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  3. Vanaf 2010 was het verboden om huizen te kopen als buitenlander. Does anybody know anything more if it is possible for a foreigner to buy a house? I don't mean when you married to a Chinese lady, I mean the foreigner alone? I do know that you need to have a cc obtained in China and it was almost impossible to get that. This was around 2010 so I am a bit out dated.
  4. Ik ben vrijwel zeker dat buitenlanders geen huizen kunnen kopen in hangzhou. @Chappie oy dude what is your experience about this?
  5. I'm so proud of you that somebody is able to take my place ;p
  6. - автовыкуп дорого

  7. There deff were 2 g+. Lol. I can see it is quite hard being gay in China. Hope the dude finds what he is looking for.
  8. I checked it for you, go to the third page in the love section, 6th post from above called "Gay Coffee Night" it is from 2014.......
  9. There were a few gay dudes on the website. You should browse trough love section they had a post there for regular meetings .. Maybe a few of them are still around.
  10. I haven't been there I just wanted to help you a bit. Is English really needed? External style like Thai boxing should be easy enough to learn from seeing . I practiced internal style of wushu like that myself. I also couldn't speak a word of Chinese. I'm sure some of their students speak English.
  11. I actually had great shnitzel there hahaha.
  12. Oh crap you are right... Sorry about that :(.
  13. I noticed that too when I was still there. Same goes for Eudora station. When that opened up back in the thizay they were really on top of their game. Now their food is just a former shadow.
  14. Actually, the steak in New York burgers & steak is pretty proper. That place and my favorite HK style restaurant I always used to go were my to go places ;)
  15. With delivery the price was not more expensive than 470 i guess. Would be delivered in 2 or 3 days. The owner Shaun is a real stand up dude and does not cheat people. He is from the philepines.