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  1. are you still in Hangzhou?

  2. ManziBery

    Anyone out tonight?

    Hi guys, Bery here,I m new in Hangzhou and I m considering going out tonight! I will Prolly start by Ellens then Coco Jeff & Banana. I m looking forward to meet anyone from this group
  3. ManziBery

    Arriving next month from Aus

    Hi Nicky!I m Bery,from Rwanda I have been here for a week now! I will be attending the same class!hope to meet you
  4. ManziBery

    What are good places to hangout by night?

    Thanks a lot guys! Hope to hang out some time with y all once I get there!
  5. ManziBery

    What are good places to hangout by night?

    Thanks,I will be in the xiaoheshan area
  6. Hello, I m new here on this web,and soon to be new in hangzhou,I m from Rwanda,Africa,I will be landind on friday 3:40PM & I m looking forward on having one hella of a night after settling,Any good place I should hit first?