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  1. add my wechat DutchBanana ... ill add you in the groups..
  2. wechat ID hangzhouinternationa (without the l)
  3. if you scan the qr code and ask the admin to invite you into the groups....
  4. In the olden days there was a QQ group and this website... nowadays its more on wechat... but again you have to start somewhere :)
  5. Chappie

    Another English teacher

    nog een belg! ahmai... zoveel belgen hiero... scan ff de wechat group, zodat de admin (jake) kan je toevoegen aan de buitenlanders groep (er zijn al veel belgen in hangzhou)..
  6. Chappie

    looking for a single man

    youre trolling right eva?
  7. Chappie

    How would one report a website to be blocked?

    If you are tech savy, you can block IP no. of those gambling websites :)
  8. Chappie

    How would one report a website to be blocked?

    Put her on a budget, each month x money she can spend.... Otherwise, these kind people is not curable... Its a common "disease" among many Chinese who live in luxury... Blocked the website is pointless... Its not solving the root...
  9. Chappie

    How would one report a website to be blocked?

    Easy... go to talk to her parents... problem solved... If not? Give her a substitute addiction... I traded my gambling for gaming and smoking... ezzzz
  10. Chappie

    Black girl in Wenzhou--Any nice guys here?

    8 hours away by car...
  11. Chappie

    Moving money out of China

    The swiss france are more or less locked with the euro... its now in a brandwidth.... so reliable? maybe... Its RMB <-"fixed"-> USD <-> EURO/GBP, correct me if im wrong about this... Its a bit outdated knowledge :)
  12. Chappie

    Moving money out of China

    LoL this guy Jas1308... what an annoying loser... deleted and repost again... 15K GBP? oh okay... I wont mention about burning money & brexit :)
  13. Chappie

    Moving money out of China

    I love when people delete their post and repost it again... Oh being a developer in a bank doesnt mean you know the laws... Its a very simple to program those shit. IF(transaction > 9000) { notify alarm(senddata)} etc etc.. depends on which language of course... Yes its 50k usd a year for chinese nationals, private matters for the chinese government. About the 9k or 10k its for your own government. In the EU its 10k euro cash (you need to declare where it does come from), You can transfer money all over the world as long its taxed before and with a legal source. Foreigners can send money more abroad (From yourself to yourself), as long its from a legal source and your government will wonder where it comes from, and have you paid tax over it before (income tax, or "wealth" tax), it varies to each state/country. If its below the 10k usd/euro ... dont worry... if its more... better back it up with papers and evidence... (Due laundry and some stuff). *I dont question your knowledge Bluepasta, but I used to study accountancy back at home. Have also a lot of experience with these kind of matters. Just trying to help him :) and he should check with his own tax laws before doing something...
  14. Chappie

    Moving money out of China

    All ducking true till the 3rd paragraph... you have to declare at your tax department... where does the money comes from... what source and have you declared income over it...
  15. Chappie

    Going to study in Hangzhou

    jeetje... een belg! gij zult een landgenoot vinden in de wechat groep :) veel plezier geluk afz noorderbuur