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  1. Hi how are u dear please i want to have a private talk with you but i`m not often here contact me to my email is important( fatimsambo8@gmail.com

  2. If you could teach me a little more spoken English, it would be better.
  3. Welcome to HZ. I used to lived in Harbin for 4 years , for my university . Close to Russia. There are many Russians there . They told me that Russia is a very beautiful country. They also let me see how the Russians can drink !!! Because of they have stay in China for many years, their chinese is pretty good.You will be same soon. If you want to know more about HZ . You can send me private message Nice to meet you
  4. ming.liu

    Niall - Brit, sort of new

    Hi Niall. Welcome to hangzhou .You will like this beautiful city soon when you set foot on this city . You attend zhejiang university to study Chinese? Good! Which campus are you going to? zhejiang university has four campuses in Hangzhou
  5. ming.liu

    Looking for a place to live.

    Where to live depends on where you work.My friend
  6. ming.liu

    Moving to HZ next week

    welcome to hangzhou. You are born and raised in China . Can you speak Chinese?哈哈
  7. ming.liu


    Report I hope hangzhou left a good impression to you
  8. Hello everyone I am a Java programmer worked in Alibaba Group. I lived in HangZhou YuHang WuChang street. near the Alibaba Park . My name is LiuXiaoMing.You can also call me Jason. Jason is my english name I want to improve my english.Now I recite the words every day. I have gone through many Chinese city and scenic spots up to now .For example: Harbin, Mudanjiang, Changchun, Shenyang, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou and so on . I can tell you the story about every city I haven gone, of course, my Mandarin Chinese is very good and standard I have lived in Harbin for 4 years and in Beijing for 1 year . If you were near me . Or you want to learn Chinese .Or you just want to make friend with me .I hope you can send me a message or reply me.I am a optimistic, Talkative, lovely boy. We can chat, sing, drink, eat, study,travel together at weekend or After work I'm looking forward to meeting you !!!!!!!! This is a photo of me My location is here E53F9A08-87CD-4741-985F-B5B06060D3C6.tiff
  9. ming.liu

    A new member of hangzhou Expat

    yes,You are right ! that is me
  10. ming.liu

    A new member of hangzhou Expat

    An excellent explanation! aha
  11. ming.liu

    A new member of hangzhou Expat

    There are very few foreign programmers in the China,I had seen many foreigners' code.I found that their code is very organized, code provisions are very complete, that a lot of Chinese programmers are not as enticing a prospect. They all patience in a hurry and be anxious for success.Always think to finish tasks, but does not pay great attention to the quality of the code
  12. ming.liu

    Getting this a lot...

    Maybe I can give you some help If you need I am a JAVA Programer
  13. ming.liu

    A new member of hangzhou Expat

    Maybe your students don't like English.They also do not know how important English is for them . When I was a student ,I also don't like English very much like them. Until one day, I suddenly understand what I want to do in the future. I begin to knew how Important English is In my life. When I begin to understand your words slowly.Communicate with you.Two different types of culture in the collision in the world It made me so exciting In my mind. How amazing!! Although, I need to experience a long time to adapt and learn.Including now!
  14. ming.liu

    A new member of hangzhou Expat

    hi ,My friend: We seem to have a lot in common. I was able to read some of the simple statement .If the statement is more complex,I need Google Translation‘s help. I wish I can communicate in English fluently with you One Day What was your major in college to learn ? A java programmer? or A Database Administrator?