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  1. san5324

    Any gay to hang out??

    You can try to find out who they are and send them a private message to find more info where they ate and ask about the scene.. Don't give up so fast.
  2. Just go to edit your post?
  3. san5324

    Any gay to hang out??

    There was actually quite a big group of gay / bi people in the past... U need to check the website for some of their posts, they actually got together on a weekly basis...
  4. san5324

    "Doctor" Matt Marko at it again

    Who fuckin cares.
  5. What fuzz are u talking about?
  6. san5324

    Apple store in Hangzhou

    Biggest apple store of China is in Hangzhou at yanan road.
  7. san5324

    Chinese New Year

    Nope everything will be closed.
  8. san5324

    Stuck for work here :-) Ukrainian in Hangzhou

    Hey awesome Pic, hope you will enjoy hz :)
  9. That has nothing to do with anything...
  10. O so now u start to act like the typical Chinese who cant take any thing negative about the big China huh.
  11. Please explain why u think I speak nonsense.
  12. san5324

    ARGAN OIL (cosmetic)

    Fuck off
  13. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha @Dan Tan maybe for you? ;p
  14. san5324

    The salary. What should i think about

    That made absolutely zero sense. Now go back to your corner little girl.
  15. san5324

    The salary. What should i think about

    Hahaha I knew exactly what kind of loser u were by the other post.. Go cry in a corner like a good little bitch boy. And u better be nice to foreigners or you social credit will drop faster than u can say "welcome in China".
  16. san5324

    looking for a single man

    Another jealous salty Chinese dude in here sigh..
  17. san5324

    looking for a single man

  18. san5324

    What to do on Chinese New Year?

    The only thing u should enjoy is the quiet city that is called hz.. I swear the Chinese new year is by far the best period in China. Just buy a lot of food, drinks and many Blu rays so u can chill at home... Internet is fast, air is relatively good and all the screaming people are gone to zee village.
  19. san5324

    Spinning class?

    I'm sure not everyone share the same opinion but thanks for the compliment :p
  20. san5324

    Spinning class?

    They are all franchised, like young gyms for example.. They are all over town and all have classes like zumba, spinning, taiji etc etc. Best time to get a card is before the Chinese new year its Hella cheap. Otherwise it's like 2500rmb a year I guess.
  21. san5324

    TEFL in china

    Good luck with everything bro. I have enough of this you know everything so have fun. Ps. U can't start your z visa in China. Ps1. Good luck with bein kicked out of China.
  22. san5324

    Spinning class?

    Just go to any random gym.
  23. san5324

    TEFL in china

    Please read again.. I will simplify it. 1. Works anywhere in Asia where u don't need 2 years of experience... Do this for 2 years. 2. During the working period (see 1) you will actually do the tefl at the same time. 3. Then when u have the required time u can go to China.. You do realize you don't need to do the 2 years of experience in China... Right?
  24. san5324

    TEFL in china

    Just a tip, why not go 2 years to teach somewhere in Asia so u have the 2 years that is needed? and at the same time u can do the tefl so u have 2 birds with one stone.
  25. san5324

    Looking someone for dating

    Nope that is actually not always true.