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  1. I always used the stuff u put in the electricity socket. Worked like a charm for me, and don't confuse mosquito bites with the tiny flies around trees.. They fly through your clothes and they bite and it looks like mosquito bites on xtc lol.. They will be gone in October so that is almost haha
  2. Do all the things u haven't done.. And cram them in 2 weeks time then u have the remaining time of chilling without remorse.
  3. You know what I really can't phantom, but people take on positions in a different country without even checking for their kids education.
  4. san5324

    Price of Renting Apartment

    That sucks man :(
  5. san5324

    In Hangzhou to study, looking for an apartment

    U are absolutely right, I have lived in hangzhou for 9 years but what do I know...
  6. san5324

    Price of Renting Apartment

    How u doing bro?
  7. san5324

    Here from Melbourne

    So you would be smart to share your location with people.
  8. san5324

    English teachers needed

    He is not in China.
  9. san5324

    Student visa - leaving before semester ends

    Well, if they are here on an exchange project their school back home might want it? I don't know.
  10. san5324

    Student visa - leaving before semester ends

    They probably mean they can't provide any certificate before the terms end.
  11. san5324

    New members - the way of forums

    Yup certain people I have to mean or they just don't understand things..
  12. san5324

    Black woman for White or Asian Guy

    Lmao :)
  13. san5324

    Black woman for White or Asian Guy

    Lmao... I can't believe how naive you are Danny boy
  14. I hope you have insurance because u will need it.. Go to sir run shaw hospital at Qing Chun road. To see a doc cost you 360rmb
  15. san5324

    i am lady,need guy for oil massage

    Lmao @ the horny bastards pablo and blessed... It's 2 years old dummies.
  16. san5324

    Any jiu jitsu/mma/boxing gyms in Hangzhou?

    U can also check www.morehangzhou.com for more info on classes.
  17. san5324

    Banking issues

    U need to change it to sterling first anyway.
  18. san5324

    Price of Renting Apartment

    LMAO,,... maybe 5 years ago, and then you had to move all the way west...now u should think for worn down appartments,, I guess in the 4200+ category.
  19. san5324

    Banking issues

    Welcome in the hell that is called banks in china. I hope you can show them proof that you work here legally otherwise u cant even send 1 rmb.
  20. san5324

    English teachers needed

    Hahaha social justice warriors finally reaches China huh...
  21. san5324

    Attending Zheda this fall

    Just be fast with registration and mention you want the over sea building.. You can not bring any heaters inside, you just need to buy a small one and sneak it inside, I did that too. And pm2 in hz from October to March is prob between 200 and 650... So if I wear you I would buy a xiaomi air filter and use it in your room non stop.. They are quite cheap around 800..
  22. san5324

    work visa

    Can u please share the name of the company? I'm kinda curious because normally only native English speaking people are allowed.. I should think twice f they told you it doesn't matter.
  23. san5324

    Dutch family arriving in May!

    Dus je bedoelt eigenlijk dat je gewoon Nederlandse bent...
  24. san5324

    Bike wanted

    Have you checked taobao? I'm sure u can find it there.
  25. san5324

    Experiences with Hangzhou Pet Quarantine?

    For the love of God, if u just look at the first few topics u see a guy from turkey who brought his dog in China via hz Airport.