work Hours

    Yeah, I know, argh. I fell for it, hook, line and sinker.
  7. fionawarner

    Public School Work Hours

    If he works for a public school, you bet.
  8. fionawarner

    Public School Work Hours

    You'll work weekends to make up for those missed days, guarantee it.
  9. fionawarner

    Visa entry

    I hate all you guys.
  10. fionawarner

    hangzhou wangxiang polytech

    Avoid this school at all costs.
  11. fionawarner

    How do you drink YOUR water?

    Sorry, I think you got me confused with someone else...
  12. fionawarner


    It's hilarious, the reason they gave for wanting people out of the city. Congestion? Give me a break. They're embarrassed of their own citizens, let's be honest here.
  13. fionawarner

    How do you drink YOUR water?

    In China? Lab tests? Sorry, I'm laughing so hard right now. I don't trust anything in China right now. I don't even go to the hospitals here.
  14. fionawarner

    How do you drink YOUR water?

    Ah, I see the resentment is strong in this one. (I'm trying to not come off as "too" critical. I don't want this forum closed down for seditious behavior)
  15. fionawarner

    How do you drink YOUR water?

    I like my water cold, too. So after I boil the crap out of the tap water to kill the bacteria, I put it through the filter to get the heavy metals and then stick the results in the fridge. I guess I'll find out if my method works if I get/don't get stomach cancer in 10-20 years. Yeah, what you said really makes me not want to get the water delivery, but my two-method water making is not that effective, considering how much water we use on a daily basis.