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  1. Hangzhou Business Partner Wanted

    O dear lord this is the third time already. Give it some time for people to react man.
  2. What blue is saying is 100% truth.. They are like fake. Best to bring a Chinese friend with you because they are going to Rip you off. I will also add to blue his points the most scam they all use. For example you will say you want a 2 bed room apartment with a separate living room ( normal for us right) then they will bring you to many crappy places with no living room or with 1 bedroom turned into a living room.. Wjen they get you all tired up they will show you what you want but the price is much much more expensive. They hope u will take it because you are all messed up from all the stress and going trough the crappy apartments... Keep that in mind :p
  3. Creating jobs for the poor, all over the world!

    Do you guys provide a legal z visa? What kind of salary do you offer? Aren't those 2 the main questions that would be the most important to mention?
  4. Nursery School

    Well I'm pretty sure u will not find any other place. Maybe a dual language school but that's it.

  6. Need a foreign psychologist

    Untill the moment is there that that doesn't work anymore haha. I can give u a great tip, don't go to Japan hahah.
  7. From Bristol, UK to Hangzhou

    Hey good luck with your trip, I'm sure you find our that July is going to be quite hot (and August) haha ;p it's gonna be 38+ for quite some time when u are there and dont be surprised it will be 42 for some time either.
  8. Foreigner Hairdresser in Hangzhou

    There is a "traditional" barbershop in hz owned by a hk dude. I have been there once and it sucked. Your best bet is shanghai.http://docguthries.cn/en/homepage-2/ Ask for Anna, she cut my hair and she is really good. She is from murrica.
  9. CCB bank key

    Chinese new year is about to begin you ducked. Maybe ask your work to let them pay you cash So u can survive the holiday ? No idea why u haven't thought about this yourself, it's called common sense. Good luck
  10. Chinese new year

    Otherwise I would be happy to have some coffee with u ;p
  11. Chinese new year

    Supermarket is open, at least the ones where I lived. The smaller stores are all closed.. The problem is that the supermarket will not restock a lot so your best bet will be buy a lot of everything the week leading up to cny. That's what I did and never had any trouble.
  12. Chinese new year

    Lol I am the wrong person to ask. I'm not in hz anymore, I just like to help our genuine people with questions. Besides, those coffeeshops will be closed too ;p
  13. EF adult centre location

    Lol good luck :)
  14. EF adult centre location

    I hope they are providing you with a proper z visa. Sounds a bit fishy if they havent replied yet.