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  1. I have kept severals pets years ago. Now I want to have a cute pet cat. However, I perfer adoption to purchase. If you are unable to keep your cat for some reason, I would be happy to take good care of him or her. My time allows me perfectly to raise a cat, and love the company of a cat.

  2. Lynn Lee

    Driver's license eye test

    Doubtful, but worth a try.
  3. Lynn Lee

    Driver's license eye test

    while you take the test, you can wear glasses on, so no worries.
  4. Lynn Lee

    Location, Location, Location

    ​I would take dictionary boy as compliment.
  5. ​Anyway, this question got me!
  6. ​Thanks! I need one near Binjiang District, at least not too day. I guess i probably won't find one.
  7. ​I figured that no Christian church near Binjiang District. I am wondering i am asking too much.
  8. I am after a Christian church in or near Binjiang area.
  9. Is there any Christian church in Hangzhou? Hopefully, there is one near Binjiang. If anyone knows one, please tell me the address, will really appreciate your answer.
  10. Does any one happen to know a good masseuse in Binjiang District? Need to relieve pain on neck and back.
  11. Lynn Lee

    Which is/are your favourite Tv series ?

    How about Sherlock Holmes and Game of Thrones? Those two are my favorites.