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    Hi Sandy, in case you haven't got the personal to help you. You may contact me. More details sent to you in a private message.
  2. fito

    Community Manager - niSPACE

    agree wt every single reply from you under this thread. was born here, raised up , and stayed overseas for a decade. a lot of recruiters may not be as professional as expected -- what i found out as part of the retro culture shock experience. as regard to the arguments this person presented... someone did show a thick skin. btw, even for locals, this ad won't get a decent candidate as it clearly lacks common sense about the market rate.
  3. how did things turn out jason? anyone sending you pm? pretty sure most of expats here use wechat... maybe a mobile mini program/ app will be more effective
  4. fito

    Moving to Hangzhou with a dog

    this is obviously an old thread... just in case anyone's still wondering... as of these couple of days the policy has changed. Think twice about having a dog here. found this thread while searching for the eng ver. of the updated regulation and details. according to those 1900~0700 and no-park-no-public-area-no-campus details... literally there's no place for anyone to walk his/her dog...