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  1. san5324

    need a english tutor

    are you a girl? If not then you are clearly not a "teacher" too.
  2. You got to be kidding. Look at the decoration of the "living room" and you think foreigners are stupid enough to fall for this shit?
  3. san5324

    Black girl in Wenzhou--Any nice guys here?

    And u also didn't noticed she was looking for people in wenzhou huh...
  4. san5324

    Kung fu, wushu at hangzhou

    Early weekend starts at 6... :)
  5. Hmm so it's no problem posting this wechat number but you guys go north Korean control style over anybody who put their number here..
  6. san5324

    Kung fu, wushu at hangzhou

    It's the cross wen yi road / hushu Nan road. Originally the name of the park is hushu gongyu but due to the many people practicing wushu there it is called wushu gongyu.
  7. san5324

    Kung fu, wushu at hangzhou

    Quite many places actually. My old master doesn't teach anymore but my other master teach at Hu su Nan lu in a park people called wushu gongyu (wushu park). He teaches Sanda but also bagua, baji, taiji and tanglang. U can call him he laoshi... Do u speak any Chinese? Will make it much easier for u.
  8. san5324

    Selling things we can't ship

    I'm sure it's going to be the last one, because we all know most landlords don't let u change anything in their house, so good luck selling that sofa doe that price.
  9. san5324

    Selling things we can't ship

    Good luck with those prices.
  10. san5324

    need a english tutor

    Are you a chick Aaron?
  11. san5324

    Contract Lawyers for English and Chinese

    Why don't u check in sh? Much better chance than in hz.
  12. san5324

    Dentist - urgent

    I used to go to sir run shaw hospital, doctor cao has to be the best dentist I've ever met. She is caring, speaks great English. I guess it's over priced, to see a doc on srss now cost 360 rmb, or at least last year.
  13. Naw man I left China last year, I am still burning stupid people and their stupid questions (if people only would do a search every once in a while before they ask the same stupid question again)... And helping other people in between ;p