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  1. Internet Censorship Crazy in China...

    Temper Temper..... :P
  2. Hello! British expat in Yuhang, Hangzhou

    In west lake district on Jiao gong road there is a building called Europe America building. It's on the right side when u arrive at tianmushan road / Jiao gong road cross.. Say about 3 minutes walking u can't miss it. U will see a McDonald's, you have to walk around or and u will see a burger King and then a little bit further u will see a tailor. I got my suit custom made there for my wedding and it is top notch. I paid like 4k and got a made shirt and tie with the suit.
  3. Haida education

    I think the dude is just a troll and is trying to look for people they can use and abuse. Anybody with commen sense will look the company up and will see the hundreds of warnings online.
  4. Question, first you say people should apply BEFORE december 5th and now you tell people to wait UNTIL December 5th?

    That might be the case yeah. I use to think I would be safe in liuxia and even further in liuhelu but that also was not the case.

    Lmao. Dafucc do you think would happen? I'm not impressed bro. I like to help people, especially people who don't know the rules. If I can save some fresh off the boat dude by helping him not spend 3k and probably another 4k to "buy" it back from the police then I'm quite happy.

    Fake news? Don't bring that bullshit here ok. They sell it just as they sell gasoline scooters every where. They are also not legal. You can not get a legal real plate for that ebike so don't act all innocent. I deff don't buy it and hope that with my comment some new in hz person will not buy it either.

    Pretty smart your friend wants to sell it now. The police will start their yearly razzia that starts in december till the start of the Chinese new year. A bike like that will be taken away in a heartbeat.
  9. Haida education

    O dear lord. Just google haida for yourself and believe what you see there. And maybe you should brush up on your Inglish skills?
  10. Coffee grounds

    U can go to Hangzhou Tower's supermarket (its in the C building. It is not really far from Yuquan... U can walk there (I used to do that alot) from yuquan. You just go to tianmushan road and take a right.. When you walk it is about 25 minutes.
  11. Do you guys provide a z visa? I guess that's the most important.
  12. Hotel for pets

    I personally would never put my babies in a place like that. I would ask a friend of mine to stay in my place for the time I would not be there.
  13. Looking for a gym with pole fitness

    I dont think you should expect a lot from the gyms there they are all the same no matter where you go. Over crowded places with people that dont use a towel after they are finished with the machine and never put the stuff back where they get it from. They all offer the same kind of yoga, sort of dancing and some kind of taebo class.
  14. New members - the way of forums

  15. English Speaking Hairdresser in HangZhou

    How have u been?
  16. a Dutch coming in

    Hey veel plezier in hz ;p
  17. How to survive hell (or a Hangzhou summer).

    What challenge are you talking about?? I dont need to make a bet with newbies.
  18. How to survive hell (or a Hangzhou summer).

    Let's see if you can handle the humidity of 96+ and a temp of 42 degrees celcius for a few weeks straight in hz .. Hell a few years ago it was so hot in China car tires were exploding because of the hot streets in bj. Ow and add the air pollution in the mix.. Trust me this is a cocktail you have never tried before.
  19. How to survive hell (or a Hangzhou summer).

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Lets come back to this message next year August shall we?
  20. Hangzhou doesn't really have a lot of Phil people, I mean compared to Shanghai of course. I guess that would be your best bet.
  21. Good Orthopedic hosptial in hangzhou?

    Normal check you can go everywhere you like, unless it's all the way in the sticks. I guess every normal hospital has an mri.
  22. Good Orthopedic hosptial in hangzhou?

    You should go to Shanghai and search for the hospital called Wooridul. I have done 3 back surgeries in the past there and there is no better place you can go. This is a specialized hospital only focusing on your back. Good luck.
  23. Apartment

    Why don't u check out any of the agencies in the area you want to live in? Best to take a Chinese friend when u go there.