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  1. san5324

    Zhejiang University Accommodation

    U mean yuwuan right? It's best to make a reservation for the liu xuesheng (foreign student building) as soon as possible if u don't want to share a room with somebody else in the 31 building. And if I can give u another tip, ask for a room opposite of the hospital. That's the best place because nobody would bother u when people are outside drunk or what not. ;)
  2. san5324

    Coming in July

    I never had any problems buying size 44. In hz. All Nike stores and even my favorite hz sneakers store always had my size man.. For jeans just go to the Armani store, they have size for foreigners too.
  3. san5324

    Second Hand Router V*N for sale

    Exactly, and in this case I believe number 2 already happened.
  4. san5324

    Second Hand Router V*N for sale

    U need software otherwise the hardware (router) will not work. Kinda sneaky that u don't mention that.
  5. Are u serious? I see so many mistakes in your comment its not even funny.
  6. san5324

    Charcoal doesn’t exist anymore.

    I saw the original cook (from South Africa) when I was doing my last visa for my last term at the uni, so this had to be beginning of 2017. He was already gone there because the owner wanted to turn it into a Chinese restaurant. I lived at gudun road so for me it was deff not the middle of nowhere, it was about 20 min walking.
  7. san5324

    New members - the way of forums

    I can't believe people are this daft.. Again in capitals so people might finally understand.... YOU DON'T INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE, THIS IS JUST TO INTRODUCE OTHER DAFT PEOPLE TO STANDARD WAYS OF USING AN INTERNET FORUM.
  8. san5324

    Looking for a flat in Hangzhou

    U are most likely not allowed to stay off campus because u are only here for 6 months.. Besides, the chance is close to zero to find an apartment for just 6 months because all want a contract for a year... And again, your rent price will not get u anything anyways... Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.
  9. san5324

    Moving to HZ in July

    Every gym gives yoga classes but they are always packed. There used to be a big group meeting up for walking but I'm not sure they are still in hz.
  10. Lol, dat gaat echt wel gebeuren. O, and don't expect to become fluent in 1 term, even when u have a solid basic. That will never been able to do due to the short time.
  11. san5324

    Dongpo Rou is the shit! Change my mind.

    White rice is just empty cal... Great job of losing weight, congrats.
  12. san5324

    Gym with a pool

    Young's... Can't miss it.
  13. san5324

    Good bread in Hangzhou

    U need to go to yanan road, u have a Starbucks on the corner of a shopping mall, 2 stores left from that you will find a bread store, I forgot the name.. I hope it is still there because I haven't been there for a year. It had really great bread. This shopping mall is on the Southside of yanan road. So that's is the opposite side of hz tower.
  14. san5324

    Gym with a pool

    I used to go to Young's, I'm pretty sure they have one in your district too.. My old gym had a sauna and a swimming pool..
  15. san5324

    Coming to Hangzhou from Germany / UK

    Still not very long. Most of us almost stayed a decade.