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  1. es sind viele deutschers in hangzhou, binjiang aber sind alle halb oder 1 jahre... viel gluck mitt suchen :)
  2. Chappie

    Second Hand Router V*N for sale

    1. Either software VPN or 2. Router preconfig VPN Software (you pay a subscription) Preconfig VPN (it works untill the server goes down... then you have a useless router...)
  3. Chappie

    English teachers needed

    Just people are having some issues with racial discrimination and being selfish... the "status" of foreigners is more or less like Caucasians > Latino's > Africans > Asians Its not only here in Hangzhou, but everywhere... I personally care about people's nationality... If you are purple bloody yank... you are an American...
  4. Chappie

    Hi all

    Harras Jake, buy him a coffee (just kidding), he will kidnap you and drop you into the wechat groups
  5. Chappie

    Any good clubs in Hangzhou for foreigners?

    Get Didi/Uber Go to Ellens Every Saturday...when I take the last bus from Linan back to Hangzhou ... Its packed with Foreign students, all heading to Ellen's... G+ will open next to Queens... (BaochuRoad) Pai/Par is next to HuangLong (walking distance from Ellen's) 9 Club (bar) also... H-Linx is still crappy as before... Where were the old good times with Wahaha or Babyface... Still waiting for a BIG international DJ coming to Hangzhou... :( PS. Students go terrorize SOS for me would ya? That club has been already for here a decade... I still hate that club for kicking me out for being a non-foreign looking person...
  6. Chappie

    Starbucks Coffe

    Yes... free wifi (many places has free wifi...)
  7. Chappie

    Current best pizza in HZ

    Misleads pizza is quite okay... Domino's is for me fastfood pizza, its acceptable Pizza hut AVOID AT COST! Other fancy places like amigos... Ive been spoiled with pizza (have family living in Milan, Florence and Rome) Gatto Matto seems a good place (heard from my american co-workers... read american...) Most of the time I go to my friends restaurant... Not super awesome but the prices are very decent (Im dutch... we are greedy...). I always wait when he just come back from milan, then he brings some real good salami and chorizzo!
  8. Chappie

    2 year or more residence permit

    RP depends on your work permit. If you have a working permit for 10 years... you get a RP for 10 years... You can get a longer RP if you have a different permit than working... In the near future there MIGHT be changes... (April)
  9. Chappie

    Typhoon coming to a Town near you

    Im even praying that a typhone will HIT Hangzhou! So I can have some days off from work :D Xiamen is pretty far away from Hangzhou, Always the same story... Lots of floodings and some unnecesaary deaths..
  10. Chappie

    Forum Activity

    One of the reasons why I stopped visiting hzexpat is the the amount of stupid questions... Most questions can be anwsered by a search... of by google... The worst thing is most new users think they are the man! I respect the people who have more posts or stayed here longer than me. The youngsters nowadays thinks its like reddit... Many things you can look it up in the "magazine", I used to use the forum for the newest stuff and to meet up new people. At the end of the day... Wechat will take over the most of our digital communication in China. I totally agree with San on this one, I know one of the biggest dutch Techsite, they have a forum also... If you are ask a stupid question, you get instantly banned. Unless you wrote that you did all the research and nothing gives you the proper answer. One of the reasons why I started the idea of meetings last year is that FOPS and Dinos is help each other. Actually its very easy... to solve this issue... make a topic, so all questions that has been asked before... people can ask again... Its very hard for me to understand how people can communicate in a quick, selfish and fast-food like way... I was really tired of the poeple how rascists the police were before the G20. They have no clue how BAD IT WAS FOR ME! So stop bitching around and talk how we can solve this shit. At the end of the day... We foreigners we have to stick together and try to help each other out. The more common we have, the more likely Ill help you out.
  11. Chappie

    G20 security checks harassments

    First of all... If you guys think the police are being racists towards foreigners ... Trust me... They aren't... Second they are just doing their job because their supervisors are idiots. Third the stazi is nothing compared with the current situation... One small peek of my life last week... Gets in a bus to hk tower... Nothing special... Transfer to a B line... The police is standing... Checking everything... Asking for my id card (身份证). I say I don't have... He repeats again... I say I don't have... Hukou or other Chinese documents.. I don't have! He calls his colleagues, I show my passport. He said show me your ID card! I repeat again I don't have a Chinese ID card! I get busted send to the police station. 1 hour later, no apologies or what ever they released me. Apparently they found out I have a foreign nationality with all the right documents and not a Chinese. At the west busstation, more police... Same story... This time they asked which country am I from The Netherlands... But you are Chinese... #Facepalm... I had to explain that I'm a huayi.. Chinese ancestors. So you are Chinese they replied! #whatever... Get in a short distance bus, show my bags and show my liquids... Same story in the city or local busses... On the way back.... The city busstation.. They renovated the whole busstation. 2 new scanners and 2 metal detectors. And a lot more police! Empty my Pockets, put in a basket and walk through etc etc etc.. Just like at the airport... Now the second phase.. 2 desks with 4 police noobs... Asking the same question.. This time there was a French speaking African. They asked passport.. Checks the photo and he gets through... My turn... Id card... I showed and said passport.. He said passport is useless here in China... ID card! I don't have an ID card... He stood up and the others also. I grab my passport and showed my resident permit... I shouted.. What is this! And what is this Passport! Does it say China anywhere? Sit down do your job before I become really angry. Then he started to interrogating me... Where do I live, what do I do, why was I here, where do I go, etc etc... I respond.. I live in hangzhou... I work in linan... I travel everyday. He asked why do you work here... It should be the other way around... Live in 临安 work in 杭州... Well am I a NORMAL person here in China? So guys... There are idiots and people who are just following orders from idiots. If you think are being discriminated by the police or by the people ... Stop complaining...
  12. Chappie

    IS this normal:

    Etnocentrism... What is normal for it seems not normal for others.. It's already more than a decade that my country legalised gay marriage... I can't say the rest of the world are just barbarians? Some things can be prevented... By doing things by yourself. Some you have to point them out... If I'm in the suburbs of hangzhou.. Im not surprised if a kid just pees out on the street... If I see a mommy with her big ass suv near hz tower, opens the door and let her son pee near the hermes store... I always say... 农村人就是 农村人。。
  13. Chappie

    Voluntary Resignation

    There is a minimum and maximum... Get ready to get ducked...
  14. Chappie

    Inter-city bus travel

    http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/557618428.html?fr=ala&word=黄龙集散中心到舟山&device=mobile&ssid=0&from=844b&uid=0&pu=usm@2,sz@1320_1001,ta@iphone_2_5.0_3_537&bd_page_type=1&baiduid=2D0A900406B881708A117C3B67B57726&tj=zhidao_2_0_10_l1 Google is your friend... Euh... Baidu is friend :)
  15. Chappie

    Moved to Hangzhou

    Helaas zijn er niet veel Nederlanders hiero in Hangzhou, ik ken wel een paar veteranen... een is San5324... ff kijken of lennie ook reageert.. anders voeg ik jullie toe op wechat groep :)