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  1. Hi, As I am moving back to my country, I am selling my almost not used desktop PC for 2500 CNY. The computer includes all necessary hardware and I can provide it with fresh installed Software in English language, such as full English versions of Windows Professional 10, Photoshop CS6 and Microsoft Office 2013. Bought beginning of 2014. CPU: Quad Core Intel Core i5 4570 CPU 3.20GHz Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 RAM 8GB 2 Hard Disks: 120GB SSD Samsung, 500GB HD Monitor: TFT 25’’Full-HD 1080p AOL E2460S Keyboard+Mouse:wireless Logitech 9 USB Connectors (Front: 1x3.0, 2x2.0, Back: 2x3.0, 4x2.0) External Wifi USB stick included. My name is Jony and you can contact me [please send me private message for my contact information]
  2. darjeeling


    There is a school near to my living compound and I really would suggest you to be aware of this kindergarten. Sorry for being so direct, but their advertisement is really sick !! Small boy with blue eyes and machine gun !!!
  3. darjeeling

    wing chun class in hangzhou

    @Jesus - I am interested in your Wing Chun. I have some basic experience in WC. Currently I am living in the West of HZ. I've tried to add you to QQ, but it needs some password (your real name). Would be nice to get in contact with you, [please send me private message for contact information] Thanks, Jonathan (@darjeeling)
  4. hi, i saw that you live also near xixi and you r interested in wing chun. Would you like to meet up to have some chisao?

  5. hi, i saw that you live also near xixi and you r interested in wing chun. Would you like to meet up to have some chisao?

  6. darjeeling

    Do you have babies/children in Hanghzou?

    Hi all, 9-months old boy, mixed! ..half German :) We are leaving in the West of the city, just near to the new Xixi-InCity Shopping Mall.
  7. darjeeling

    Wing Chun?

    Hi Tully, I would be interested in training with you Wing Chun. I am from Europe and trained already some Wing Chun before with Philipp Bayer. However, now I am in the same situation like you, my Wing Chun is getting rusty and I would love to return training. I am living in West-Hangzhou, not so far from Xixi-Wetland park, maybe a little bit far from your location, if it is right and you are living in Xiaoshan. Pls send me a private message, I would be glad to tell you more about me! Darjeeling :shifty:/>
  8. I really do not remember in which online shop we bough this yogurt machine. However just write in taobao: 酸奶机 (suannaiji) http://s.taobao.com/search?q=%CB%E1%C4% ... 4246282159 Please, do not forget to buy afterwards the bacterias. :)
  9. i bought a yogurt machine on taobao and it every day real yogurt !
  10. darjeeling

    FoShan Wing Chun Kung Fu Training in Hangzhou!

    The problem is really the location !! It is a petty that there is still no location in the city centre. Sam - when you move to 拱墅区 or 西湖区 :shifty: :lol:
  11. darjeeling

    Where can I buy a cheap bicycle?

    hey Jeff, I also would like to know where this market is ? can you please explain me ?? You get a new Giant bike from 800 RMB. This is the most basic one, but enough for 1 year. If you want a good one with gear shift maybe around 1700 RMB. ..and there is no insurance in China to cover thievery of bikes. By the way, you know there is a rent a bike service in HZ which also works quite good :sick: .
  12. Hello, At this time, I now some Universities in Hangzhou which offer full time Chinese study. But I am looking, probably for next semester, more for some language centers in HZ or Yuhang which offer maybe 2 or 3 times a weeks Chinese class. Maybe something you can do parallelly while you are working. Thanks, Darjeeling ;-)
  13. darjeeling

    Kickboxing or Kung Fu

    I think they have a second location near by the railway station.
  14. darjeeling

    Kickboxing or Kung Fu

    Hi dhiven, check this 2 links out: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=17583 viewtopic.php?f=21&t=13185