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  1. Also 10 hours after my comment and not a single response. Strange huh
  2. Could be legit, but some things are what very very strange, very suspicious if you ask me. 1. No doc speaks English?? 2. No mention on the hospital, name of zee brother or way to contact him 3. Dana his name on the other hand is giving in the original post with the question for information about him.
  3. Hope your info will help the dude out.
  4. What is your brother his name? What hospital is he in? What phone number can be used to contact him? Also what does Dana Coe has to do with this? Why would you not mention your brother his name but you do mention Dana? Were you scammed by Dana and now you need more information? U can find everything on zee internet. Wow the plot is getting more interesting.
  5. You sound like you know a lot that's really great , but we both know that in a situation, especially in court that the guy who wins (say 97%) is a Chinese person.
  6. My spider senses are tingling.
  7. But dont you think it is a bit odd, that he is not supplying people? Hell if I was in his situation I would have spammed this message board with the information and how to reach him.
  8. Lol it's in the daytime 24 here and at night 16.
  9. I don't know why they never do that. I've seen it in different companies with people in the same situation.
  10. Makes sense that the ta are not doing anything. They all want to push you in a corner so you quit the job. Just think about the money u make and that's it, arrive at time and leave at time. F them.
  11. I smell bullshit. West coast and China time is 12 hours so if it is for you 9pm, it would be 9am in China. Do you really think that not even 1 doc is able to speak zee English?
  12. Can be worse, he can be a ginger too.
  13. Why? It is quite common you chines people take abuse of a situation. Why do you think Chinese people who come alone are not allowed to attend an English spoken church sermon?
  14. Lmao, all shit related to prostitution, massage, and everything else got shot down 4 years ago. That's why all of the girls went to wechat. It is just a matter of time till China locks everything and they will start coming Feb with banning all VPN services. Good luck on the intranet if you are srill there.
  15. wow, i am sure you are such a great husband and father to your children. What a fuckin twat you are.