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  1. hangzhouvian

    Cobbler, shoe/boot repair location

    Most of the shoe shiners can glue sport shoes.
  2. hangzhouvian


    It's a great museum. The displays are excellent and well-explained. A very large park with walkways and secluded tea houses. A top notch museum. 4 of us took a taxi and with paper, fingers and a watch, the driver was waiting for us at the front door two hours later. (It's a short treck from the bus stop).
  3. hangzhouvian

    Transferring money abroad

    San and Ding seem to agree on two items: have a friend make the transfer and 2 it's a pain in the Patootie for a guest in China to make any monetary transfer at any bank. Now, to a more important question: What is a YORDLE?
  4. Nobody has mentioned public high/middle schools. There a few of them in HZ and offer similar pay and.benefits similar to public universities. The major benefit of the middle school over a university is foreign teachers are not allowed to give exams nor to assign grades to middle school kids. You would examine, correct exams, assign grades and fill out reports at a university. Lots of responsibility and work.
  5. hangzhouvian

    ATM Transaction fees

    4 months is a short time. I feel that the hassle of opening a bank account isn't worth the effort. International ATM cards will entail bank fees. You have to decide whether the fees are the lesser of two evils.
  6. hangzhouvian

    Cleaning/maid service?

    I spent 6 years teaching in HZ. My school (all schools) have a large contigent of underemployed people: cleaners, kitchen drudges, bicycle guards, etc. I asked for a cleaning lady and the school assigned one. I paid 400 kuai per month with double time on holidays, one month' s salary for new year and summer holiday when I was away. She came 5 days per week (her choice) for 2 hours. After a week or two she learned what I wanted and for 6 years I had the cleanest home in HZ. So, ask your employer for help. If you are dissatisfied with the person/service, it will reflect on the person who recommended her and s/he will lose face. This was 10 years ago so I'm not familiar with current wages.
  7. hangzhouvian

    Is there a vapeshop somewhere?

    @Xisthur. You don't want waste a couple of hours to score some juice?? Aah, the sloth of modern youth! When I was a boy (1950's) a popular cigarette slogan was "I'd walk a mile for a Camel".
  8. hangzhouvian

    Anybody ordered bread here?

    My first attempt at baking bread in HZ was years ago and I used a Wok; didn't have any other pans. Well, the bottom burned black and the top was soft and mushy. I had no success until I bought a counter-top oven for about 500 RMB. I baked with baking powder and/or soda until I found a package of yeast (barm) in one of the markets. From that point, my bread baking career took off like a rocket. All of my North American/European colleagues were steady customers (whether the bread was that great or because I gave it to them, I don't know). In my travels throughout the markets and shops, I have also come across some bread making machines: mix it at night, plug it in and wake up to fresh, hot bread. It's not very difficult and the ingredients are easily found (well, you may have to scrounge for yeast) and a couple of tries should put you into bread heaven. If you succeed, have a BYOB party. You "B" will be the bread, the guests can bring their own version of "B"
  9. hangzhouvian


    A few of the larger supermarkets carry bacon. It's all packaged and you can't taste nor smell it. However, if you see see something that looks good, try it. You may get something good as well as something bad. It's the luck of the draw.
  10. hangzhouvian

    Coffee beans for home grinding

    Well, hey, why not reply to an old mail??? Sometimes there is nothing better to do. I have bought coffee from the shop on Zongshan Beilu and the guy has a good selection. However, the "coffee culture" isn't as advanced here as in Europe, OZ or the US. Thanks to the computer one can order coffee from almost any place on earth. I order my coffee (Tanzanian Yrgacheff and Sumatra Black Satin coffee from www.coffeeam.com It's located in the US state of Georgia and I like the coffee. I order a 5 pound bag of each and that lasts me a year. We all have family and friends who visit us now and then and they happily bring it. (I order it, pay with credit card and have is shipped to my soon-to-be-visitors. Same trick applies to cigars and pipe tobacco). We all visit our homelands every year or so and can bring it along in checked baggage.
  11. hangzhouvian

    Want to donate clothing, where?

    I gave many books to my school's library, to friends, to the ZJ library, the folks at the English corners snapped them up. Very popular were children's books, Bobsy Twins, and others of that ilk. They are pretty elementary but a student can read them easily and understand almost everything without help.
  12. hangzhouvian

    Inexpensive hotels for foreigners.

    Most of the old universities have/had guest hotels. Not sure if the new campuses (campi?) in Xiasha included them in the recent building spree but it's something to look into.
  13. hangzhouvian

    Which KTV did dude fall down the elevator shaft?

    Zheng, this report "made my day". 10 minutes after reading this, I'm still laughing. Many tanx.
  14. hangzhouvian

    North Face Winter jackets for sale

    Sorry, I can't help you on a Hangzhou location to fix any problems. The US warranty requires one to mail the product to the .US corporate headquarters. Check the website for locations in other countries. The only warranty/guarantee of quality that I have ever experienced here in HZ is the "threshold" warranty. The warranty is valid until the product passes the seller's threshold.
  15. hangzhouvian

    North Face Winter jackets for sale

    For what it's worth: A few years ago I was in a shop which sold North Face products and the prices were far lower than the US prices. I e-mailed the North Face USA office and asked if 1) this was an official shop and 2) whether North Face would honor its warranty. It took a couple of days and the answer was: 1) yes and 2) yes. The North Face warranty is perhaps the best in the clothing industry. "ANY problem, return it and it will be repaired or replaced. Our son bought a North Face winter jacket about 30 years ago. 5 years later the zipper broke and he returned it. Result: A new jacket; free. A few years later he had a problem with the sewing in the replacement jacket. Result: A new jacket; free. Your mom got one of the best products available. Too bad that they don't fit. If I needed one, I would buy it yesterday. However, my North Face jacket, which is 20 years old, is still in excellent shape and it should last me another 20.