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  1. MIB88

    Full service gyms in Binjiang?

  2. MIB88

    Safe and clean massage clinic

    Yes man...hz is like my 2nd hometown...hehe not yet satisfied here in xiaoshan..abt happy ending...haha
  3. MIB88

    Safe and clean massage clinic

    sorry mate...I moved to xiaoshan now.... :D
  4. MIB88

    Best online dating site?

  5. MIB88

    Harbin ice and snow festival 2016

    Any tour packages available?
  6. MIB88

    Where is that night market?

    gr8...will visit I n this weekend... thanks all..............
  7. Hello friends... May I know...where exactly is that night market these days?? some months back..seems that was disappeared... anyone confirm the current address please? thx
  8. sorry, I hv no idea... trimmer is the best option...
  9. MIB88

    Second-hand phones - where to buy?

    taobao ?
  10. Hi Friends.... I am looking for a 2nd hand android mobile phone..! my budget is <=300kuai Could we try to find from taobao 2nd hand stuff selling page please ? Ar they reliable? thanks in advance...
  11. MIB88

    edifier subwoofers for sale

    hello...where ar located in hz? is DVD player available? send me picture and price..Thanks
  12. MIB88

    best indian in hangzhou?

    you can get kingfisher beer from carriefour...
  13. MIB88

    Inexpensive Wristwatch

    as per Maths...seems that market is closed for a while...